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Petzl Ring

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Petzl Ring

test 1Petzl Ringtest 2Petzl Ringtest 3Petzl Ringtest 4 Petzl Ring
test 1Petzl Ringtest 2Petzl Ringtest 3Petzl Ringtest 4 Petzl Ring
test 1Petzl Ringtest 2Petzl Ringtest 3Petzl Ringtest 4 Petzl Ring

Petzl Ring

In Stock

Available for Delivery

From: £9.95
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Petzl Ring

Petzl Ring

From: £9.95


Heinnie Haynes sold these a while back and they proved extremely popular, they disappeared for a while but are now back. We still don't know what they're for though! But what's not to coloured anodised aluminium, a breaking strain of 23kN and with endless uses. They're designed for climbing, but here's an idea of what Heinnie staff use theirs for:

  • Key fob with a paracord band
  • Throwing rope over trees when setting up a tarp
  • Paperweight
  • Executive desk toy

What would you use yours for?

It is available in two sizes:

SMALL - Internal diameter, 2.79cm. External diameter, 5.19cm

LARGE - Internal diameter, 4.6cm. External diameter, 7.19cm

The RING connection ring can be used to create multiple anchors or be installed directly onto the SEQUOIA and SEQUOIA SRT harnesses' attachment bridges to improve the arborist's lateral mobility.


Code PET-CO46-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Petzl
Materials: Aluminium


  1. Utility ringReview by
    They can be used as emergency absail devices (stitch plate style) but are mostly used to eliminate rope friction over various surfaces. Arborist friction savers or with a harness as runners for ascending rope. Good price on H H site. (Posted on )
  2. Used for DIY Adjustable Hammock SuspensionReview by
    People who use hammocks use two same sized descender rings like this on either side of the hammock to create adjustable suspension for their hammocks. The two rings are tied with a Prussik Knot (or a Lark's head knot) to the inbuilt continuous loops on either end of the hammock. Then your "tree huggers" or webbing straps are attached to the trees that you will hang from and the loose end of the strap goes through both rings and then comes back through in between the two rings. When there is weight in the hammock the two rings pinch together and hold the straps in place. To adjust your hang (i.e. make suspension longer or shorter) you simply pry apart the rings and tighten or loosen strap. Typical webbing straps used for hammocks are 1inch wide. So you would have to choose diameter of descender ring accordingly to your webbing. Works well but is good practice to add a half hitch in strap to prevent slippage! As mentioned above the rings also act as a water break and will stop the ends of your hammock getting wet by diverting water travelling down your suspension during rainfall. This is a fairly common modification to Hennessy hammocks because the original suspension is crap. (Posted on )
  3. Petzl RingReview by
    Nice gizmo to have.
    Ordered the larger size as a desk ornament.

    They are normally used with rope to prevent two ropes from rubbing.
    You put this ring between to limit the "rubbing" and possible breakage of rope.
    (Posted on )
  4. HammockReview by
    Rain tends to collect in the tree, run down the trunk and then along one's support rope/line and into the Hammock.

    A ring within the rope/line will cause water to fall and not run into the hammock itself.
    For instance two pieces of 'line' are required with the hoop between them : 'lines' coming off at 180* to one another (i.e. not the 'line' running through the hoop!). As such the hoop is then best positioned at the Hammock end and not the tree end of the support(s)
    (Posted on )
  5. Harness Bridge Rings Review by
    Quality piece of kit, i got two last time around and always wondered when they would return, so thanks guys and galls (Posted on )

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