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Sliver Gripper Precision Tweezers with Clip

In Stock

Available for Delivery

Sliver Gripper Precision Tweezers

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Sliver Gripper Precision Tweezers with Clip

In Stock

Available for Delivery

From: £6.95
  •   Black
  •   Stainless
  • Available for Backorder
  • No Longer Available

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Sliver Gripper Precision Tweezers with Clip

Sliver Gripper Precision Tweezers with Clip

From: £6.95


Bestselling Precision Tweezers now availble in Black Oxide finish!

Precision Manufactured Tweezer packed with a patented stainless steel clip holder for easy and convenient accessibility.

The SGR601 is supplied with a clip for easy storage.

Countless uses for things such as:

  • Gardens
  • Home
  • Kitchen
  • Bath
  • Shop
  • Office
  • Schools
  • Cosmetics
  • Medical
  • Specification

    Code SGR600-$$
    Limited Edition: No
    Brand: Sliver Gripper


    1. Top TweezersReview by
      Perfect for splinters, in growing hairs and many other intricate jobs. Well worth getting the keyring clip version, holds them tight reducing chance of loss. Excellent delivery by HH as usual. (Posted on )
    2. lost,who knows whereReview by
      Fine for several months, then lost tension, presumably due to being constantly compressed, dropped off keyring somewhere, never to be seen again. :( (Posted on )
    3. Very useful design.Review by
      Great for all those little jobs including splinter and sting removal, ticks, etc.

      Has proven to be a great addition to my first aid pouch and would be just as useful on your keychain or in your organiser pouch.

      I have not seen a better design of sharp, pointed tweezers.

      Great for the price.
      (Posted on )
    4. Very nice little thing!Review by
      Fed up with losing the stupid little wiry "tweezers" from your penknife? Keep getting splinters and have no way of removing them? This is your solution!
      I wasn't convinced that these would stay put on my keyring, but they are very securely held in place in a quite ingenious, and simple, manner, and they are robust enough to withstand waiting on your keyring for the day you need to use them, and still work a charm. Very nice, very useful!
      (Posted on )
    5. Purchased these some…Review by
      Purchased these some time ago (2 or 3 years), the tweezer stays on the clip even after jangling in pockets on a big bunch of keys, It still remains sharp for splinter extraction, and can even be sterillized in boiling water or more likely a lighter flame, I am a woodworker this has been used / tested quite extensivly by myself and colleagues as a splinter remover. It must be good otherwise it wouldn't have lasted this long. (Posted on )
    6. A perfect addition to any keyring.Review by
      The tweezers themselves are well constructed and perfect for EDC. Only time will tell if the clever looking clip actually keeps hold of them as they jangle around on my keyring. If so I'll be buying lots of these as stocking fillers. (Posted on )
    7. PerReview by
      Compact smart construction, US made. (Posted on )
    8. Plain and simple,…Review by
      Plain and simple, you may need it at any time so it's best just to have one.

      Every camper/trekker/survivalist should have this in their kit.

      Flawless service from HH once again.

      (Posted on )
    9. FantasticReview by
      Every pocket, purse, keychain & EDC bag should have some. (Posted on )
    10. JamesReview by
      Decided to buy as whenever I get a splinter I'm away from home. Perfect size for your keychain, no bigger than a Yale key & the clip is very secure. Nice gauge too - not too flimsy. (Posted on )
    11. So small and so perfectReview by
      These tweezers are the perfect thing to carry with you on your key chain regardless of if you are dealing with splinters in your hand, first aid or anything else. I am considering buying another one as a present for someone (when the time gets nearer). (Posted on )
    12. NiceReview by
      Perfect Pimple Popper and splinter,tick remover (Posted on )
    13. okayReview by
      No better or worse than than any other tweezers, but they do look very cool on your keyring. (Posted on )

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