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Pathfinder 100% Wool Blanket

Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days

Pathfinder Wool Blanket

Pathfinder 100% Wool Blanket

Out Of Stock

Stock due in 14 - 21 Days


Back Order Item

Please note that this item will be dispatched once in stock. We estimate that stock will be here in 4 – 6 Weeks


Pathfinder 100% Wool Blanket

Pathfinder 100% Wool Blanket


Back Order Item

Please note that this item will be dispatched once in stock. We estimate that stock will be here in 4 – 6 Weeks


There's a reason why sheep can be outside in all weathers. Wool is extremely well insulated, water proof and moisture wicking. There is no better material than wool. Hence the reason why the purveyors of and experts in all things survival reckon their wool blanket is THE best option for outdoor living. And who would argue.

The Pathfinder Wool Blanket measures 228 x 243cm so can easily be used as a base and cover at once and is machine washable and not heavy considering its size.

What's So Great About Wool?

WOOL IS WATER RESISTANT. The quality that distinguishes wool fibers from hair or fur is the presence of a hard, water-repellent outer layer that surrounds each hollow fiber, overlapping like shingles on a roof. The fiber's core absorbs up to 30% of its weight in moisture vapor without becoming damp or clammy, while the hard outer layer protects against outside liquid moisture. Water is repelled, but humidity is absorbed, and that helps with thermal regulation.

WOOL IS MOISTURE WICKING. Besides keeping outside moisture away from the skin, wool also wicks away perspiration. When you sweat, that sweat cools your skin-which is not what you want when it's cold outside. Wool fibers absorb perspiration and wick it away from your body, thus keeping you warm and dry.

WOOL IS A WONDERFUL INSULATOR. The crimp of the wool produces insulating air spaces that retain body heat. These warm air pockets next to the skin are kept dry while the hollow wool fibers absorb moisture vapors and the hard outer surface moves liquid moisture away from the body.

WOOL REGULATES TEMPERATURE AND IS BREATHABLE. Wool has a very wide comfort range, essential for adapting to changing weather conditions. This unique property makes wool the perfect fiber to be used in the production of outerwear, because it has the versatile ability to warm in colder conditions and cool in warmer conditions.

WOOL BLENDS WELL. Wool can be blended with many different natural and synthetic fibers to create a multitude of fabric options.


Code PATH-100AWB
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Pathfinder
Outer Material: Wool
Inner Material: Wool
Dimensions (cm): 228 x 243
Product Weight (g): 1900


3 100 0 100
As Description Review by
10 10
As always from Henine, a great piece of kit. Has tested as wool and easily large enough to wrap yourself in. Will enjoy using outdoors. (Posted on )
Fantastic!Review by
10 10
Blanket is huge, and feels far better than the less than 100% wool ones. I'm delighted I ordered this, it'll hopefully last me a lifetime. (Posted on )
Excellent blanketReview by
10 10
Excellent blanket, darker colour than picture which was a bonus, this blanket is large and easily wraps around you, it's made from 100% Australian fine wool, i received the blanket next day, excellent product and service from HH, very pleased, thanks. (Posted on )

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Questions & Answers

Hi, is this blanket 100% Wool, thanks Mark
Hi Mark, yes this is 100% fine wool
Heinnie Haynes answered on 27 February 2018

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