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Pacsafe Viraloff Mask

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Pacsafe Viraloff Mask

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test 1Pacsafe Viraloff Masktest 2Pacsafe Viraloff Masktest 3Pacsafe Viraloff Masktest 4 Pacsafe Viraloff Mask
test 1Pacsafe Viraloff Masktest 2Pacsafe Viraloff Masktest 3Pacsafe Viraloff Masktest 4 Pacsafe Viraloff Mask
test 1Pacsafe Viraloff Masktest 2Pacsafe Viraloff Masktest 3Pacsafe Viraloff Masktest 4 Pacsafe Viraloff Mask
test 1Pacsafe Viraloff Masktest 2Pacsafe Viraloff Masktest 3Pacsafe Viraloff Masktest 4 Pacsafe Viraloff Mask
test 1Pacsafe Viraloff Masktest 2Pacsafe Viraloff Masktest 3Pacsafe Viraloff Masktest 4 Pacsafe Viraloff Mask

Pacsafe Viraloff Mask

In Stock

Available for Delivery

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Pacsafe Viraloff Mask

Pacsafe Viraloff Mask



Social distancing and lockdowns have kept us apart, stopped us from traveling, and made us work from home. As a response to this Pacsafe have created the Pacsafe Viraloff Mask with advanced technology, to protect yourselves and your loved ones.

  • TRAVEL - A stuffy aeroplane cabin, a fragrant market, or a busy train station, the travel situations where a face mask can come in handy are many. Using a mask can be a great travel accessory, and sometimes even a requirement by airlines. A Pacsafe face mask is your essential travel companion.
  • HEALTH - Flu season, sneezing and coughing; Stuffing ourselves with vitamins is a good start, but when that stranger sneezes on the bus, wearing a mask might be the right choice. Microbials such as bacteria and and other airborne particles can effectively be stopped in their tracks by using a Pacsafe face mask.
  • ALLERGIES - Sensitivity to pollen is nothing unusual, but it can be a real inconvenience. Using a mask to protect against pollen helps. The most common pollen particles are between 20-35 microns. Wearing a Pacsafe face mask is a great way to avoid pollen and other allergens from being inhaled.
  • AIR QUALITY - The air quality in urban environments can get pretty bad. Don’t let that smog get you. Particles as small as 2.5 microns are considered hazardous in large amounts. Wearing a Pacsafe face mask with an advanced high charged filter can adsorb these small particles away before they enter the respiratory system.

Disclaimer: The Mask has not been certified by any third party, and has not been certified for clinical environments (such as hospitals, medical clinics, etc.). Wearing the mask is not guaranteed to provide full protection against or fully remove risk of infection, as infection depends on many factors both known and unknown, including without limitation, fit, use, environment, and duration.


Code PAC-10166100-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Pacsafe
Materials: Knitted polyester spandex
Product Weight (g): 20
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


  1. flimsy, too small, too thin.Review by
    I don't feel I can return this as I've tried it on. Despite getting a large it's much too small. It is largely unstructured with no effective seal around nose = serious risk fogging spectacles. It's a very thin single layer so may not even qualify for some government descriptions of a suitable mask for public Covid use. Shame on you Pacsafe for producing an overpriced inadequate product. (Posted on )
  2. Just the jobReview by
    Very comfortable and feels secure (Posted on )
  3. It worksReview by
    Get one before whole UK is made to wear one, this is one of thebetter ones I have tried very soft and comfotable to wear for longer periods. Be quick I missed out first time but HH put some aside for me so thanks Nick your a star (Posted on )
  4. Does what it saysReview by
    Great price, great fit (large) soft and comfortable and does what it is designed to do so thanks HH (Posted on )
  5. Great fitReview by
    Perfect fit, very softy and the shape fits perfect on my nose suggley and helps elminate foggy sunglasses. Great value mask (Posted on )
  6. Skip itReview by
    Very light and thin, not terribly layered so it would be best used as an emergency backup to the recommended 3 layer cotton mask. The viralloff advertised has basically no information on what it is or why it is good, so seems suspiciously vague. At a tenner, I bought it more for curiosity.

    Big issue though, there is no nose strip so your you get two big gals either side of your nose from which all your exhaled air gets directed into your eyes. Glasses/sunglasses wearers prepare to be blinded. Everyone else, prepare to have your own breathe in your eyes while not really protecting anyone.
    (Posted on )
  7. Not GreatReview by
    Ordered large as I am just in that size but think a medium would have been better as it is loose fitting and slips off the nose easy.

    Bought one for my wife as well. Will probably return one and keep the other but would return both if I could.
    (Posted on )
  8. Note on earlier reviewReview by
    I bought some self adhesive aluminium nose pieces - totally transformed the mask. Doesn’t fall off anymore, and the fabric is soft enough to get a really good deal around the nose - so my specs don’t steam up. (Posted on )
  9. Find alternativeReview by
    Agree with Bob. Keeps slipping off nose. Doesn't inspire confidence!

    Three layer with wire nose bridge seems to be best option.

    (Posted on )
  10. works wellReview by
    Ordered a medium even though I have a big old head and fits well had no concerns with slippage. Ordered additional the day I recieved it . As always speedy delivery to the north east of Scotland (Posted on )
  11. One of the best of the many I've tried.Review by
    bought 4 in total. Mine fit me fine. Very comfortable . My wife's needed a little s shaped widget to ensure a tight fit. Easy fix. Great service and speedy delivery from HH as always. (Posted on )
  12. Comfy, soft but loose fitting.Review by
    Pros: Mask is light, soft and comfy. Looks great.

    Cons: Mask is really loose fitting, if I talk my chin stubble pulls the mask down off of my nose (which kind of makes it a bit useless really). Not tight enough to prevent glasses fogging.

    Ah well, only another tenner...
    (Posted on )
  13. Looks great, comfy, but loose fitting.Review by
    I purchased a ‘large’ (‘cos I’m a big bloke).

    Nice looking, light mask.

    (Posted on )
  14. Okay but flawedReview by
    Ordered a Large size - fits as expected though it is prone to sliding off the nose with slightest provocation (hence the 3 stars). There is a reason the majority of face masks feature a metal nose strip - too many people wear their masks just covering their mouths (pointless) and the lack of such an 'anchor' means you are constantly touching the mask to adjust it. Again defeating the purpose of a mask. And I wonder how long before ear loop material stretches making it unwearable?...

    Will keep it as a back-up mask in the car but will look for other options.

    Delivery though, amazingly fast - five stars - ordered just before 4pm and was in my post box before noon next day!!!
    (Posted on )

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