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SOG Micron

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Out Of Stock

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SOG Micron

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SOG Micron

18+ Age Restriction Icon

Out Of Stock

Stock due in Limited Stock



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SOG Micron

SOG Micron



This tiny beauty is crafted from high quality stainless steel and designed to be carried on a key ring or stashed in your pocket. It's a SOG so you know the Micron is built to last and is going to be there when you need it.

Carry a little SOG with you everywhere you go! Black is Tanto and satin is drop point.


Code SOG-FF92-CP-$$
Limited Edition: Yes
Brand: SOG
Blade Material: 420 Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 3.8
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.0
Overall Length (cm): 8.6
Handle Material: Steel
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: No


  1. LovelyReview by
    This tiny beauty doesn't come razor sharp OTB but
    does take a razor edge and I love the design.

    Thanks for the Lightening fast Delivery from HH.
    (Posted on )
  2. BrilliantReview by
    This is a great little knife to keep about your person. Just about big enough to be useful for opening packaging and cutting string etc. Small and light and looks great in black. I got 3 of these. Good product but far too pricey at £15 though. (Posted on )
  3. MicronReview by
    Excellent little knife! I keep it round my neck on a cord but you could keep it on a keychain or in a survival tin. It really is tiny but feels excellent in the hand for its size. The slip joint is strong enough to inspire confidence when using it, it's not going to close on you in a hurry. (Posted on )
  4. P.S.Review by
    Re: review below. "Surprise".
    There's no image of the Bead Blast Silver version. It's a clip point, hence the review below.
    (Posted on )
  5. SurpriseReview by
    Surprised to find it's not a tanto blade (Bead Blast Version), otherwise every bit as good as the original. Not as sharp out the box as the Bug but easily remedied. Bigger than the Bug so easier for my banana fingers. More utilitarian build than the Bug so easier to fix should the need ever arise. (Posted on )
  6. Very good but not the best.Review by
    I good little knife. I have to say I prefer the Spyderco counterparts. Not only were the Spyderco sharper out of the box, but I've found them easier to sharpen than the Micron. This knife is very good but I have concerns about its durability in comparison to the Spyderco small knives. I also feel that the Micron isn't as good value as the Spyderco Bug or Honeybee. (Posted on )
  7. GroovyReview by
    Tasty little blade. If you haters above find it a bit dull, why don't you sharpen it?

    Very handy for most little jobs.
    (Posted on )
  8. It is cool but...Review by
    I loved this knife, bought it about a month ago, when I first saw it I thought it was a bit small but, it looks cool and it found itself on my key chain alongside my bug. I did notice that it wasn't as sharp as the bug but I liked it anyway. There is a perfectly sized hole for a lanyard so, I made myself a paracord lanyard and it then went in my lighter pocket for half a day until I lost it in Tescos of all places.
    Totally gutted. I'll probably buy another. Overall a nice bit of kit.
    (Posted on )
  9. I bought this…Review by
    I bought this at the same time as this knifes main competitor, the Spyderco Bug.

    Inside its blister pack it was open for display, which I think dulled the blade even more than the reported factory-dullness. Out of the box the Bug was shaving sharp, not the Micron.

    Opening and closing, it feels a little bit grindy, not as smooth as the bug.

    The slip joint holds the knife firmly closed and open, and resists accidental closure more than the Bug.

    Both knives resist accidentally snapping shut from a wide angle, though once both have been worn-in I think the Micron might retain more of this particular safety feature due to differences in construction.

    In conclusion, my first impressions are not as glowing as they are for the Bug, but both are quite sturdily constructed. The Micron lacks the finesse of the Bug, but if I can get a nice edge on the Micron I would rank it on par with the Bug, but will probably favour the Micron for EDC due to its looks ;)

    (Posted on )
  10. good keychain knifeReview by
    I also ordered this and the Spyderco Bug at the same time. The delivery was very quick - thanks to Heinnie!
    I must say the Bug is much sharper out of the box (shaving sharp!) and I'm keeping that for when I need razor sharp. The SOG is on my keychain and will get used and abused at every opportunity.
    Be warned it is tiny!
    (Posted on )
  11. Heinne RULEReview by
    This great little knife is every bit as sharp and wonderful as my spyderco bug. It is faultless, but the most amazing thing is Heinnie's service. Every time I have ordered anything, I am still in awe of the better than first rate service. This is a great little knife from a GREAT supplier. THANKS HEINNIE. (Posted on )
  12. not as good as the bugReview by
    i bought the spyderco bug and the sog micron together came fairly sharp could of been better but for such a small knife it is gd some peoople have said it is to this to handle comfortably but i havnt had a problem with its size although the buf is smaller and sharper out of the of the box this is a great little knife too (Posted on )
  13. Not quite as good as the Spyderco BugReview by
    Lightning fast delivery with the free delivery. First impressions - blade did not arrive as sharp as hoped, though the tanto edge is far sharper than the main belly of the blade. It is TINY:opened it is the length of my middle finger. Negs: it is just too thin to hold with the blade vertical - best for horizontal work: sides of boxes, taped up lids etc. Key competitor IMO is the Spyderco Bug - half the price, comes razor sharp, even smaller yet fits comfortably for horizontal and vertical work. (Posted on )
  14. MarcusReview by
    Being no bigger than a key -when closed- it fits perfectly on a set of normal house keys. Light weight with a good stiff *snap* that keeps the blade in place. (Posted on )
  15. Cool KitReview by
    Excellent little blade. Holds it's edge better than larger more expensive models. Small enough to carry in my tobacco tin.. (Posted on )
  16. Great Stuff!Review by
    Great little bit of kit. Tied the darn thing to my wrist and tucked it under my watch it's that small - even with the coin for reference, you don't appreciate the scale til you get it!
    Very sharp, handy little tool!
    (Posted on )
  17. Thin but strongReview by
    Great,super sharp little knife.Perfect for on your keys or even better in a suvival tin/pouch,because its so slim it wont take up any space,but its strong enough to do small jobs (Posted on )
  18. Don't get fooled by its cutenessReview by
    Really tiny little thing but very sharp, ready to use when you need it. A must buy for SOG fans... (Posted on )

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