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Spartan Blades Nymph Slipjoint Blue Anodised

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Spartan Blades Nymph Slipjoint Blue Anodised

test 1Spartan Blades Nymph Slipjoint Blue Anodisedtest 2Spartan Blades Nymph Slipjoint Blue Anodisedtest 3Spartan Blades Nymph Slipjoint Blue Anodisedtest 4 Spartan Blades Nymph Slipjoint Blue Anodised
test 1Spartan Blades Nymph Slipjoint Blue Anodisedtest 2Spartan Blades Nymph Slipjoint Blue Anodisedtest 3Spartan Blades Nymph Slipjoint Blue Anodisedtest 4 Spartan Blades Nymph Slipjoint Blue Anodised

Spartan Blades Nymph Slipjoint Blue Anodised

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In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Spartan Blades Nymph Slipjoint Blue Anodised

Spartan Blades Nymph Slipjoint Blue Anodised



Winner of the BLADE 2014 Most Innovative American Made Knife of the Year.

This compact titanium folder is the result of a desire by Spartan Blades to produce a high quality slip joint folder using as few small moving parts as possible. At the 2012 IWA Show in Germany, Spartan designers spoke with several people who couldn’t own one of their larger folders due to the restrictions of knives with locks, one handed opening, and long blades.

It was then the idea hit them to make a slip joint that didn’t require several small fine blanked parts, allowing for a more modern look and function than the classic slipjoint. Now they had a great idea but not the full mechanism to make it work. Later, Spartan met with Les Halpern of Halpern Titanium and explained their idea for a small modern slip joint. He became very excited as he had an idea for a similar knife using what he called “A good idea” for a mechanism. Les did some drawings explaining his idea for eliminating the traditional back spring. Normally, slip joint blades are held in position by a strong "back spring" which assists them with bias to the open or closed position. Les’ idea was to make the frame the spring with the same bias in open or closed position. This folder eliminates the need for a back spring by using what has been called an “Integral Frame Slipjoint”, the dorsal side of the frame is cut to work as a spring and holds a pin that creates a bias to close and open. The blade is opened by pushing on the tab on the blade with one hand and pulling with the thumb and forefinger on the triangle cut-out of the opposite side and hand. Additionally, the pin "locks" into the blade when held firmly by the users thumb and forefinger in in position of use but is free to rotate upon release of the frame handle.


Limited Edition: No
Brand: Spartan Blades
Blade Material: S35VN Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 4.8
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.2
Overall Length (cm): 12.1
Blade Type: Plain
Blade Finish: Stonewash
Handle Material: Titanium
Handle Detail: 6AL-4V Titanium
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: Yes
Product Weight (g): 36


  1. great edcReview by
    Wow like a little scalpel razor sharp straight out the box , yes it was expensive but the f &f is superb premium blade steel and TI . (Posted on )
    Apologies for adding to my long winded review of this knife but I was deeply moved by how HH reacted to my comment regarding the OOTB sharpness of my first Spatan Nymph. I received an email from Richard advising me to return it without questioning my opinion. 
    He simply and directly stated that HH were only interested in satisfied and happy customers.
    Now, many companies make this a 'priority' in their statements of intent but very few act upon it with such determination and rigour as HH do. So many pay lip service to old values, so few passionately believe in them.
    I could drone on for page after page on how brilliant HH are but, put simply, this level of customer service is peerless in my experience.
    A company who stand by their word and work with an integrity second to none. 
    Quickly and efficiently my knife was changed and this time the blade is absolutely blindingly sharp. No, really it is up there with anything in my collection. 
    In doing this HH have also ensured that the reputation of Spartan Blades is also intact and should be recognised for following the manufacturer's own mission statement on their behalf and to the letter.
    This is the knife Spartan intended me to own and carry with considerable pride. 
    Yes, it's still an expensive 'small' knife but the quality is superb. I'm very proud to own it and proud to recommend the company who listened, acted and restored my faith in human nature! Thank you HH.
    (Posted on )
  3. Nymph Part 1Review by
    This is an expensive and overpriced knife there is no getting away from it. Ownership is hard to justify. You can spend less and get more for your money in other UK legal lives. Plus you won't have to worry about losing your cheaper alternative. Indeed, it would have been better to have scraped the neat pocket clip for a bloody great big pair of handcuffs!

