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Rockstead Un DLC

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Rockstead Un DLC

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Rockstead Un DLC

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery

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Rockstead Un DLC

Rockstead Un DLC



The ROCKSTEAD knife, with its superior cutting performance, is the Formula One of knives. This knife will slice paper even after the punishment of beating and cutting dried bamboo for extended periods of time. The blade shape is unique. Rockstead have adapted the shape of the traditional Japanese sword blade to all their knives. They have the two most important features of a quality blade — strength and cutting ability. The mirror surface on Rockstead knives continues to the edge of the blade. Under a microscope the difference becomes apparent. The tip of the blade of ROCKSTEAD is smooth, while other knives are more like the tip of a saw blade.

The Un is Rockstead's newest fixed blade model with a choice of brown, blue or gold wrapping on the handle. In this version the blade is made from YXR7 steel with a DLC coating.

The sheath is made from wood and micarta and features a lock which securely holds the knife in place. Any serious collector or user of knives should consider adding a Rockstead to their collection as the art of knife making does not come much better than this.


Limited Edition: Yes
Brand: Rockstead
Blade Material: YXR7 Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 14.0
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.5
Overall Length (cm): 25.5
Handle Material: Cord
Blade Coating: DLC Coated
Blade Hardness (HRC): 64 HRC
Sheath: Yes


9 94 0 100
Please can I have one ? Pay monthly ?Review by
10 10
I have a dream, that one day in this life time I will own one of these knives. It is the most beautiful graceful engineered blade I’ve eve seen. I’ve been to japan 4 times and have held a full 850 year old samurai katana worth millions and I it was exquisite and if I didn’t know any better, would sware these two beutaful functional works of artistic engineering were made by the same hands by a reincarnated sword smith from back in the day where the sword smith put part of his sole into each and every blade he made and also the fact that nature gave man the materials to make a drop dead gorgeous beautiful graceful enchanted blade from the black iron sand right up to the forging and polishing. Thousands of hours of blood sweat and toil go into blades such as this one and it’s heratage is evocative in its design and to me a blade such as this is priceless. I love Japanese culture and there engineering and there approach towards each other, bound out of respect for one and other, values I follow today so as you can begin to see how important a timeless peace of Japan’s sole in this blade is to me but I could never afford the price in full but could if it was split into monthly payments - may be Heinnie Haynes should consider this and when it’s paid for in full they will send you the blade. This will open up the exspensive Knives and items to a wider customer base and give poorer collectors such as me the chance to own a beutaful work of artistic engineering. Or may be Heinnie Haynes C.E.O or M.D might grant my dreams and wish and it would just turn up lol. (I’m aloud to dream) (Posted on )
i would Review by
8 10
i visit the stores a lot, i have seen this blade and had it in my hand...... there is nothing more to say than stunning !!! it is as simple as that

if i had that sort of money i would have one
(Posted on )
Proof of the pudding is in the eating!Review by
10 10
I have heard nothing but "Who would pay that much for a cutting tool etc" in these review's.
Obviously left by people who have never owned a Rockstead blade..
Until you know the edge retaining quality, robust craftsmanship and outstanding statement that these knives give, then you have no place to mock the finest edged tool that Heinnie hold's in stock...
(Posted on )
goood jobbReview by
10 10
Bought one, its alright think id be better way something a bit cheaper. (Posted on )
<3Review by
8 10
Nice... but Damascus Steel looks better (Posted on )
Stop complainingReview by
10 10
Every one is saying "Who would buy this" and "I would if I had the money". This is an amazing blade. (Posted on )
Rockstead???Review by
I can't understand who could afford to buy a knife such as this. At the end of the day it's a cutting tool, it's really just quality I suppose. I think I'll stick with Buck, now that's value for money. (Posted on )
The best there isReview by
10 10
KennethReview by
I would....

If I had that kind of money.
(Posted on )

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