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Photon Freedom Micro

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Photon  Freedom Micro

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test 1Photon Freedom Microtest 2Photon Freedom Microtest 3Photon Freedom Microtest 4 Photon  Freedom Micro
test 1Photon Freedom Microtest 2Photon Freedom Microtest 3Photon Freedom Microtest 4 Photon  Freedom Micro
test 1Photon Freedom Microtest 2Photon Freedom Microtest 3Photon Freedom Microtest 4 Photon  Freedom Micro

Photon Freedom Micro

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Photon Freedom Micro

Photon Freedom Micro



The Freedom® Micro (WHITE) is the most advanced easy-to-use micro-light from the leader in Micro-Light technology.

Made in the United States, Photon Micro-Lights are approximately the size and weight as a US quarter. They feature the brightest LEDs in the world and smart-circuitry.

  • Smart Circuit Freedom Technology
  • Full-range adjustable brightness
  • 5 Safety Modes
  • Replaceable Lithium battery
  • Quick release ring
  • Visible for over one mile
  • 24 K gold plated contacts
  • Ultra tough case
  • Water resistant
  • Specification

    Code PH545
    Limited Edition: No
    Brand: Photon
    Body Colour: Black
    Body Material: Polymer
    Overall Length (cm): 4.0
    Head Diameter (cm): 2.4
    Lumens: 5
    Runtime: 12.0
    Batteries: 2x CR2016 or 1x CR2032
    Battery Type: Button Cell
    Bulb: Ultra-Bright LED
    Rechargeable: No
    Strobe/SOS: Yes
    Water Resistance (m): IPX7
    Product Weight (g): 6g


    1. Awsome light sourceReview by
      Brilliant piece of kit !
      Very bright for its diminutive size, a definite EDC
      And HH Service is ( as always ) fantastic, ordered in the afternoon, on my table next morning ( how do they do it )
      (Posted on )
    2. Essential EDCReview by
      Have carried one on my keyring for years, as do all my family.
      Never travel without several.
      Essential EDC item, as just about all emergency situations seem to involve lights going out !!
      Well made, easy battery change , dependable, and excellent light output.
      The freedom is also watertight, so can be used as zip pulls on clothing and rucksacks.
      (Posted on )
    3. Let there be lightReview by
      I needed a light source that I can carry at all times and not really know it is there. This little torch is now on my key ring. Initially I got caught out by the "Demo" mode where the torch only stays on for six seconds unless holding the on switch. Reading the instructions and holding down the on button for the specified twenty seconds sorted me out. The light is plenty bright enough for local lighting and the clips supplied add a new level of versatility if needed. I like the dimmer feature which can also assist with extending battery life. Batteries are so small that carrying a spare set would be an easy option. A spotlight or area light this torch is not although I reckon one could illuminate the inside of a small tent ok. Map reading/ general reading and as a local light to avoid walking into obstacles would be this little torches best point of use. (Posted on )
    4. awesome awesome awesomeReview by
      This isn't my first Freedom Micro, so I knew what I was getting - an awesome, tiny, close-quarters/emergency/night-vision-preserving light. I decided to start stashing them in new places, this one is going on a lanyard around my neck =) )

      It's not the brightest torch in the world, but bright enough for an emergency "you won't even know you're carrying it" torch =) plus, I love the ui - simple but flexible (also - look up the "easter egg" candlepowerforum thread for this torch for some little improvement tweaks).

      Finally, a word of praise for Heinnie service: ordered at 16:55 yesterday, got dispatch email at 17:15, and it arrived this morning =o ... how the?... quantum transportation? absolutely best service of any website I've used ever. Thanks Heinnie =)
      (Posted on )
    5. This must be sorcery of some kindReview by
      Ordered yesterday, received this morning. Wonderful service as usual. The torch itself is astoundingly good. Easy to use, multiple modes including variable brightness from dim to damaged retinas. Nothing prepared me for the size, honestly there is a bigger water-beetle living in my pond. This is the most impressive and delightful gadget that I've ever bought. (Posted on )
    6. Essential kitReview by
      Got three already the best small light out there.

      Does everything. Shove one between your toes they even help clear up athletes foot.

      Please get the other colours in stock. Bought spare batteries months ago not needed to use them yet.
      (Posted on )
    7. Very tiny, very bright and clever !Review by
      Ordered the Photon, was dispatched same day and it arrived next morning - fantastic service !

      The Photon seems to be solidy built from quality materials, puts out a very, very bright light for its size and does clever tricks like variable brightness and flashing beacon.

      If you want an idea of the size, the main circular part of the Photon is exactly the same width and depth as 2 x ú1 coins or 4 x 20p coins.

      In terms of weight, it doesn't feel to me to be much heavier than a single twenty pence piece.

      It really is a remarkable bit of kit.
      (Posted on )
    8. Small is beautiful and very very usefulReview by
      What a great little piece of kit, have it on my truck keys. Living where we live in the country no street lights etc, so at night when getting home and checking on the animals great not having to always get my head lamp out. Different modes took a bit of getting used to though. Excellent little gadget, makes all friends go oooohhh!!! Fast excellent service from HH. (Posted on )
    9. Mega Bright, Versatile LightReview by
      What a great little torch. Amazingly bright. In fact, I was rather taken aback at how bright this thing is. One nice thing is that the bulb appears to have a 'warmer' tone than cheaper white leds (blue/grey tone), which makes the light a lot more pleasant. The ingenious little clip is very versatile and allows all sorts of configurations. I doubt there's a task you couldn't use the light for. I wasn't sure about spending ú13 for a little led torch, but in view of the versatility and quality, it's worth it. (Posted on )
    10. QualityReview by
      Excellent back up, hang in on a Leatherman Squirt and leave it in a pocket, you won't know you're carrying it until you need it. Built to last, worth the extra úú over a cheap one. Excellent service from Heinnie. (Posted on )
    11. I can only…Review by
      I can only agree with other reviews, but felt it deserved input! Excellent Mini-light, Very bright light with options and neat accessories as standard. If what you need is a handy standby light that is effective, handy and great value, this is it! (Posted on )
    12. Great product, but watch the clipReview by
      Very handy flashlight that I keep on my keyring. It has a quick-release clip that breaks after a while which caused me to lose my first Photon. It was so useful that I bought another - but I don't use the quick release clip. (Posted on )
    13. Brilliantly brightReview by
      I owned three surefire torches and i have to say this micro light is almost as brighter as my E1b. cool photon'tastic! (Posted on )
    14. superb little lightReview by
      Very light and bright, much brighter than my V9 Micro Lenser, very impressed, the clip is very useful as well. (Posted on )
    15. CharlieReview by
      Absolutely brilliant, love the features, much brighter than my Photon II ! (Posted on )
    16. Photon Freedom MicroReview by
      Very small & very bright, you can adjust the brightness of the LED to suit your needs, sos & strobe too. Hook the light to the belt loop of your jeans/key ring and forget it's there until you need it.
      5 out of 5.
      (Posted on )
    17. Very small & usefulReview by
      Small, light & very bright. This light is small enough to keep on the keyring so it's always available. The light is bright enough to find your way on an unlit path & excellent for on-site maintenance work. Loses a star as I can't figure out how to activate the beacon settings. (Posted on )

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