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Rovyvon Aurora A23

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Rovyvon Aurora A23

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test 1Rovyvon Aurora A23test 2Rovyvon Aurora A23test 3Rovyvon Aurora A23test 4 Rovyvon Aurora A23

Rovyvon Aurora A23

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Rovyvon Aurora A23

Rovyvon Aurora A23




The Rovyvon Aurora A23 breaks new ground in the flashlight output to size ratio. Simply press and hold the conveniently placed button and illuminate to 150 metres! After a couple of minutes the beam automatically lowers to 800 lumens and then to 250 lumens to preserve battery life and overheating and then its ready to go again.


  • CNC precision-crafted
  • CREE XP-L HD LED, 6500K-7000K Cool white, max 1000 lumens
  • Constant Current circuit, no PWM
  • Replaceable module 600mAh rechargeable battery
  • Max runtime 72 hours
  • Quick charge in 1 hour with the built-in Micro charging port
  • Side metal e-switch supports a comfortable one-hand operation
  • Pogo pin connection
  • Tritium slots (on tail) for DIY decoration
  • Stainless steel pocket clip and tail paracord hole
  • IPX8 waterproof


Limited Edition: No
Brand: RovyVon
Body Material: Aluminium
Overall Length (cm): 7.6
Head Diameter (cm): 2.1
Lumens: 1,000
Runtime: 1.0
Runtime (minutes): 80
Beam Distance (m): 150
Batteries: 600mAh Rechargeable
Reflector: Smooth
Rechargeable: Yes
Strobe: Yes
SOS: Yes
Beacon: No
Water Resistance (m): IP68, 2m depth & dustproof
Product Weight (g): 51


  1. Best pocket torch I've ever ownedReview by
    This is an amazing little torch and I own quite a few! The beam is very floody, so ideal for walking the dog at night in total darkness and wow can it put out a good beam!! I usually use it at the second lowest brightness and that's plenty.

    The thing that lets it down a little is the interface. The button is recessed a little and isn't very positive so no obvious click. It's press and hold for full beam or 2 clicks to enter the lowest setting then click up to full brightness in three more steps. Getting the right click speed to turn it on initially was tricky as there is no positive click feel, but you get used to it. Contrary to another review, there is a strobe and sos setting if you press 3 times, and a moonlight mode if you press 4 times.

    It's so light and small it's just such a good torch to keep in my pocket as an edc. I'm not convinced about it not suffering from pocket switch-ons because the button isn't that hard to press, but so far it hasn't happened.
    (Posted on )
  2. AmazingReview by
    Had the Maglite’s and Surefire’s back in the day with bulbs before Cree’s were a thing. My brightest torch is the Nitecore tiny monster TM15 which is 2300 lumens at max and I got to say this little guy is amazing for its size compared to that. Love the quick hold max power feature, as within a fraction of a second you have a full beam that makes the old 6 cell Maglite look like the “AA” versions. The moonlight setting is more than bright enough for lighting things well enough at a 20ft distance and the beam throws much further. The full brightness is something else for something this size. If I had one gripe is that is has no strobe, but lets be honest, I never use the strobe for anything else than to blind my mates for fun. If you want something to run on full power for a long period of time then maybe this isn’t for you, but for something not much bigger than a “AA” battery that runs a 1000 lumens for over 30 mins then you won’t be disappointed. (Posted on )
  3. great torch but disappointing run timeReview by
    I bought this torch as I work nights a need a bright light and I was sick of carrying the heavy torches that I already had so when I saw this and it claimed 1000 lumens I had to try it.Had the usual great service from Hennie Haynes,torch arrived quickly,I unpacked it and thought wow its tiny,charged it up and used it at work and wow its bright,I work 12hr shifts and used it for one shift but not for the full 12hrs maybe 40 mins total,used it again tonight for maybe 20mins and it died!!In the description it states up to 72hrs run time,I am guessing that this is if you use it in the moon mode which is about as bright as a 10watt bulb and no use to man nor beast,I really think the description should tell you the maximum run time in each mode as had I known I would get about an hour out of it I probably would not have bought it so only 3 stars im affraid (Posted on )

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