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Schrade Titanium Framelock

Schrade Titanium Framelock

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Schrade Titanium Framelock


The Schrade Titanium Frame lock is another superb folding knife from Schrade at a very affordable price. The blade is D2 tool steel with a titanium coating to match the stunning and rather distinctive sculpted Titanium handle. 

The removeable pocket clip allows for tip-up or tip-down carry and the frame lock mechanism is extremely solid removing any chance of blade play. 


Code SCH602TI
Limited Edition: Yes
Brand: Schrade
Blade Material: D2 Tool Steel.
Blade Length (cm): 9.0
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.4
Closed Length (cm): 11.60
Overall Length (cm): 20.0
Blade Type: Plain
Blade Shape: Drop Point
Blade Finish: Titanium Finish
Grind: Hollow
Handle Material: Titanium
Lock Type: Frame Lock
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: Yes
Product Weight (g): 127
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


GreatReview by Flash
Forget the negative comments,sharp other no blade play great value D2 steel what's not to like (Posted on 30/09/2017)
GreatReview by Flash
Forget the negative comments,great knife,sharp well made just get one (Posted on 30/09/2017)
D2 and Ti for less than £40?Review by PARKES
D2 steel and Ti frame are an incredible bargain at this price, often seen on folders several times the price.

Ergos on this knife are exceptional. Comfortable contours and weighty materials make it great in the hand.
Reversible clip carry is a great add, with two clip designs no less.

Off-centre with some blade play and heavy lock stick out of the box, though remedied with pivot adjustment and blue loctite.
Action is quick but somewhat noisy on the washers, at whatever speed, even properly lubed.
Coated grinds are not symmetrical and with some minor uneven edge grinding extending beyond the cutting edge.

Not perfect but still one of the better choices in its price range. One of the better knives from Schrade. Handsome choice with good utility. (Posted on 03/09/2017)
Great Good Looking Knife!Review by Pete
Right... Let's get the obvious out of the way... Thanks to the HH Team for their awesome service as per usual, keep it up guys!

2nd, this is a £36 knife, it's a no brainer for me - 5 stars.
I was too attracted by the D2 steel (1st one with this metal in my collection as D2 steel always seems to be on more expensive knives), the titanium handle and the look of the knife...

So the knife... mine is perfect, blade is perfectly centred and sharp enough to me out of the box, the framelock locks half way on the back of the blade and the lock is rock solid. The handle is well designed with my hand wrapping nicely around it. No rough edges...
It was slightly tight for the 1st few opening, now it's flying open.
It's darker than in the picture (in the picture it's silver, mine is dark grey metal).
I've switched to tip up carry with the straight clip provided and it looks great.
It's a bit on the heavy side but funny enough it's all metal.
Time will tell how well it performs.

The question each time I buy a knife is: Would I have bought it if I had seen it in the flesh to start with ? In this case, yes!
(Posted on 20/08/2017)
Sounds like I may have been luckyReview by Jez
I have already reviewed this knife and I am very pleased with it, yet reading the latest review by someone who certainly sounds as if they know what they are talking about, my knife is unrecognisable compared to theirs.
The openng action out of the box is so smooth that I can't resist keeping flicking it open with a satisfying click and very smooth action. The blade is dead centre and completely free from any sideways movement. I have nothing bad to say about it. There is no grating and the release bar whilst not being the most comfortable works fine.
So, have I just been lucky and got a good one or not, who knows, it will be interesting to see over time if the same slickness of the action remains or deteriorates. I will update if there are any changes (Posted on 18/08/2017)
Poor first impressions. Review by RobertR
So like one other reviewer I was tempted by the titanium handles and the D2 blade for the attractive price. However, out of the box, this Schrade is hands down the most horriblet knife I've ever bought. First issue the blade was a mile off centre. Secondly when I tried to open the blade out it didn't shift - I mean at all. It took a REAL strong pull to get that blade to shift.
So, being a knife maker and collector I have tools to service knives, so I took the knife apart to find the problem. It didn't take long to find the issue - the axle and washers covered in lock stick. Ha ha makes a change from grease or oil!! That's really poor quality control from Schrade.
So having replaced the lock stick with nano oil the deployment was decent enough. Lock up was good and the blade was solid with little or no play but that brings me to problem three.
The lock up bar sticks horribly on the blade and actually grates as you push it across to release the blade. So what's next. Well the front edge of the lock bar side of the knife is poorly machined and actually rough enough to catch skin.- the show side of the knife is much better and the difference between the two is really annoying. Again poor quality control.
So is there any good? Well yes the detent is nice enough and during the strip down of the knife I noticed there is a ball bearing not just a dimple in the lock bar. Nice enough. Supplying a choice of pocket clip and the torx tool to change the clip is good. Having the choice of blade tip up or down for carry is good. I like the look of the two machined back spacers. Overall I think I must have a Wednesday afternoon knife as it was so poorly constructed. I came very close to returning this to HH but I decided to hang on to it to see if it can redeem itself in terms of how it performs. Time will tell. (Posted on 18/08/2017)
Great value knifeReview by Jez
I just got this knife via the usual super fast Hennie's service.
First impressions are very good indeed, paper cutting sharp out of the box. The build quality of this knife stands out, with a very smooth action and it feels very solid in the hand, the grip shape is excellent, and the retaining clip is not a problem, for me it even adds to the thickness of the handle and I have very large hands so this is good from my point of view OF course one can remove it if one wants to
There is a spare clip and allen key provided if one wants to change the position of the clip, then the screw holes are there for that, or if one wanted to change position for a left handed person.
The blade feels very secure and there is no wobble whatsoever within the structure.
The finish is nice, it looks like a titanium knife, a great collector's item, but very usable for tasks too. I think that Schrade are German, I stand to be corrected on that but they really seem to nail the build quality at a relatively low price, I have a Boker UK friendly knife and that is incredibly solidly built.
The thumb opening is very easy, difficult to open in one smooth movement due to the length of the arc, at first but that just takes some practise. (Posted on 15/08/2017)
Good knife, GREAT price!Review by SteveW
Just as an introduction, I'd like to say that I was a little wary about purchasing this knife, as Taylor Brand (Schrade's parent company) products can be a bit on the 'cheap and cheerful' side, and can occasionally veer in to the 'cheap and nasty' category. That said, the Schrade 602Ti looks good, and titanium handles and a D2 blade at this price was just too tempting not to take a risk! Furthermore, a little research shows that these retail at $70-80 in the US, so Heinnie are offering this at a superb price. The 600, 601 and 602Ti models were considered to be Schrade's top of the line folding knives for the 2015-2016 season.

