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Robert David Laguiole Olive

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Robert David Laguiole Olive

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Robert David Laguiole Olive

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Robert David Laguiole Olive

Robert David Laguiole Olive



The home of the globally famous Laguiole knives is in Thiers, a small French town in the region of Auvergne, which has been renowned for cutlery for 500 years. For generations, the elegant knives with the bee, the heraldic animal of Napoleon have been manufactured in Thiers in various versions and designs. They were initially inspired by folding knives from Andalusia. Today they are functional companions of their proud owners who appreciate their wide range of applications for everyday usage. They have even become an expression of the French lifestyle.

Among the numerous manufacturers, knifemaker Robert David has acquired an excellent international reputation. The handmade Laguiole knives signed by the manufactory Robert David will impress you with the exclusive choice of materials, high quality processing and their attention to detail. Handle made of olive wood with stainless steel bolsters. Blade steel 12C27.


Code 01RD002
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Robert David
Blade Material: Sandvik 12C27 Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 9.4
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.3
Overall Length (cm): 22.1
Handle Material: Olive Wood
Lock Type: Non-locking
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: No


  1. If only this was UK-Legal...Review by
    This is a short follow-up to my earlier review. For one reason or another, I never quite got around to giving this to my French friend as a gift and so have been using it myself around the house.

    If this knife was UK-legal, it would without a doubt be my EDC when I am in the UK. It is just such a handy blade shape that holds its edge well, and the handle is perfect for everyday tasks. In addition, the pressure of your thumb on the back of the knife when using it actually helps the backspring to hold the blade in the open position, making it very secure.

    Come on, Heinnie, please have a chat with Robert David and get them to make a UK-spec blade length in this knife...
    (Posted on )
  2. Big & well made Review by
    I received this knife this morning and it was bought as a gift for a French friend of mine, so the review below takes place in the absence of any usage...

    - Absolutely beautiful to look at it
    - Fit and finish is superb and the detailing on the back spring and the beginning of the blade spine looks very good
    - Blade came shaving sharp OTB (OK, so I had to test it on my arm hairs to check)
    - Good blade steel (12C27) that should keep a decent edge and sharpen up nicely when it needs it
    - Slim blade profile should make for a great slicing blade. It is also thick enough to be pretty strong
    - the slip joint is very strong (think Boker XS territory here)
    - the handle is very slim when looking to it from the side but surprisingly stout when looking at it from the top, making it very comfortable in hand

    - The mechanism was pretty rough when I first opened the box but it smoothed out quickly after being oiled with some Blu Lube

    There is, however, another question that needs to be asked: Would I ever actually carry it? Other than buying the knife because it is simply a lovely piece to look at, I am really not sure where this knife would fit from a usage point of view.

    It is too big to be UK legal but yet doesn't have the security of a locking mechanism. I would therefore carry one of my Benchmade, Emerson or Zero Tolerance knives, that have either an Axis lock or a liner lock, long before I would ever carry this when I am home in South Africa.

    I have given it five stars for the positive reasons I mention above but I am not sure that I would ever actually use it on a regular basis...
    (Posted on )

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