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Ontario RAT 1

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Ontario RAT 1

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Ontario RAT 1

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In Stock

Available for Delivery

From: £42.95
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Ontario RAT 1

Ontario RAT 1

From: £42.95


In 2002 Randall's Adventure & Training (RAT) entered into an exclusive collaboration with Ontario Knife Co in Franklinville, New York to supply a proven set of outdoor knife designs. Ontario is one of the oldest and largest cutlery industries in existence, supplying issue knives to the U.S. military as well as a large civilian market.

The new Ontario / RAT knife line bridges the gap between economy, toughness, and real- world features. These knives are designed in the field and built to be used in the field.

The Model 1 features a 4-way clip position, heavy- duty open post construction, razor-sharp AUS-8 blade, full flat grind, reversible thumb stud, precision pivot screw, lanyard hole and ergonomic handles. It is available with a OD green, coyote brown, desert tan or black G10 handle and with a black or satin, plain or part-serrated blade.


Code ON88-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Ontario
Blade Material: AUS8 Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 8.9
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.25cm
Overall Length (cm): 21.6
Handle Material: G10
Lock Type: Liner Lock
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: Yes
Product Weight (g): 138g
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


  1. A useful folderReview by
    Got this today NDD, thanks HH for the service we know and enjoy. I ordered the plain satin blade in OD, I gave it a quick test earlier by making a bow drill fire and battoning some very dry scrap pine wood, with ease it drilled impressions into the hearth board, hacked through some saplings for the bow and also split the wood. D2 has a very toothy biting edge which I think is useful for beginners as it grips the wood so accidents could be less likely.

    Overall I like this knife as it's a nice tool where you will appreciate a medium sized blade for many tasks but with the advantage of being a folder however I would like one without thumb jimping, well that's my 2 cents.
    (Posted on )
  2. Almost perfect, unbelievable valueReview by
    Had this for about 6 years.
    The good;
    Ergonomics of the design are absolutely perfect I can't stress that enough. Was received incredibly sharp as a knife should do and is easy to sharpen up.
    You're getting spyderco military size blade here for almost nothing.
    Fit and finish superb. No rough scale edges, no bad jimping etc. (had bad jimping on a spydie squeak a while back which I found astonishing for maniago at £70.
    This is a Taiwan production, not china, that's right. £43 and its not even china sweat shop labour! So you don't have to feel bad about feeding the red giant.

    Scales are slippy. Not slightly slippy, almost on the dangerous side. Distinctly remember doing an initial clean up which I do with all my nice new knives and slipping on the scales, cutting myself quite badly (damn that thing's sharp when you see finger bone!)
    AUS8 - well its never been my favourite steel. I 'mistreated' mine and it got rust at about 6 years. As such a quick Heinnie search and they do D2 steel!