The elephant in the room is of course the blade steel and handle material. Unfortunately, I don't have a simple way to confirm the handle material without damaging it. With regards to the blade steel, Chinese steel is becoming ever more accepted in the knife industry, and is starting to appear in mid range as well as low end brands, so I have no doubt that their foundries have the ability to produce steel of the required composition, and can harden it correctly.

So, skipping over the materials, let's just look at the knife itself, for what it definitely is, rather than what it claims to be.

The blade comes 'utility' sharp. It cuts well enough out of the box, but it's certainly not razor sharp. The blade runs almost perfectly centred between the handles. Not important, but possibly an indication of care taken - the blade and handle colour are very well matched. The jimping at the back of the blade and the front of the handle don't match, but that is far from uncommon. Blade length is quite long, in so much as it is over 3", but not alarmingly so.

Moving on to the handle, this is very nicely machined, with a pattern reminescent of the CRKT Ripple. There are very fine swirling patterns, but no obvious machine marks. Construction is of the open frame variety for easy cleaning. The 'cotton reel' spacers use larger screws than some others, which should make for easier maintenance, with less risk of damaging screw heads. All screws are of the Torx head variety. There is a lanyard hole if required.

As per Heinnie's pictures, there is a 'spoon/butter knife' style pocket clip, and this can be placed for tip up or tip down carry. However, the shape doesn't really look right when switched to tip up. No matter - the knife includes a second pocket clip, which is thinner and symmetrical, and looks right either way up. The knife also has a blanking plate to cover the screw holes for which clip mount is not in use. To me, this looks like a place where corners could have been cut (provide one pocket clip and no blanking plate), but haven't been. A torx driver is supplied for the pocket clip screws.

The lock bar includes the small ball bearing which contacts the blade as it rotates. This is a common feature on framelocks, and I mention it only as a potential short cut that could have been taken to reduce the cost of the knife, but nope, it's definitely there. Lock up is extremely solid, with no movement in the blade once opened, up and down, or left and right. For that matter, there is no discernible blade movement from left to right when it is unlocked.

Downsides? Well, blade opening isn't as smooth as I would like, but then, I would guess that the pivot washers are tightly packed, hence the zero discernible slop in the blade. Unfair to judge a knife on something it doesn't have, but the 600Ti and 601Ti have a flipper, and it would have been nice to have that on the 602. That said, the 602 has a more general purpose blade (the others have a rounded Tanto tip, and a recurved blade edge) and the nicer handle finish (compared to plain or chequered).

Summing up, there is nothing to really dislike here. Overall, the knife looks great. Lock up is rock solid. Deployment is a little stiff, but that may well improve with use. Perhaps most tellingly, there are no obvious signs of this being a mass produced, cookie cutter, Chinese knife. There are no obvious cost cutting measures - the inclusion of two pocket clips and a blanking plate doesn't even seem necessary - you get extra, not less!

I feel I'm being a little unfair giving four stars, particularly considering the price, but no, it's not perfect, so I don't feel I can justify five stars. 4.5 stars? Absolutely! (Posted on 15/08/2017)

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