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Real Steel Heinnie Haynes® Luna Red G10

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UK Friendly

Real Steel Heinnie Haynes® Luna Red G10

test 1Real Steel Heinnie Haynes® Luna Red G10test 2Real Steel Heinnie Haynes® Luna Red G10test 3Real Steel Heinnie Haynes® Luna Red G10test 4 Real Steel Heinnie Haynes® Luna Red G10
test 1Real Steel Heinnie Haynes® Luna Red G10test 2Real Steel Heinnie Haynes® Luna Red G10test 3Real Steel Heinnie Haynes® Luna Red G10test 4 Real Steel Heinnie Haynes® Luna Red G10
test 1Real Steel Heinnie Haynes® Luna Red G10test 2Real Steel Heinnie Haynes® Luna Red G10test 3Real Steel Heinnie Haynes® Luna Red G10test 4 Real Steel Heinnie Haynes® Luna Red G10
test 1Real Steel Heinnie Haynes® Luna Red G10test 2Real Steel Heinnie Haynes® Luna Red G10test 3Real Steel Heinnie Haynes® Luna Red G10test 4 Real Steel Heinnie Haynes® Luna Red G10
test 1Real Steel Heinnie Haynes® Luna Red G10test 2Real Steel Heinnie Haynes® Luna Red G10test 3Real Steel Heinnie Haynes® Luna Red G10test 4 Real Steel Heinnie Haynes® Luna Red G10

Real Steel Heinnie Haynes® Luna Red G10

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Out Of Stock

Stock due in 6 Weeks +



Back Order Item

Please note that this item will be dispatched once in stock. We estimate that stock will be here in 4 – 6 Weeks


Real Steel Heinnie Haynes® Luna Red G10

Real Steel Heinnie Haynes® Luna Red G10



The Luna is currently sold out. We will re-stock, but do not have a confirmed delivery date.

Welcome to the fold, Real Steel Heinnie Haynes® Luna Red G10. This lovely little UK carry folder joins the ever increasing collaborations between Heinnie Haynes and some of the best knife manufacturers in the world. The Luna was a winner as soon as Real Steel brought it out, it's impressive streamlined and functional design made it a very popular choice with users and collectors alike. Now it has been given the Heinnie treatment with the handsome red G10 handle. And of course it is non-locking with a sub three inch blade so can be carried in the UK. The blade is made from D2 which incredibly sharp out of the box and is a hard resilient steel so won't need sharpening very often. It has a pocket clip and lanyard hole for carry options and to customise.


Code RES-7011HH
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Real Steel
Designer: Jakub Wieczorkiewicz
Blade Material: D2 Carbon Steel
Blade Length (cm): 7.2
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.2
Closed Length (cm): 9.60
Overall Length (cm): 16.5
Blade Type: Plain
Blade Shape: Drop Point
Blade Finish: Brushed
Cutting Edge (cm): 6.2
Grind: Flat
Handle Material: G10
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
One Handed Opening: No
Pocket Clip: Yes
Product Weight (g): 50


  1. Really good EDC bladeReview by
    Really good EDC blade (Posted on )
  2. Meh.Review by
    Don't get me wrong, it's fine, it also came very sharp and in good time etc. However, I've given it a week or two of EDCing it and there's are a number of things I really don't like about it:

    Firstly, it's a different size, handle material and blade material to the regular Luna, so how is it a Luna exactly? In reality it's a completely different knife in everything but name and general shape.

    Next, I don't like not having the option of removing the clip without having to take the whole knife apart.

    Next, the backspring is extremely weak.

    Next, I thought you might be able to open it one handed, but you definitely can't, safely at least.

    Finally, while there is some knurling at the base of the blade, a bit of a choil would have done the world of good in terms of giving me confidence that I won't lose a bit of my finger to this thing.

    Disappointing all things considered. Today I went back to my Heinnie edition UKPK and I just feel it is a far better UK legal EDC option.
    (Posted on )
  3. blown away!Review by
    just received this as a present. what a fantastic knife! big enough to be useful, small enough to be quite socially acceptable.

    Slick but solid action, grippy handle and superb asthetics. new favourite EDC, even over my Viper Dan 2, which I'm having issues with at the moment.

    oh, and it's £30!!!! I mean seriously! Budget knife of the year. I be shocked if anything else comes near.

    Whilst I have a few good quality stainless steel pocket knives, I do prefer carbon steel, probably because I carve using high carbon tools. So, first task was to degrease the blade with alcohol and give it a good wipe over with a sentry tuff cloth, that should protect it for local hiking trips in damp conditions here in Wales.

