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Photon Microlight II

In Stock

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Photon Microlight II

test 1Photon Microlight IItest 2Photon Microlight IItest 3Photon Microlight IItest 4 Photon Microlight II
test 1Photon Microlight IItest 2Photon Microlight IItest 3Photon Microlight IItest 4 Photon Microlight II
test 1Photon Microlight IItest 2Photon Microlight IItest 3Photon Microlight IItest 4 Photon Microlight II
test 1Photon Microlight IItest 2Photon Microlight IItest 3Photon Microlight IItest 4 Photon Microlight II
test 1Photon Microlight IItest 2Photon Microlight IItest 3Photon Microlight IItest 4 Photon Microlight II

Photon Microlight II

In Stock

Available for Delivery

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Photon Microlight II

Photon Microlight II



With a Dual Function On/Off Switch. The Photon Micro Light II features a convenient on/off switch for continuous use in addition to the standard squeeze button. Available in 7 different Beam Colors. Your choice of White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange and Turquoise. Gold Plated Leads! Gold plating in the Green, Turquoise, Blue, & White LED leads improves the electrical contact with the battery and also protects the Photon light from corrosion. With the battery life of the Red, Orange and Yellow lasting 120 hours of continuous use whilst the Green, Turquoise, Blue and White will run for 12-14 hours with the included CR2016 Lithium batteries. Compare to about 5 hours from a typical C-cell flashlight. Incredibly tough Glass-filled Polyurethane construction. The polyurethane case of the Photon Micro Light II is practically indestructible and is very abrasion resistant.


Code PH205-$$
Limited Edition: Yes
Brand: Photon
Body Material: Polymer
Overall Length (cm): 4.0
Head Diameter (cm): 2.4
Lumens: 5
Runtime: 12.0
Batteries: 2x CR2016 or 1x CR2032
Battery Type: Button Cell
Bulb: Ultra-Bright LED
Rechargeable: No
Strobe/SOS: No
Water Resistance (m): Showerproof
Product Weight (g): 6g


  1. Wait, what?Review by
    Apparently, the white LED version is no longer available (from Heinnie). How can this be? This device has the simplest design and the best reliability of any torch that I've ever seen. Luckily, mine is still working perfectly after nearly 11 YEARS of daily use. Think on, Photon people . . . (Posted on )
  2. Still goingReview by
    Still going strong after 8 years. Get several immediately! (Posted on )
  3. Perfect little lightReview by
    I bought mine in red, and I never leave home without it. It comes with a little carabiner rather than a ring as shown in the picture, great for cliping onto your trousers, ridgeline or tent lines.
    Stellar service from HH as always.
    (Posted on )
  4. Seven years, still perfect!Review by
    Yes, another review after seven years of daily carry and use! Still working perfectly. The perfect edc torch, I'd get another one if my original wasn't still in perfect nick! Hmm . . . "still" and "perfect" seem to be the keywords for this gem. (Posted on )
  5. Incredible!Review by
    I bought the red LED version of this tiny torch to help see where I'm going on the darker bits of my nocturnal rambles without losing the night vision that lets me do most of the walk by moonlight.
    It is perfect for that and the single battery in the red version is claimed to last for 120 hours, as opposed to the 12 hours of the two batteries in the white one.
    (Posted on )
  6. Quality by DesignReview by
    I've bought at least 10 of these and given all but one to my friends. The first one that I bought I still have and it still works perfectly. This is after more than six years of daily use! I now also have an X-light, but I still use the original Microlight II on a daily basis. Despite the minor difficulties that I have mentioned in earlier reviews, this light still works brilliantly well and was clearly made to last.The X-light is easier to use, but this little gem will almost certainly outlast it. Get several immediately! (Posted on )
  7. Perfect keychain lightReview by
    I look for 3 things in a keychain light: it has to be lightweight, tough, and bright. The Microlight II fulfils all three criteria and then some. It weighs next to nothing. It's tough by virtue of decent materials and build quality, and it as bright as hell.

    I'd argue that it's brighter and gives a more 'solid' beam than the Fenix E01 (though the latter runs for twice as long and uses more readily available AAAs). The always-on switch is a nice little bonus for when you want to go hands free, and the snap hook connector makes it a doddle to remove from your keyring if necessary. Worth every penny.

    Delivered with HH's usual celerity.
    (Posted on )
  8. Best Keychain light ever!Review by
    Bought to be part of EDC on my keychain for those darker winter months. Once delivered and I tested it out at night I was shocked just how bright this little light is. Blows away any similar products I have had in the past.

    Tiny in size but you wouldnt think it by the sheer power of the light. People have been so impressed I have had to give mine away and by myself another!
    (Posted on )
  9. Best EDCReview by
    Super bright, keep it on your keys and you will never be left in the dark - unless you don't have your keys with you. (Posted on )
  10. Still going strong!Review by
    I've been using mine every day for over 4 years and I'm still impressed! Several of my friends and colleagues now use them and I've yet to hear a complaint about performance. The cost of replacement batteries is another matter. . . . Incidentally, don't remove the split ring when changing batteries, as it's a nightmare to replace :) (Posted on )
  11. Super neat!Review by
    Brilliant, very bright, the switch is very handy aswell.
    I take it with me everywhere.
    Highly recomended.
    (Posted on )
  12. JonasAReview by
    Awesome little light! I watched a couple of video reviews before buying, but it's a great size, VERY bright for such a little thing! Will be super-useful on my keyring, especially with these dark night / mornings at the moment. VERY, VERY impressed! (Posted on )
  13. Top piece of kitReview by
    Excellent little torch much brighter than I expected and smaller than I thought will be getting more. (Posted on )
  14. Tough customerReview by
    Do not shine these little buggers in your eyes. I did, by accident, two hours ago and I'm still seeing a dark dot - that's how bright they are. Mine is now part of my EDC and since I live in an area where street lights are a bit of a novelty, this is going to be be getting plenty of use and it weighs much less than the Maglight Solitaire it replaces. Five star Heinnie service got it here in less than 36 hours. Can't be wrong. (Posted on )
  15. Have you seen the light?Review by
    Fantastic backup light or a main torch for you gram weenies out there. I attached mine to my ridge line in my hammock and use it as my reading light. Utterly superb and seems very well built. I'm so impressed I'm ordering more. (Posted on )
  16. built like a tank!Review by
    I have seriously tourtured mine, I have run it under a tap, hit it across a field with a cricket bat and thrown it so many times. It only went off once when I drop kicked it with my steel toe cap boots and I couldn't find it because it was dark I found it the next morning and all that had happened was the little on/off switch had slipped. Its also extremely bright. only problem I had was it might be a little tricky for some people with larger fingers or no nails to use the little on/off switch. (Posted on )
  17. excelllent!Review by
    I've got 3 of these, excellent piece of kit! Tough, very reliable and very bright. Never let me down yet. I also have the photon 1, very unreliable! Spend the extra and get this one. Key chain excellence!! (Posted on )
  18. As good as it getsReview by
    Heinnie & Co. sent this at the speed of light, as usual. The device itself has proven itself to be totally useful and reliable and I use it a lot; it hasn't fail yet. Whether in instant-on mode or constant-on, the light is bright, clear and unwavering. My only gripe is that the clip is not that shown in the illo on the website. This is obviously not Heinnie's fault and would be irrelevant in most situations. Sadly, I need to move my favourite light around a lot; I'd prefer a neater clip.
    (Posted on )

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