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Spyderco Grasshopper

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UK Friendly

Spyderco Grasshopper

test 1Spyderco Grasshoppertest 2Spyderco Grasshoppertest 3Spyderco Grasshoppertest 4 Spyderco Grasshopper
test 1Spyderco Grasshoppertest 2Spyderco Grasshoppertest 3Spyderco Grasshoppertest 4 Spyderco Grasshopper
test 1Spyderco Grasshoppertest 2Spyderco Grasshoppertest 3Spyderco Grasshoppertest 4 Spyderco Grasshopper

Spyderco Grasshopper

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



Back Order Item

Please note that this item will be dispatched once in stock. We estimate that stock will be here in 4 – 6 Weeks


Spyderco Grasshopper

Spyderco Grasshopper



The Spyderco Grasshopper is one of the best selling UK-friendly carry knives that we sell here at Heinnie Haynes®.

Non-locking folding knives aren’t a new concept. They’ve been around for centuries without much change but continue selling among a sea of modern locking knives. The reason? While many knife buyers appreciate the traditional aspects of a non- locker, more want this type of knife because they live or work where laws prohibit carrying and using a locking pocket knife. Spyderco perceived a gap between traditional slipjoints and modern locking folders and created a product line called SLIPITS. SLIPITS offer reliable and sophisticated non-locking folders that open with one hand, have a finger choil for comfort and safety and are conveniently accessible.

As the overall SLIPIT line expands, a subcategory of micro-sized SLIPITS with stainless steel handles is populating within and Spyderco calls them Bugs. The first Bug was matter-of-factly named, The Bug. Its non-locking blade is just barely over an inch long. Next up, a two-inch blade called the HoneyBee followed by the release of a larger one yet, The GrassHopper.

The GrassHopper’s size is closest to that of a true penknife with its blade over two-inches. Its PlainEdge 8Cr13mov stainless steel blade stays open when you’re cutting, held by resistant pressure at the knife’s pivot area. GrassHopper handles are chamfered with no squared-off edges to dig or bite into a gripping hand. The handle is also stainless steel with a laser engraved Spyderco bug and enough blank area for a small amount of engraving or customization as jewelry or a gift item. Handle lanyard-hole welcomes a chain for wear around a neck or a keychain.


Code SC138P
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Spyderco
Blade Material: 8Cr13MoV Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 5.9
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.22
Closed Length (cm): 7.00
Overall Length (cm): 12.8
Blade Colour: Satin
Blade Type: Plain
Blade Shape: Upswept
Blade Finish: Satin
Grind: Flat
Handle Material: Steel
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: No
Product Weight (g): 39


  1. Great little knifeReview by
    This is a great little knife, very sharp out of the box, and even the box is high quality, I have other spiderco knives all much larger and they can all be opened with one hand, not so this one, it is just too small to get any leverage with your thumb. But that doesn't matter it is easy enough to open with two hands. Strong enough for jobs larger than it's size suggests.
    Hennie's service is of course second to none and I have been a customer for years.
    (Posted on )
  2. Great Knife at a bargain price!Review by
    The build quality of the knife is spot on, such at bargain at the price, delivery is also cheap and super quick! A* company and as the great Arnie once said “ I’ll be back! “ :D (Posted on )
  3. Spot onReview by
    Just what I wanted, small, sharp and useful. (Posted on )
  4. Reet petiteReview by
    I've had one of these jangling about on my keyring for years now, next to a Leatherman Micra, and the handle has acquired a sort of stonewash finish as opposed to the original brushed steel look, but it's not displeasing. The blade and slip joint are still perfect, and I use this knife often enough for everyday tasks to make carrying it around seem worthwhile. I prefer the Grasshopper to the Bug or Honeybee, which both seem too small to be useful, whereas the Grasshopper is a small but useful size, and yes, it looks like a real knife because it is one, so if you're nervous about frightening people by whipping it out in public, you should get a small Victorinox or similar. But if you feel like you need a more serious but still UK-friendly EDC carry, the Grasshopper is a very good option. (Posted on )
  5. BrilliantReview by
    Simple knife. Big and comfortable enough to use as an EDC. Typical Spyderco shaving sharp edge that holds well and sharpens well. The box it comes in even makes a nice little display. No complaints. (Posted on )
  6. Nice little knife but. ......Review by
    I knew this knife was small and that’s what I wanted. It turned out to be very slightly smaller than expected, and only just big enough to be practical for light duties such as parcel opening, string cutting, pencil sharpening and so forth. That said, it’s quite well made and nicely finished for the money. It’s just a shame that it wasn’t a fraction larger which would then make it truly practical.

    The one really outstanding aspect of this little knife is the sharpness of the blade straight from the box. Others have commented on this but I’ve often been disappointed and it seems that other people’s ideas of sharp is somewhat different to mine. Not in this case. It really is wickedly sharp and an example of what can be achieved on a factory edge. Some very expensive knives aren’t this sharp! I suspect that the steel may not hold this edge for too long but it should be easy enough to resharpen.