    As usual, Heinnie's customer service surpasses all expectation
    (Posted on )
  4. Highly Collectible Review by
    Excellent lightweight folder for every day use. Great snappy walk &!talk and came very sharp out of the box. Such good value for money from HH. Already a collector’s item! (Posted on )
  5. Don’t think, just buy it. Review by
    A Luna for £30, surely there must be a catch. There isn’t. This surely has to be the bargain of the year. Amazing job by HH sourcing this and indeed to Real Steel for producing an absolutely amazing knife for the money, razor sharp D2 and the same lovely feel and shape of it’s far more expensive sibling. I was saving for the Titanium version, I really don’t think I’ll bother now. (Posted on )
  6. Nice little knifeReview by
    Arrived quickly as all HH orders do - why can’t other places do this.

    Nice little knife, light weight and well put together.

    Comes nicely sharp and is light enough that I’ve been carrying it clipped to the front of my shirt.

    Only down side is I’ve got used to using knives that open one handed, this one can be done one handed but is really a two hand opening.

    They could have given it a slightly bigger blade spine to facilitate opening but that would have spoilt the slim lines.
    (Posted on )
  7. OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!Review by
    The title says it all. Comfortable to use, feels like nothing in your pocket and SHARP. The only thing I can possibly criticise is it's difficult to open one handed but that's a small price to pay for a knife this good.

    30 quid????? Could easily be double.
    (Posted on )
  8. Excellent but for one thing.....Review by
    …….and that is the pocket clip. Unless there is a fixing inside the scale that i cant see, then its riveted on and not removable. I may stand to be corrected though ( my eyesight is not so good anymore. ) The second problem with the clip is that although it is spring steel, you can open the clip too far and it will bend out of shape. Its not the best spring by any means...…..BUT.....saying that, in general use it is no problem. Its comfortable, good looking, pretty non threatening and razor sharp out the box. I have knives four times the price that were not so sharp.

    And its an excellent price.

    If you have been umming and aahing about getting one.....stop one. Because they WILL sell out. Of that i have no doubt.

    (Posted on )
  9. Brilliant UK EDCReview by
    This is a great knife. Sharp durable edge. Slim profile. The red scales make it easy to spot if you drop it or leave it on the grass after using it. The clip gives a firm hold in the pocket. Overall impression - nice quality, better by far than the other Chinese made knives ... definitely an exception to the rule that most Chinese products are junk. (Posted on )
  10. Just lovelyReview by
    Very pleased with this. Price is spectacular for this quality.

    A little bit too orangey: would have preferred the red of the Liong Mah HH Special but hey thats me being picky.

    embarrasses some other more expensive knives

    disappears in the pocket it's so light and slim

    (Posted on )
  11. Possibly the best value UK EDC! Review by
    Absolutely top notch knife. I already owned the S35VN version but when this came out at £30 it was a total no brainer. It’s a very light uber slicey knife with excellent materials and a great build quality. I also love the clip.

    I actually can’t believe it’s as cheap as it is.

    Since I got it it’s been comfortably nestled in my pocket, and I love in a city!

    Excellent HH service as usual.
    (Posted on )
  12. Excellent value UK friendly edc knife.Review by
    First impression, excellent! For less than £30 you can hardly pick a fault with this knife. Nice grippy scales. Snappy action with a nice early half stop. Super sharp out of the box with nice even blade grinds. Pocket clip is good but it’s probably the only gripe I have, it looks a bit cheap (that’s me being really picky!). Other than that like I said, you can’t moan for £30! Get one! (Posted on )
  13. Nice knife, shame about the clipReview by
    I’ve bought and thoroughly enjoyed owning and using quite a few different Real Steel knives now, including various different versions of the H6 and H7, the Terra and the Receptor. I was aware of the titanium version of the Luna and its popularity, but I didn’t get one, because like most people (and even, I suspect, most HH customers) I’m not prepared to spend £90 on a simple folding knife - £50 is about my limit. So I jumped at the chance to buy this special Heinnie Haynes edition of the Luna. G10 scales and D2 steel for under £30 – what’s not to like about that?

