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Opinel Classic - INOX Stainless Steel

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Opinel INOX (Stainless Steel)

test 1Opinel INOX (Stainless Steel)test 2Opinel Classic - INOX Stainless Steeltest 3Opinel INOX (Stainless Steel)test 4 Opinel INOX (Stainless Steel)
test 1Opinel INOX (Stainless Steel)test 2Opinel Classic - INOX Stainless Steeltest 3Opinel INOX (Stainless Steel)test 4 Opinel INOX (Stainless Steel)

Opinel Classic - INOX Stainless Steel

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In Stock

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From: £9.95
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Opinel Classic - INOX Stainless Steel

Opinel Classic - INOX Stainless Steel

From: £9.95


The stainless bladed Opinel locking knives are an ideally sized pocket knife, perfect for all purposes - a true all-rounder!

Opinel name this steel "INOX", which is simply French for "inoxydable" or, stainless. We list our knives by blade length:

  • Opinel No.6 - 7.0cm
  • Opinel No.7 - 8.0cm
  • Opinel No.8 - 8.5cm
  • Opinel No.9 - 9.0cm
  • Opinel No.10 - 10cm
  • Opinel No.12 - 12cm

The blade lock's using the Virobloc safety ring, which in addition to locking the blade in the open position for safety of use, now enables locking of the blade in the closed position for safety during carrying.

The handles are made from durable French orange beech wood, and the Opinel blades, with their curved points and round profiles, are effective, precise and elegant.


Code WIT-NO5VRI-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Opinel
Blade Material: INOX Stainless Steel
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.12
Handle Material: Beech
Lock Type: Ring Lock
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: No


  1. Not quite rightReview by
    I have owned (and still have a couple of) Opinel before and find them great beaters.

    I have just bought a No.8 and am chuffed I've found the right size for me. It came BAF though, quickly fixed on my Lansky system, and although this is not a deal-breaker, is VERY unusual for this brand.
    (Posted on )
  2. That's not a knife ? This is a knife ! Review by
    Opinel no12 is a bit big for edc ? But around the house this thing is just awesome!

    I have owned the 12 in carbone many years ago and to be honest considered it a novelty item?

    Well this is the inox stainless version and its great ! If like me you like the brand you have just got to get it ?

    This is like a folding bread knife ! It slices ,my word does it slice ! So sharp you can almost shave with it after a mild strop !

    Like every Opinel I have ever had, this never fails to impress me on how such a basic century old design works so well even today ? Knives don't get any better than this for their intended purpose !

    Value for money is what this knife has always been about regardless of model chosen ! With little care this 'one for the masses 'will give years and years of pleasure totally recommend

    HH was a pleasure to deal with again as always!
    (Posted on )
  3. Which one ?Review by
    The Opinel knives need no introduction? They are classics with around fifteen million made as they claim each year !
    I have left a review on the carbone model , but have of late become more into the inox or stainless versions!
    Reason , well they don't rust they don't get a patina either , something knife nuts ,enthusiasts seem to rave on about !
    Some say the carbone ones are much better cutters ? Well I've got about forty years experience with these opinel s and others and I can say that these models are of similar performance!
    The main reason I prefer the inox models is for what I use them for most and that's food prep ? The carbone ones smell when you cut say apples ! They also rust very quickly if damp and seem to get stiffer to open in the winter months ?
    The inox models come in some really lovely woods too ,the oak is very nice as is the olive !
    The main issue I've always had is which one to choose? My first was a carbone no6 ,but I have had 7, 8 ,9 , 12 infact one usually leads to another ?
    I like them all but the ones no 2 through to no 5 don't lock and these are far to sharp to have non locking blades ? As nothing holds the blade open but friction!
    I have heard it said that these opinel float , but that's nothing more than a myth ! Drop yours overboard and you will be online to HH for another?
    On that note HH were again super fast to deliver and a good price for these opinel and there's plenty of choice !
    Five stars alround .....
    (Posted on )
  4. Opinel INOX (Stainless Steel) - No.12Review by
    I now have three Opinel knives two carbon and one stainless; all three have arrived in superb condition and very fast – the last one over night.

    I have given each one the hot oil treatment (see on utube) and made the nail slot easier to get at by reshaping the handle.

    I can honestly say I am delighted with the knives and the service given by Heinnie Haynes.

    (Posted on )
  5. Good blade for the money.Review by
    Looking at the combination wooden scales and decent size/quality blade for under £10 !!! You can't go wrong.
    Of course, wood means you have to take care of it. No leaving wet, the scales swell and it will become very difficult to open or close it. Give it a bit of oiling first thing after purchase. Brief sharpening and honing and you can shave you arms, or legs if you're heading for Tour de France :)
    By the way, the blade is thin which is great for slicing and foot preparation.
    Not so good for carving and don't even think about using the point for anything harder than your palm skin when extracting splinters.
    (Posted on )
  6. Own plenty, they do not disapoint!Review by
    Think of them as hand made, traditional looking mora's.