    Would I buy it again. On a budget yes. Now I have a few more dollarpounds I'll be saving up for a D2 version. All the spydies I've got my eye on are at least 3x as much, and I doubt they'd be any more of a useful tool.
    (Posted on )
  3. VFMReview by
    Great knife for the money, really well put together. It was sharp out of the box, but I couldn't resist giving it a bit on a 6000 stone, plus a strop., leaving it quite scary.
    This is real value for money, I'd say the build quality is approaching my Spyderco.
    HH service flawless, as usual.
    (Posted on )
  4. niceReview by
    received mine last week in green, well built sharp straight out of the box, love the one hand opening no play in blade should last a life time, great service from HH.. (Posted on )
  5. Under rated classic.Review by
    I received this today with olive green scales and the plain edge, it was a replacement for a Byrd Cara Cara 2 that sadly arrived with a slightly wobbly blade, despite being a huge Byrd/ Spyderco fan I took a punt on the Ontario Rat instead. Brilliant customer service from Heinnie as usual on that front. While the Rat 1 may only have FRN scales rather than G10 you can see where the money saved has gone instead. It's perfectly well machined and finished, noticeably so compared to the all steel Byrd. Lock up is perfect, huge bronze washers, zero blade play, lighting fast deployment yet more importantly very safe but quick to put away again. One thing you can't tell before you order one is that the liners and pillars have a matte brushed nickle finish to enhance corrosion resistance in an area of the knife that may be neglected or collect moisture, it also stops the knife from looking too flashy. The AUS8 steel is Japanese rolled so it's a known quantity - yes it may not be a "super steel" but it's perfectly serviceable , even more so when delivered in such a well thought out package as this. 5 stars for the knife, 6 stars for Heinnie Haynes. (Posted on )
  6. Great knife for a great price.Review by
    I really wish I'd bought this knife sooner. I don't think you could get a better knife for the price, in fact I would say this knife is better than some knives that cost twice as much or more.
    If your on the fence about this one just buy it, you won't be disappointed.
    (Posted on )
  7. A must have!Review by
    With a growing collection of pocket knives of all shapes and sizes as well as price points, I can't believe it's taken me this long to own a Rat 1! Sure,I 've been told it's a must have, but how good can it possibly be? Well first off, it's built like a tank!! The fit and finish is superb! And sharp?! It's shaving sharp right out the box! And the way it just flies open with just the shipping oil is astonishing! The combination of the phosphor bronze and Teflon washers make it zip open almost like its assisted! I can honestly say I have a sore thumb from just sitting opening and closing it. It really is one of those knives you sit and play with, with the memories of your parents nagging you about playing with knives knawing at you at the back of your mind. With it being Aus8 steel, it's super easy to resharpen when it comes time, but with the use I've been giving it both in the kitchen for slicing etc, and general utilitarian uses, so far it's held its own. You do feel though that it can take a licking and keep on ticking. The aesthetics of the knife I find pleasing and functional, and it feels good in hand. The jimping on the shoulder give it a nice feel when you need to make a more precise cut and isn't to sharp, nor too smooth. Being an ambidextrous pocket carry, whether tip up or tip down makes it functional for everyone. Overall, a very well thought out and useful blade to own! I shall be purchasing it's little brother, that's for sure! (Posted on )
  8. Review edit 2016Review by
    I gave this knife a glowing review a year ago.... Sadly this blade has jumped from £36 to £45 which changes my review a little. The knife itself is no different to my knowledge, but the price bracket is. It still deserves good marks but at this price it is now competing with the Spyderco Tenacious: Game over, in my opinion the Spyderco is better quality and value as a quality EDC folder. Ontario have just pushed their prices up too much and are now again the inferior brand for this type and price of folder. Oops. (Posted on )
  9. Above and beyond! Review by
    Wanted a cheap but good quality knife for rough use...Enter the superb, yes it's that good, RAT 1!
    For a knife costing under £40 (some reviewers on here think that's expensive for a pocket knife??) you are getting a very sharp Aus 8 blade with a nice shape and grind, good sold build and, for the money, superb fit and finish...well mine came that way, and I can't stop playing with it because it flicks open like an auto which is probably due to the phosphor bronze bushes...yes, you are getting those too, and the blade locks up like a bank volt with no play at all from the well centred blade!
    Go on treat yourselves to one, at this price you can buy one just for the he'll of it!

    Oh yes, just in case you didn't all ready know, HH ARE the BEST!

    (Posted on )
  10. Ratty meets Buck! Marriage made in..Review by
    Rating Taiwan mostly. But don't be put off.

    The OKC Rat 1 meets the Buck 110 Belt Sheath and it's a winning combo if, like me, you don't like sticking knives in your pocket. Don't get me wrong, I love folders of all shapes and sizes but I prefer them in a sheath where I always know where to find them. Pockets last longer, I can get my hand in my pocket, accidents don't happen etc etc blah blah. In short it's down to preference but it suits me.

    35 + reviews are enough to tell you the quality of the Rat 1. For the price you would struggle to find a better engineered folder that fits the (large) hand perfectly; and the 110 leather Sheath is perfectly suited to the Rat. I personally wet formed the sheath; it wasn't necessary but it looks and fits perfectly now, including the Rat clip. Retention is firm but not overly but with the Button down keeper it was never an issue. The sheath will keep the knife safe and secure and I'll always know where it's at.