    Spartan Blades make some excellent tactical knives and this knife is everything you would expect but in miniature. This actually makes quite a cool statement on it's own. It is as if it has walked into an exclusive club filled with Gentleman's folders proudly displaying mother of pearl inlays and file worked back springs and asked the William Henry behind the bar for a pint and a bag of scratchings! At this money, you'd expect it to wear a tie, but the Nymph doesn't see the need and has a different set of rules. (Sounds like Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte!)

    The knife arrives in a 'spartan' cardboard box more suited to a Buck 110 given ints size.
    It also comes in a 'spartan' drawstring bag. Again far to large.....the kind eBay sellers stick self made earings into. No certificate, no number (even Boker manage this gag!) and no feeling of exclusivity whatsoever. Oh, there is a sticker....the kind you see on lampposts telling you not to buy The Sun in Liverpool (quite bloody right too!)...
    (Posted on )
  4. Nymph Part 2Review by
    ....The knife itself is light, yet hefty and beefy. Smaller than a Chive but on steroids. Strong and dependable. Although the triangular hole makes the knife look like a small alligator when open it makes opening much easier. It makes perfect sense actually. It matches the geometric shapes subtly repeated around the whole design and actually gives a clue as to how much attention to detail has been put into the knife's party piece. The lock. The false flipper and the hole make opening this very robust and innovative lock much easier. And this is what this knife is about.....doing something a little differently but doing it so well it will work day after day after day, long after William Henry has shut the bar and the snobs have shuffled off to their drawers and safes. It's a knife for life.

    The lock itself is well documented on the net. It works and works very well much better than some traditional slip joints (yes you Falkniven, sweating in the corner of the bar with 
    a cider in yer hand)

    The Nymph, is made from premium materials and had outstanding fit and finish. Each knife will be unique and the tumbled  finish will develop it own patina over time. It will become your knife, unique to you very quickly. The finish encourages it to be used and not carried in a pocket case for fear of scratching. I think they could have squeezed in a little lanyard hole though. This would have also given a little bit more for the fat handed to play with.

    Ok so I bought one and the above could just be me justifying my lack of common sense on spending this much money on a knife with such a titchy blade. For a little bit more I could have bought a Sebenza with exactly the same materials and walked with my head high on any knife forum....
    (Posted on )
  5. Nymph Part 3Review by
    ....I bought this knife because I already have lots of UK legal folders which include all the usual suspects. I also have the usual drawer queens on display. I love small knives and bought this over a PITS because of it's tiny size. And as a collector I wanted something a little bit different. Of course, the cost keeps the riff raff away and I can afford it as long as my wife thinks it only cost 50quid. The knife looks of lower value to anyone who knows nothing about knives so this isn't a knife for show offs. Actually, this is a real 'stealth' knife for those of us who need to be discrete with our new toys!

    I hope I have painted a pretty decent picture of a unique little knife buddy you can one day hand down to the next generation. But before you do, give the Nymph a little sharpen. I really do like my little knives to be scalpel sharp and out of the box this was, to be frank, a disgrace! A 10 quid Rolson with comedy steel slices better. I must assume I have been unlucky but it's a pity to end my review with my final comment being so damming. Please don't let this put you off. Spartan usually pride themselves on usability in the field and choose materials to encourage edge retention, well, that's what he said on YouTube anyway.

    Thanks to the James Bond of Blades, Richard at HH and Julie who is undoubtedly Miss Moneypenny. Simply brilliant again.

    A 4 star review due to price (assuming you get a sharp one!)
    (Posted on )

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