    Great price, great look, sharp out of the box, good for a variety of tasks and possibly the king of EDC.

    Do they have con's? Yes, but they all fall under the "handmade and more than acceptable" category.

    Need a small, sharp knife that looks good? This is it, dirt cheap too.
    (Posted on )
  7. All time classicReview by
    If this knife is so well known and so well used all over the world, there are very good reason for it: cheap + good quality + fold but safe. This is my eating + small task knife when camping, I cannot see anything else that will replace it better with the same qualities. (Posted on )
  8. Blade design.Review by
    Too start this review by saying the blade geometry is totally different to any other knife I have ever used so to sharpen my carbon steel opinel No8 I Personally use fine wet/dry paper and that dosn't change the shape of the blade but gives it a surgical sharpness edge ??????????? (Posted on )
  9. goodReview by
    good work knife, very sharp out the box, if i was to order again tho i would buy the number 8.5 instead of 7 has it is very light and cant feel it in your pockets so could easily lose it an not notice (Posted on )
  10. pretty goodReview by
    First of all great service from HH as usual. There is nothing to say about the knife which has not already been said. It is a nice, simple and classic design that feels nice in the hand and the blade is kept secure with the locking ring. The only problem with the knife and this seems to be more common with the stainless steel versions was the 'out of the box' edge, it was a little rough but very quickly took a keen edge. Worth the amazing cheap price, every one should buy one just to experience one. (Posted on )
  11. Great little performerReview by
    Serious cutting power for the size and weight. Great ergonomics, made even better by rounding and smoothing the back of the handle.
    A real classic.
    I have both the carbon and stainless number 8s. I'll let you know which is best in a few months. Mind you, it all depends on the criteria one applies when making such a comparison.
    (Posted on )
  12. Bought to replace…Review by
    Bought to replace my old knife, and it's a cracking little knife, it's light, it feels great in hand, and fantastically easy to get to a razor sharp edge, and amazed that it arrived the next day will definitely be buying more from Heinnie. (Posted on )
  13. ú10 knife sharpening.Review by
    I own several Opinels and in my view the Inox is superior to the carbon steel. Yes, I know that some people like to use the carbon steel version as an emergency fire steel and good luck with that one. Personally I'll pass. That's what lighters are for and the Carbon steel versions rust way too easily for my liking. I have half a dozen Opinels and I have had to resharpen all if them. So what? At that price your lucky not to get a box of bits and a note saying " some assembly required." (Posted on )
  14. Needs sharpening!Review by
    Pleased with this overall, my first Opinel, a none locking small blade I can take anywhere. Lots of character, but with no spring, need to be careful how you use it. BUT

    It was completely blunt when it arrived. I tell a lie, because the burr on the edge was so big you could cut paper with it!

    Opinel should charge a little more and deliver a product capable of being used without attention.
    (Posted on )
  15. Needs work, but worth it.Review by
    When this arrived it only had a very, very rough edge on it. It had been ground into an edge shape but not actually sharpened.

    After taking it down to 15 degrees per side on a sharpmaker then convexing it with the super eraser and polishing paste from here it's a different story. It feels like it wants to cut things. :)

    Probably the most useful knife you can get for the money, but you'll need to put a bit of time into it.
    (Posted on )
  16. Alright But Not BrilliantReview by
    I just wanted a basic bushcraft / field knife and was considering getting a Mora, but would rather have had a folding knife I could keep in my pocket, I saw that Opinel use the same quality Sandvik steel so I went for a No.9 Opinel having seen nothing but good reviews of their knives. The beechwood handle is nicely finished, and the twisting lock rotates smoothly and holds the blade firmly in place giving the impression of a fixed blade knife, the blade itself is reasonably sharp but about an inch of the blade at the tip is blunt having not be been beveled properly and supposedly most of them come like that. It's an OK knife but not as brilliant as everyone says. (Posted on )
  17. Cheap and CheerfulReview by
    Arrived not very sharp at all, the locking mechanism is very stiff. You get what you pay for, it's less than ú10 so don't expect it to be great. However very good service frm HH as always (Posted on )
  18. A perfect knife if you actually want to use itReview by
    These knives are brilliant value, razor sharp, light and easy to use. They are small and light enough to keep in your pocket all the time and if you lose one it isn't the end of the world. (Posted on )
  19. very pretty knife,Review by
    HH service just gets better every time, well what a great knife, i have other carbon bladed opinle's but this one is fantastic looking, lighter coloured beech handle and nice shinny SS blade, love it, thanks HH, please get other opinel models in, and the #5 (Posted on )
  20. Its a cracker!Review by
    Fantastic little knife, light weight, sharp and easy to keep sharp. Great for little jobs in the garden or in the woods. Handy in the kitchen too! I like the simple, no thrills design and the locking mechanism is good as well. They are easy to modify if you dont like the blade shape or if you want to change the profile of the handle. You could argue its the folding version of the Frost Mora! (Posted on )

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