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Nebo Big Larry

Nebo Big Larry BLACK

Nebo Big Larry


The BIG Larry™ knows how to light up a room! Equipped with C•O•B LED technology, the BIG Larry™ outputs 400 lumens of intense light. Secondary light modes include Low (160 lumens) and the Emergency Red Flash mode. This intense red light is perfect for distress signaling or roadside emergencies. The anodized aluminum body and recessed LED housing ensures that the BIG Larry™ can handle any situation. 

C•O•B is a new innovation in LED technology featuring smaller clustered LED chips that are mounted directly to the circuit board and work together as a single lighting module. C•O•B outperforms traditional lighting by up to 50 times the light output per centimetre of light source


Code DALE-NE6306-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Nebo
Body Material: Aluminium
Overall Length (cm): 19.7
Body Diameter (cm): 2.8
Lumens: 400
Batteries: 3 x AA (included)
Battery Type: AA
Bulb: LED
Rechargeable: No
Strobe/SOS: Yes
Water Resistance (m): IPX-8
Product Weight (g): 204


JUST WOW!!!!Review by Les Lee Reporter Airsoft Action magazine
I have bought over a dozen of these because at this price, they should be everywhere AND given to those that you care about. This torch is so useful in so many ways, the build quality is exceptional, the light is unbelievably bright and the magnetic base makes it perfect for auto use.
And at eleven quid, they make the perfect Christmas presents......
Everyone should have one....or three....or more!! (Posted on 10/12/2017)
Brilliant!Review by Adam G
Great little torch/light for the money, I would prefer not to have to cycle through all modes to turn off, but a minor quibble. (Posted on 05/12/2017)
professional useReview by mark
Purchased 2 x Nebo big larry lights . They have a reassuringly good weight , feel secure in the hand because of that , great looking and very easy to carry in a pocket .
The material and quality of construction is right up there with way more expensive brands , that price is a tru bargin , the light power and spread is perfect for general lighting in all situations , the magnetic base is a very nice touch .
In all a well designed high quality, powerful light for little money . Don't hesitate to get yourself one or 2 . You will be very pleased with your purchase . (Posted on 22/10/2017)
QualityReview by Irvine
This torch is fantastic quality and extremely bright. Great features with the three options (Full power, half power and flashing red).
The magnet is a great idea as a fixing point and is going to be a safety bit of kit for my car. (Posted on 21/10/2017)
Superb piece of kitReview by Chris
Got one of these a few days ago and just bought another for one of my mates.
Brilliant spread of light, very bright and well made.
Very under priced, not that I'm complaining .
(Posted on 20/10/2017)
Great value.Review by Kevin
This is a fantastic light for the money. Bright and well made. I doubt if it is possible to find a light of equivalent output for the price. This is low cost but not shoddy. It would be ideal for power cuts, break-downs or camping. (Posted on 19/10/2017)
Great have anywhere lightReview by Alex W
Great light. Got 2 in caravan. Perfect for car , tool box or leisure !! (Posted on 15/10/2017)
Cracking bit of kitReview by KEVIN
Ordered yesterday at 1610 arrived this morning at 0930!!

Very bright work light

Can see me buying more of these for the family for Chrimbo :) (Posted on 14/10/2017)
A lot of light for your moneyReview by Ruukuu
Very bright (400 lumens) light for only £10.95 ......well worth the money. is a floodlight...not a torch with a beam. As such its great for keeping in the car, shed, garage etc. Anywhere you need to light up a whole area.

Now although I think its good, and is well worth the money, if you don't mind a few less lumens then I would go for the 'little' larry. That has a pocket clip and is much lighter to carry.

So.....BIG larry for keeping in one place and LITTLE larry for portability

Recommended (Posted on 10/10/2017)
Awesome Light!Review by Peter from Brighton
I already own two Lil Larry torches which are great performers. Big Larry moves it up to another level. Superb quality, solid construction, three useful settings and a powerful magnetic base. This has countless uses and is a must own. At the current price of just under Eleven quid this is a terrific bargain. I have previously paid a great deal more for lights that deliver far less than Big Larry. Awesome light! (Posted on 10/10/2017)
BrightReview by Stephen
This is an awesome light, high, medium, and red strobe. Do not look at the led's when switching on or your sight will be affected for the next twenty minutes by a large white bar floating in front of your eyes. Just ask my wife because that's what she done. I cannot believe how reasonable the price is, I'm trying to think of a reason for buying another. When it says that the high setting is 400 lumens it really is 400 lumens. This is a very bright tool with a super strong magnet with the benefit of running on easily available AA batteries. (Posted on 08/10/2017)
Fantastic piece of kitReview by Matt
Bought one of these a few months ago based on a recommendation and will definitely be buying more.

Fantastic bit of kit which I've used frequently while working in the attic.

Not submersible but tested outside in heavy rain overnight where it lasted over 13 hours in low mode using Eneloop rechargeable AAs.

The product description doesn't mention that it has a strong magnetic base. (Posted on 06/10/2017)

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Questions & Answers

Does it have a pocket clip or a lanyard point? Can you recommend a pouch or holster?
Neither sorry, I whipped one on main shaft with some nano cord. Maxpedition have baton holders and flashlight sheaths:
Heinnie Haynes answered on 16 October 2017

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