    On a purely personal note I was sad that OKC have discarded the R.A.T Triangle logo and used their own. It's garnish, I know, and the knife loses nothing in efficiency because of it but sometimes the Garnish can be a deal breaker.... don't be put off though. Still a lovely blade and now a lovely sheath. All good.

    Heinnie? You guys know how good you are so I won't make you blush again.
    (Posted on )
  11. BargainReview by
    I'm always a bit dubious about the quality of a £30-40 knife having bought several, but this knife has a quality way above it's price point.
    This is another knife which I have not had to alter in any way. Blade centering is perfect, lock up is early. and it fits my hand perfectly. Seriously one of the smoothest thumb deployment blades that I own. Pocket clip is set up for tip up or down, left or right carry. A sturdy and weel built knife. No gamble here.
    (Posted on )
  12. The one: HOGI FAWRReview by
    I've had this knife for several years; if I had to choose one folder, this would be the one. It is well made, with good sharp steel and a hand-filling handle with excellent ergonomics and lock-up: no blade play even with "tactical" tension. I can't * the blade open centrifugally, but I can thumb-flick it open in a way that makes my automatic knives look pointless. I would rate this knife WAY above a £200 Spyderco or similar. Heinnie, of course, are just the best. (Posted on )
  13. Very impressedReview by
    Ordered this knife as alternative option to my Spyderco Tenacious. I am very impressed with is. The ergonomics of the handle are great. Would ever go as far to say it is comfier in the hand than the tenacious! I ordered it with black handle, plain blade and black finish. I can honestly see the Ontario Rat becoming my go to blade now.

    Yet again Heinnie Haynes provided some of the best service I have ever received from an online supplier. This is the 6th knife I have bought from them and the only people i will ever by knifes from.
    (Posted on )
  14. Fantastic product for the money and second to none serviceReview by
    Very impressed especially at this price I have spyderco's and others but this is going to be my favourite for sure and at the price will be used and used... As for customer service and advice glad I paid slightly more as second to none. (Posted on )
  15. Near best in class.Review by
    In the sub £40 pound EDC bracket this is hard to beat. More comfortable than the Avispa for heavy work, light enough to EDC, with a very sharp and ergonomic blade. Cheaper than the Spyderco competitors which may have the edge in quality but perhaps not in value. ESEE may have the edge in fixed blades but not yet in folders. Streets ahead of the CRKT and Cold Steel competitors, this knife is not perfect but nevertheless is hard to fault. Heat treat seems pretty good, ergonomics and design are first class. The Rat 1 is a proven success. Although I've had no reason to sharpen mine yet, many reviewers state it takes a keen edge with little effort. I hope so because I'm still pretty crap at sharpening. Some reviewers fault the finish of this knife but my advice is to buy it; HH have the best customer service you'll find so I reckon the occasional (rare) duff won't be a problem. Get the plain edge version for best results. (Posted on )
  16. Read all the Reviews !! Review by
    Great Knife Full stop ..... Read all the reviews, Coz this is a Fantastic Knife for Under £40 .

    I Recommend The OD Green Black blade option Looks stunning .

    HH Thanks !
    (Posted on )
  17. Move over Mr Resilience!Review by
    I purchased the plain edge in coyote brown from Heinnie. The knife is weighty in the hands having full slab liners which I like to be honest. The blade is ground to a really good factory edge which I didn't need to do anything other than a quick strop to bring out the best in it. Aus8 steel no dramas so long as you don't keep it wet for too long. The lockup on the blade is excellent and reassuring. Yes, I am fortunate enough to own a Spyderco Resilliance which is also an excellent choice for a budget folder (albeit on the large side!) I am seriously impressed with the model 1 knife (new ones no longer bear the Randalls adventure training logo but the Ontario knife company insignia instead) the usual one day turnaround from Heinnie who are always a pleasure to buy from. (Posted on )
  18. solidReview by
    This knife has taken everything I have thrown at it.
    I don't go into the woods without it, it is my main knife for day trips and my back up for camping.

