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Nitecore TUP - Grey

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Nitecore TUP

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test 1Nitecore TUPtest 2Nitecore TUP - Greytest 3Nitecore TUPtest 4 Nitecore TUP
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test 1Nitecore TUPtest 2Nitecore TUP - Greytest 3Nitecore TUPtest 4 Nitecore TUP
test 1Nitecore TUPtest 2Nitecore TUP - Greytest 3Nitecore TUPtest 4 Nitecore TUP

Nitecore TUP - Grey

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Nitecore TUP - Grey

Nitecore TUP - Grey



The Nitecore TUP pocket light has an extraordinary output of 1000 lumens from the Cree XP-L HD V6 LED and is powered by a built-in, rechargeable, Li-ion battery. With such a compact, lightweight body which bears closer resemblance to a keyring light than a handheld torch, the TUP is revolutionary within the lighting industry. Paired with a reflective optic lens, the light has a maximum throw of 180 meters.

The keyring light offers five brightness levels, ranging from 1 to 1000 lumens, all of which are operated by a dual side switch interface. The TUP features a multi-functional OLED display which provides real-time information on the battery level and voltage, brightness level, user mode and remaining runtime.

The torch has a demo mode which is ideal for everyday carry and short illumination and the daily mode for outdoor and long illumination. In demo mode, the light will automatically shut down if there is no operation in 30 seconds to prevent unnecessary power consumption. To cycle between the modes, long press both the power and mode button simultaneously.

Inherited from the innovative Nitecore TM10K, the TUP features a half lockout mode. The half lockout, or Lockout 1, provides access to Turbo for tactical or emergency situations and the full lockout, Lockout 2, ensures no outputs are available.

Brightness Levels:

  • Turbo: 1000 lumens - 15 mins runtime
  • High: 200 lumens - 3 hrs runtime
  • Mid: 65 lumens - 9 hrs 45 mins runtime
  • Low: 15 lumens - 19 hrs runtime
  • Ultralow: 1 lumen - 70 hrs runtime
  • Maximum beam distance 180 meters, waterproof to IP54 and resistant to impacts up to 1 meter.

Includes: built-in Li-ion battery and key clasp.


Limited Edition: No
Brand: Nitecore
Body Colour: Grey
Light Colour: White
Overall Length (cm): 6.5
Head Diameter (cm): 2.2
Lumens: 1,000
Lumen Details: 1000 on Turbo Mode
Runtime Details: 15 minutes on Turbo mode
Beam Distance (m): 180
Batteries: Built-in Li-ion battery
Bulb: Cree XP-L HD V6 LED
Reflector: Smooth
Rechargeable: Yes
Strobe: No
Beacon: No
Water Resistance (m): IP54, waterproof to 1 meter
Product Weight (g): 54


  1. Wicked fun for torch geeks and EDC utility needs!!Review by
    I will straight away admit that I bought this purely as a novelty/gimmick/fun toy. Being a bit of a tactical torch geek, and a fan of small, compact and outright tiny little tools, especially in the EDC cult of stuff, this really tickled my fancy!
    I mean, look at it - First off, it's a 1,000 lumen torch in a form factor less than half the size of the fist-filling 300 lumen tactical torch I have typically carried up to now.

    Secondly, as well as being brighter, the performance is a vast improvement over the twin 18650s my 300lm one manages. So it's actually quite practical and something of an upgrade over a more serious kind of torch. Just one reason to buy.

    Being a small torch, Nitecore quite sensibly made the beam more of a tightly focussed short-throw spot. This means you don't get the spill of a wide flood beam blinding you when using it up close, but neither do you get too much of the tunnel vision or 'muzzle flash' an outright thrower spot would cause at longer outdoor distances. It's also pretty good at not blinding you and bouncing light off trees when moving through dense woodland.

    The four standard modes are well spaced, with the 1lm being more than enough for use in a room, under a sofa or inside a PC case. 15lm I found easily adequate for walking dogs on-lead through fields at night. The 65lm setting is a great level for general use and getting a good look around you, or hunting for that micro-screw you dropped on the carpet. 200lm is bang-on for those moments when you need to really shed some light on a scene.
    The 1,000lm mode is definitely outdoor-only, but still comes in handy.

    Build quality is generally excellent, although the buttons are a bit mushy and rattly. Having the LED display screen is purely a geek thing, but knowing how much time you have left in any given mode is actually bloody useful!
    Pocket clip is OK, though I don't use it for clipping. The torch does feel better in the hand when the clip is attached, but only needs a Phillips PH00 size screwdriver-bit to whip it off if you change your mind.

    However, holding it in general can be a bit of a challenge - It's billed as a keychain light, essentially, so the stainless steel ring in the butt which supports up to 30kg of weight (who even has that many keys?) provides an excellent attachment point for a keychain, tail tag, paracord key fob or similar. Good thing too, as my large hands found having a tail tag of some kind essential to give a bit more grip to the torch. Without something there, it's rather fiddly. Worth noting that 550 paracord will only just fit through the key ring loop, and then only if you shape the end and squish it through with a small flathead screwdriver, but once in it's great.

    I've yet to find out if the rubber charging port cover is as delicate as it seems but, so far, it's been fine. It charges very fast too, in less than three hours, so very suitable as a daily carry light. You can even use it while charging, so those working around anything with a USB port are sorted. It's IP54 rated, so as long as you're careful and don't submerge it, it should be OK for light weather conditions.

    My one bugbear is the lightweight buttons. It comes with a double-stage lockout and to unlock from Lockout 2 you do a 'Tap-Hold' sort of press on the power button. It's actually quite possible for this to happen while the torch is in a pocket or pouch, resulting in sporadic Turbo Mode activation and subsequent battery drain, which you won't discover until you reach in to find a very warm pouch and a very dead torch. So, be careful how and where you stow this little thing. TBH, I'm surprised there isn't a dedicated pouch for this already.

    Given how small and fiddly it can be, it's definitely not a torch for sudden, tactical or emergency situations, in the same way a Leatherman Squirt PS is not a quick-draw tool for every day use fixing car engines... but as a pocket-sized EDC utility light, this thing is powerful, capable and ticks a great many boxes. It's also just really, really cool, which is both icing and cherries on top of the cake!
    (Posted on )
  2. GreatReview by
    OK its very small in the hand but big on output. I worked the late shift this week and tried it out in anger. It worked well and I am very pleased with it. (Posted on )
  3. ExcellentReview by
    Great torch to add to my collection. Supplied with a key chain clasp, but although not a big torch, in my opinion its a bit too big for putting on your keyring. My example is serving me well on nightly dog walking trips. After ditching the key chain clasp, removing the belt clip (you will need a VERY small pointy Philips to get this off) and fitting a para cord wrist strap which just manages to go through the key chain fixing point, you end up with a very handy little torch for keeping in your jacket pocket. Could have been a little bit more ergonomic, Being square it does not feel very natural in your hand, but its still very good. Recommended. (Posted on )

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