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Schrade Large Ferro Rod

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Schrade Large Ferro Rod

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Schrade Large Ferro Rod

Out Of Stock

Stock due in



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Schrade Large Ferro Rod

Schrade Large Ferro Rod



Schrade Large Ferro Rod with striker plate and black cord lanyard.


Limited Edition: No
Brand: Schrade
Overall Length (cm): 10.3
Product Weight (g): 34g


  1. Great ferro rodReview by
    Great ferro rod, it is a little slim although it is a good quality ferro rod and is inexpensive. I have big hands and had no difficulty using this, it will go straight into my tinder storage box. The striker is also heavy duty good quality metal. Overall 5 stars i can not find any faults (Posted on )
  2. Wouldnt recommendReview by
    Very slim, not sure why Schrade called this "Large". Striker was terrible, threw little to no sparks, and the steel tge striker was made of was so soft, the edges showed signs of wear after a couple strikes. (Posted on )
  3. Very decentReview by
    Very decent and throws sparks well, could be a bit bigger and maybe have a better finish on the handle but it works well and a ferro rod is the cornerstone of any good fire kit so its worth buying (Posted on )
  4. And another thing...Review by
    and the round handle seems to be a simple but good feature versus many other rod's with a thumb groove in that you can easily strike from any side preventing wearing a single groove down just one side. I've used the thumb shaped handle ones and you do tend to strike in one position and it does wear a groove presumably wearing out the rod sooner than this design...just a thought... (Posted on )
  5. Very acceptableReview by
    Good value. Decent size and the striker works well. I'm a novice and found I could start fires just using dry birch bark after about 3 or 4 strikes so for me it passes the test. Good size as it's chunky enough to get a good grip and strike and still fit in tins/pocket/pouches.
    I replaced the black cord with some hi-viz yellow as first time I put it down I lost it, briefly. .. I assume the rod's for £14 are better in some way but for the money this seems a good option.
    (Posted on )
  6. Nice little rodReview by
    Its a nice rod great for all your outdoor fire needs (Posted on )
  7. Lot of bang for your buck.Review by
    These rods are made by a third party for Schrade. Which is actually good news because I have it's little Brother. It's a mischmetal rod rather than ferrocenium so it is much more resistant to damp. The striker is made by Schrade and it's easily the best OTB striker on the market. Frankly I eas expecting the usual afterthought of a striker so I am well pleased.
    Couple more are going in my next order methinks.
    (Posted on )
  8. OK.Review by
    It does what it says on the tin. For occasional camping or outdoor activities, it's fine; a no-brainer at this price. The more serious survivalist or outdoor enthusiast would probably want to look elsewhere (in fact, those people probably wouldn't consider this firesteel in the first place). OK for what it is, and it certainly does the job, but there are much better ones out there.

    A word of warning: the description "large" is a bit confusing here - it's actually pretty small and slim. If Schrade considers this to be a "large" one, then I'd love to see their small versions.
    (Posted on )
  9. A great value first ferro rodReview by
    A great value first ferro rod. Slim so easily packs. I've found that a multi-tool awl or can-opener edge to be a more effective striker for occasional use. Much easier than getting tangled up with the supplied striker on a cord.

    (Posted on )
  10. Worth the moneyReview by
    Decent sized rod. Striker works nicely. Fits inside the classic 2oz survival tin (but not an Altoids tin). Strikes well off the back of a Mora. The cord loop is there to be replaced with your fave OD / rescue orange / zombie coloured paracord. Great for a fiver. (Posted on )

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