    As soon as the RAT 2 comes down in price (currently only ú1 cheaper that the RAT 1) I will have to have one.
    (Posted on )
  19. Rat 1 in coyoteReview by
    I was looking for a full size locking folder, at a reasonable price, & this knife had good reviews. I ordered it Monday & it arrived Tuesday morning, the knife did not disappoint, the clip was easily moved to the other side(I'm left handed). It's sharp with a good strong lock up, everything I need in a knife. (Posted on )
  20. Perfect OneReview by
    Perfect knife for a price - from respectable manufacturer, with elegant curves, noble design and practical shape.
    For me it is a model of knife design. Price make it some sort of Glock among Pistols, AK among assault rifles.

    About Heinnie.

    It was my first purchase, I was totally new at buying something via net in the UK.
    Now I had already done my fourth from here and ready to swear that it is one of the best services I have ever seen.
    (Posted on )
  21. rat bite!Review by
    This knife is simple! That is simply awesome! Feels great in the hand heavy but not too heavy, well balanced, shaving sharp out of the box, no blade play, well centered, smooth action, great fit and finish. My advice - buy one! I prefer the plain blade but that's personal choice. Ordered this lunch time Thursday, got it lunch time Friday on standard delivery! Excellent service H.H - 5 stars! (Posted on )
  22. Brilliant service and knifeReview by
    Brilliant service from Heinnie, as usual, the knife arrived shaving sharp, only had it a few days but managed to put a dink in the edge, Ooops! The blade resharpened beautifully on one of the granite surface tables at work. (Posted on )
  23. One of my favourite folders!Review by
    Just received the knife, up there as one of my favourite folders, along with the Spyderco Tenacious. Very sharp out of the box, blade centering is perfect, nice pocket clip, feels great in the hand, very nice grip shape, only downside is weight, compared to the Tenacious it's heavy, I don't mind this but may put some off hence 4, stars. Why they didn't skeletonize the liners, I don't know, overall very nice, solid knife! (Posted on )
  24. good little knife, fair priceReview by
    It's a good little knife for a decent price - looking at the price in the states, 40 quid is about right by the time Henny's have imported it. There's some tasty looking fakes around, mind you. At least with Henny's you know you're getting the real deal.
    (Posted on )
  25. Over pricedReview by
    Got mine from here last year for around ú24, definitely wouldn't pay this price for it, clearly by the reviews the price has been constantly upped, [company X] have them for ú28, heinnie is becoming a rip off (Posted on )
  26. Great service,Great bladeReview by
    The colour I wanted wasn't in stock so I did contact Heinnie. They ordered it in a very fast time and had it shipped the next day after I paid. As usual great service from this company. The actual blade came shaving sharp and has a lovely lock-up. Needed to lube the pivot just so it opens much smoother. If you are debating wheather or not to get this I highly recommend it. For the price it is a steal! (Posted on )
  27. This knife hits…Review by
    This knife hits far above its price, solid construction and ridiculously sharp out of the box. Can't say much wrong about it. (Posted on )
  28. High value knifeReview by
    This knife is solid and apart from the weight and the handle scales it is a very well designed knife.

    The real positive features are the blade shape and steel. It is also very comfortable in the hand. You feel you are getting more than you pay for.