    This is a very simple, elegant slipjoint folder, designed by Poltergeist, who was also responsible for the Terra, one of my all-time favourite folders (I have three of them!). It’s very light and slim, due to the linerless design, and in terms of materials and build quality, it easily surpasses the K-BAR Dozier, at a similar size and price point. My only problem with it is the pocket clip – right-hand, tip-up carry only, and you have to dismantle the knife to remove it. How difficult would it have been to provide a left-hand option and make swapping over or removing the clip easier, as it is with the Terra? It seems like functionality has been sacrificed to looks in this area. Other than that, a very superior little EDC folder at a very attractive price.
    (Posted on )
  14. Stunning again HHReview by
    I expected much that's why I ordered 2!
    Great fit and finish, blade centred, lovely action, very sharp D2 blade. It's a perfect EDC. I've removed the clips and fitted small lanyard as I just don't get on with clips on any knife but absolutely superb. HH service amazing as ever. I now have 5 HH specials, superb value. At this price don't miss out.
    (Posted on )
  15. Fabulous Review by
    At less than £30 this is a bargain. I have the much more expensive carbon fibre version but prefer this. The machining, fit and finish is great. The super grippy red G10 scales really set off the lovely D2 steel blade that is so well ground it looks surgical. Most impressive of all is the lovely satisfying click and clunk to open, half stop then it. Don’t hesitate snap one up now you won’t regret it. (Posted on )
  16. Heinnie have done it again Review by
    I’ve got the original Luna which is awesome but now Heinnie have done it again with this red g10 version. It’s lighter than the original with the same Real Steel quality, the blade is very sharp out of the box with a nice even grind so all in all a lovely UK friendly knife. The service From H H was unbelievable considering the COVID 19 crisis, well done my friends!!! (Posted on )
  17. Luna red G10Review by
    What can i say that has not been already said !!! ordered on the 10th & arrived today the 11th.
    This is the second knife i have ordered that has the distinctive red livery. This will replace my current E.D.C ( Gerber s/lace) slim lightweight good fit & finish all round and very sharp.
    Very pleased with this knife HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!!!!
    (Posted on )
  18. Excellent knife Review by
    Arrived today and I am extremely pleased with the this little beauty. Fast delivery as usual and a great service.

    Buy one you will not be disappointed :)
    (Posted on )
  19. Another classic courtesy of HeinniesReview by
    Just arrived after ordering it late on Monday. Scarily sharp, nice blade shape (reminds me of a mark 3 Delica) and a reasonably grippy handle. At this price, what's not to like. (Posted on )
  20. GentlemanlyReview by
    Another lovely UK-friendly knife under the HH banner. Lighter and more delicate feeling than the Manly Wasp, so possibly the closest yet to a legal-carry Gerber LST....

    Excellent value for money. The usual thanks to Richard for the startlingly-good service.

    There is an old saying: 'You can't have too many UK friendly knives' true...only wish I'd bought the HH Suru...sad face...
    (Posted on )
  21. Wow just wow Review by
    I was going to put an in depth review but that’s already been covered,so I’ll just say as Simon says one thing I would like to add if you put a kwik thumb stud on (sold by Heinnie ) it then becomes a lovely oho ,very Pleased with this knife. (Posted on )
  22. QualityReview by
    As usual Heinnie have knocked it pit of the park. Quality little knife and legendary delivery, I ordered this knife early afternoon on the 8th, was in my hand by 11am the next day. Good looking, ergonomic and sharp D2 blade for £30. You wont be disappointed. (Posted on )
  23. Superb EDCReview by
    Only had my Luna less than 24 hrs, and it is already favourite EDC. Comfortable to carry. Nice low carry clip. Nice and sharp out of the box. Lovely little folder. Nice one HH. Your exclusives are always bang on. (Posted on )
  24. Excellent knife and superb Heinnie serviceReview by
    I saw this knife yesterday (08/06/20) ordered at 4:10 pm, despatched at 5:05 pm, received this morning (09/06/20) at 9:00 am. Amazing service from Heinnie, cannot be faulted.

    On to the knife, firstly, don't expect the usual Real Steel packaging, this arrived in a battered cardboard box, so zero for presentation.

    The knife however is amazing, scary sharp out of the box and well oiled.

    The red G10 scales are superb and make this look very 'sheeple' friendly. The action is superb, exactly what you'd expect if you already have a Luna or have watched reviews.

    The blade is D2 and marked up as such on the Poltergeist logo side, excellent grind and very slicey. Blade centering is spot on too, overall fit and finish is excellent.

    Don't let D2 put you off, it's a semi-stainless steel, you'll need to take care of it but it's an excellent steel and takes a wicked edge and keeps it longer than N690.

    The price - £29.95 is amazing, why would you not buy one!!!

    Well done Heinnie on another great and unexpected collaboration, you have chosen an excellent knife to do this with, thank you.
    (Posted on )

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