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Sentry Solutions Hi-Slip Synthetic Grease

In Stock

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Sentry Solutions Hi-Slip Synthetic Grease

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Sentry Solutions Hi-Slip Synthetic Grease

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Sentry Solutions Hi-Slip Synthetic Grease

Sentry Solutions Hi-Slip Synthetic Grease



HI-SLIP GREASE - A synthetic blend containing the finest solid lubricants available. This product from Sentry Solutions lubricates and protects from -65 Fahrenheit /-54 Centigrade, to the hottest desert temperatures, and is extremely resistant to water. HI-SLIP GREASE prevents galling even under extreme conditions. HOW IT WORKS: HI-SLIP GREASE works by sticking right where it is applied to provide a high performance grease film and an extreme pressure-lubricating layer between surfaces and wear points where galling may occur. It works especially well on highly loaded components, including those made of titanium and aluminum. It will lubricate and protect all kinds of equipment not only in sub-zero Arctic temperatures(-65 F/-54 C), but also in the hottest desert environments, and it is extremely resistant to water.


Code SY1050
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Sentry Solutions


  1. Nice and easy Review by
    This item is very good quality, goes on nice and easy with the applicator, and does what it is intended for. All my knives open smoothy and without any effort. Very highly recommended. (Posted on )
  2. Friction FreeReview by
    Great stuff, a little goes a long way so this should last a fair while.
    I use it primarily on folders' pivots and, once it's bedded in, it almost gives the impression the pivot screw has come loose it's that slippery-smooth.
    (Posted on )
    Bought this a few days ago and a great purchase.Have put a very thin coat on all my rifle bolts and locking lugs and the difference is very noticable....smoother,quieter to operate,a big plus in the field,one syringe will last for ages as it is so effective,the less you use,the better it works. (Posted on )
  4. Grease at it's best.Review by
    I've been using Hi-Slip grease on the pivots of my knives for a couple of months and I'm impressed with the way it improves smoothness without attracting too much pocket lint.
    Don't be a fool like me and cut the end of the tube off without removing the cap. In my defence the cap was so tight that I thought that there wasn't one.
    Very precise application can be had by using a cocktail stick.
    The grease also helps to keep parts in place when re-assembling knives after a thorough service.
    Easy clean up with Tuf-Glide.
    I's been especially useful freeing up the blade action on slip jointed knives like the bug series from Spyderco.
    100% recommended.
    (Posted on )
  5. Excellent stuffReview by
    Highly recommended. (Posted on )

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Questions & Answers

Any idea what this contains? Is it toxic in any way? Thanks!
Nothing toxic. The packaging and their website states the standard cautions about prevention of ingestion and eye contact
heinnie answered on 20 October 2015
Mr Gareth Clayton answered on 20 October 2015

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