    Check out my full video review here:
    (Posted on )
  29. Great Workhorse FolderReview by
    This famous folder has plenty of great reviews on youtube, and at around 40 quid its a great deal.
    Razor sharp out of the box, and with a little tinkering and WD-40 the blade folds like butter with no blade play whatsoever.
    Handle is a little on the large side (5") but ergonomically fits really well in the palm.
    A great folder for the outdoors, it will take quite a beating and come back for more.
    (Posted on )
  30. What a knife,…Review by
    What a knife, great build quality, razor sharp, good lock up and a very reasonable price, again next day delivery great service. (Posted on )
  31. GreatReview by
    This is a great knife, I often tend to find folders too small for my hands, this is quite a big knife, thus it is possible to get a really positive grip for hard cutting tasks. Great steel and the serrations are far enough back to not get in the way of ordinary cutting. A serious amount of folding knife for the money, not sure how they do it for this price. Finally the 'desert' scales are great if, like me, you are forever putting knives on the ground and not being able to find them (in UK, obviously!). (Posted on )
  32. MrReview by
    Great knife I've had it for a few months now using it often and it's stayed sharp. I sharpened it for the first time last night it was so quick and easy because of the AUS-8 blade. Well recommended. (Posted on )
  33. not bad, but not great.Review by
    Got this knife to be a worker and to be bashed around. The knife is heavy, this must be due to the liners which are not skeletonized. It's not much of a problem and you do get used to it. The lock up on my knife was late and after a days use the liner has worn the black finish of the tang, now the lock up is really late and leaves not much room for wear. The blade came sharp but you need to keep it touched up. Blade centering is not good and when I tried to adjust it the blade only got really tight. The knife is comfortable and it looks good but the texturing on the scales don't give much grip. For the price a was a bit disappointed. Great next day service from Heinnie. (Posted on )
  34. Great bladeReview by
    I've been after a RAT 1 for a while and decided to get around to getting one. They all seem great models and the white scales and combo edge did it for me. I didn't want a coated blade either. It came shaving sharp with s solid lockup and a great feel to it. The scales could be grippier but that a very fine thing. Read the reviews online; it's a great blade. (Posted on )
  35. Excelent service.Review by
    Great knife, feel so solid you wouldn't belive it only cost 30 quid. Came razor sharp.

    As usual, Heinnie delivery was fantastic. I orderd it around 4 oclock yesterday, and it arived today. I'm very inpressed.

    (Posted on )
  36. Best value knife?Review by
    Could be! Just handling the knife feels like real quality and it is VERY sharp. Out of the box one of the sharpest knives I've used to shave hair off.

    If you're after a useful utility knife that has been designed as a folding survival knife, you can't go wrong.

    I'm astonished that this knife is less than ú35.
    (Posted on )
  37. bank vaultReview by
    what can you say 35 quid for such a solid knife bargin,who cares if the paint on the blade comes off buy another and wrap it in bubble wrap lol blade comes out really easy almost like an assisted with a real solid click from the linerlock,razor sharp out the box,if i was to be picky i would say the linerlock is a little tricky to dissengage but i have larger hands than most,overall great knife im lovin it (Posted on )
  38. What A StealReview by
    SERIOUSLY sharp out of the box, fast deployment, excellent grip on the handle, yes the black coating may chip but who cares, FANTASTIC Tactical/Survival knife for 30 quid ! 5/5 Thank you HH !! (Posted on )
  39. As anticipatedReview by
    Price, excellent. Packaging, crap (your not paying for decent packaging so don't expect it!) Knife, well above average. Blade chips as noted by others. Fits the hand like it should and feels solid. Blades thickness was thinner than expected, but razor sharp out of the box. Fully adjustable clip if you have the right allen keys. (Posted on )
  40. ontario rat 1Review by
    Perfect knife I reccomend this highly to anyone who likes knives. Perfect for scouts, perfect for the survival ethusiast, perfect for the money. (Posted on )
  41. GriogairachReview by
    This is a wonderful knife. Who cares if the black chips off (as mine has). Great lock up, no play, great blade shape, good steel. You could pay three times this money for similar knife, and it still may not be as good. Buy one, and use it. (Posted on )
  42. Very good knife,…Review by
    Very good knife, comfortable to use and keeps a good edge. Only thing is the black coating doesn't last very long. (Posted on )
  43. Gordon from PaisleyReview by
    Now I know why people rate Ontario so high. Razor sharp, good tip, considering the shape of blade. Handle quality is superb. The only let down and the reason I gave it 4 stars is the black coating can chip easily, but at this price you can't moan. (Posted on )
  44. 30 bucks &…Review by
    30 bucks & a fist full of dollars, amazing knife! (Posted on )

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