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Rough Rider Kamp King

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Rough Rider Kamp King

test 1Rough Rider Kamp Kingtest 2Rough Rider Kamp Kingtest 3Rough Rider Kamp Kingtest 4 Rough Rider Kamp King
test 1Rough Rider Kamp Kingtest 2Rough Rider Kamp Kingtest 3Rough Rider Kamp Kingtest 4 Rough Rider Kamp King
test 1Rough Rider Kamp Kingtest 2Rough Rider Kamp Kingtest 3Rough Rider Kamp Kingtest 4 Rough Rider Kamp King

Rough Rider Kamp King

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Rough Rider Kamp King

Rough Rider Kamp King



The Rough Rider Kamp King is your best buddy on the camp site. It has all the tools you need to help you live in the outdoors and at a budget that wont break the bank. It features screwdriver, large blade, bottle opener, can opener and awl and has a solid jigged synthetic handle with a bail attached to keep it on your belt. Non of the attachments lock and are all under three inches (76mm) so this is a UK legal carry penknife.


Code RR1987
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Rough Rider
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Closed Length (cm): 9.22
Grind: Flat
Handle Detail: Jigged Synthetic
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
One Handed Opening: No
Pocket Clip: No
Product Weight (g): 58


  1. Stepping up in price !Review by
    This is a new model from Rough rider . The brand has taken on board the old patent expirerd kamp king that was found on the old cheap imperial kamp king knife !

    Rough rider have dozens of knives in their range all are cheapo s but this new offering is a little on the expensive side for what you are getting !

    The knife comes in the standard cheap box in a plastic bag , comes with black jig bone scales , highly polished blades still with that annoying bloom around the edges though ! .the blades were sharpish and usable out the box
    The quality of the knife is ok , there is blade play on my example ,not much but it's there !

    This knife has several layers of liners and fit and finish is ok not big gaps but there is a machining transition edge on the top edges where the blades sit , looking down on to the knife !

    This all may seem picky but this model is £23.95 and to be honest is pricey for a cheapo or not so cheapo offerering as you can buy a Victorinox Spartan for a lot less than this and let's be honest that's like chalk and cheese in quality and value !

    So to sum up , would I recommend this kamp king knife ? Well quite frankly NO ,it's just not good value as said you can buy a lot better for the price and this is really only for those who want an old school camp Patten and remember how bad they were ?

    Long live the Spartan !!!!!
    (Posted on )
  2. Not as good as the Camp Review by
    The quality of the finish wasn't as good as the RR camp knife I got , the main blade was scratched up, the edges of the bolsters looked like it had been scrapped along concrete end on, the hole drilled for the pin that pins the belt loop on is way too big causing it to rattle around instead of a nice snug fit, the shield fell off and on closer inspection there was hardly a pinhead of glue which wasn't enough to get a good adhesion, 5min epoxy sorted that, it had a slight blade wobble too, ok thats the bad points which prove that Rough Rider need better quality checks before they send their items out to be sold, moving on ... i do like and am able to fix little annoying defects such as ive mentioned which after a few hours i had what should have been sent to me, a chunky, well made, strong Kamp King with black jigged bone scales, yes Heinnie you put synthetic jigged scales which is wrong, now this Kamp KIng is slightly more expensive than the older Camp knife which i dont see why, they are basically the same all bar a can opener which both work just fine, if this Kamp King came to me with out these defects then id with out hesitation id give it a 5, most people would have sent it back and i nearly did but now ive done the repairs and finished it properly i am very happy and probably own the best Rough Rider Kamp King there is, so would i buy another if i lost this one .... yes i would but i would phone Heinnie Haynes up to say please check it out for me before you send it to me, and tell them the areas of concern, now i know its cheap but that dont mean it has to look like it fell off the back of a lorry doing 60mph .... great knife but guys make sure your getting a gooden (Posted on )
  3. Vast improvement.Review by
    Came very sharp but had a serious wire edge on it, not a surprise at this price point, and dealing with it was a simple case of putting it though a pull through sharpener to knock the wire edge off then giving it some TLC with my DC4 and a ceramic stick.
    Can opener is of the punch claw type. Works, not a Victorinox but good enough.
    Bradawl is fairly robust but needed a slight sharpen.
    Bottle opener/ screwdriver is OK.
    Weight is reasonable, it's not a trouser pocket knife but it's fine in a jacket pocket. It's actually lighter than I expected. From some of the YouTube reviews I was expecting a boat anchor.

    All the tools have half stops, which is amazing at this price point.
    Spring's are strong enough without turning it into a nail breaker.

    Above all things this knife reminds me of the Callimus Demo Knife, but with better blade steel.

    I will say categorically that it is a vast improvement over the previous iteration. Blade is better designed, and frankly the very old school can opener on the previous iteration was dangerous to use.
    So yes, it's worth buying & enjoy using. Particularly if like myself you enjoy being old school occasionally.
    (Posted on )

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