    Great service from HH again. Sometimes I wish they weren’t so good then I’d stop spending my money with them. Just ordered a Puma IP off them. :)
    (Posted on )
  7. Another great UK legal budget friendly knifeReview by
    A step up in steel quality from the Bug & Honeybee, nice size, solid construction. Mine sits in a jacket pocket. (Posted on )
  8. Great little knifeReview by
    My second purchase from Hennie and definitely won't be the last. Received again in super quick time! It's a great put in your pocket and forget knife, incredibly sharp out of the box, very well made and a useable size. If it had a pocket clip I'd say it was perfect. Have my eyes set on the tenacious next. (Posted on )
  9. Good quality, cheap enoughReview by
    As usual HH delivered next day when I bought my Grasshopper. Smart little knife razor sharp out of the box and kept a good edge, until I lost it and had to buy another! This one lived on a mini carabineer on my keys, until I lost that as well. I'm not ideally suited to very small knives so my EDC, letter opener etc is now a Boker Magnum Flatty which also came next day and scores 5*! (Posted on )
  10. Great buyReview by
    Ordered late afternoon, and received the next morning. Top marks to HH again.
    Now to the knife. For £20 notes, you can't go wrong. Ideal size to put on your key ring, and not so small to be a unusable novelty. Plus its a Spydy!
    (Posted on )
  11. Fantastic, small knife but not too smallReview by
    Was torn between the 3 small Spydercos but went for the largest. Not disappointed. The knife arrived truly razor sharp out of the box (within a couple of days of purchase!). It is absolutely beautiful and for the size seems really sturdy. Has a nice firm spring, no accidental closing here. I'm going to be carrying this everyday from now on. It's not too small for everyday use but is small enough to be totally inoffensive for EDC. (Posted on )
  12. great knifeReview by
    would deffo recommend solid little knife perfect for the jean pocket (Posted on )
  13. great quality......for price........??? hmmmmReview by
    for £23 (TOTAL). I think I would save more money to get a full scale handle....Very sharp knife with very sturdy 1 piece construction, so easy to cut self or have the blade close on your finger.

    You'd have much better control with a knife of a full scale handle
    (Posted on )
  14. grasshopperReview by
    A1 service as always , surprisingly good good grip for such a small knife , good edge with no sharp edges to wear out your pockets . i like it (Posted on )
  15. Very pleasedReview by
    Awesome little knife arrived razor shop. Has a nice weight and small enough to carry in my pocket without really noticing it's there. Very tempted to get another to keep in my car.

    Heinnie delivers again :)
    (Posted on )
  16. Fantastic knife for light dutyReview by
    I've had one of these for several years. I love it and it's my usual EDC knife when I'm about the house. It takes a very sharp edge, and it small and light enough to be put in a pocket and forgotten, but is large enough to do minor cutting.
    In recent months it has developed a very slight wobble to the blade, but as I've used it most days for years, I have absolutely got my money's worth and I can't complain.
    When my current one finally gives up the ghost I will definitely be buying another.
    (Posted on )
  17. Fantastic quality knife but I'm a little hesitant to get it out in public.Review by
    This knife is of excellent build quality with no movement in the blade when folded or unfolded. The slip joint is nice and strong - I've got no worries about it closing on my fingers. Extremely comfortable in my large hands. What's more the blade came out the box sharp enough to shave my arm hairs and slice through the invoice with ease. I can't seem to open it with one hand but I'm thinking maybe a drop of oil and a little more use will make it possible. The one big worry I have with this knife is that it just looks a bit too vicious to get out on a train and start slicing up an apple. I can't help but try to keep it out of sight while I'm using it in case it upsets anyone. I don't have this problem with my Victorinox Bantam Alox which is actually slimmer and lighter with a slightly larger blade and the addition of a bottle opener / screw driver tool and looks far less intimidating... the Victorinox will be remaining my EDC knife as I just don't ever have to worry about who's about when I get it out my back pocket. (Posted on )
  18. This bugs got teeth!Review by
    I wanted a small utility knife that I could have with me at all times. Living in the UK that means a slip joint with a sub 3 inch blade. I decided to go for a smaller knife that would not be out of place on a key chain but having large hands and long fingers I wanted something that would allow me at least a passable grip. This for me ruled out the smaller Honeybee and other micro knives from alternative manufacturers. This knife is large enough for me to get a good grip and with my keys on a small carabiner allows me firm retention whilst being small and light enough to not notice its presence with my keys in pocket.
    Quality of construction seems superb with no blade play, firm blade lock both extended and retracted and razor sharp out of the box.
    Excellent, fast dispatch and delivery next day with standard postage option.
    All that remains is to see how this little bug stands up over time but with Spyderco I am confident that this little hopper will be with me for a good long time.
    (Posted on )
  19. Incredibly Spyderco starterReview by
    This is an incredible knife. It was my first Spyderco and became my edc as it is UK legal. It cut through anything I needed from packages to rope and held the blade very well. Small enough to pop into a pocket you often forgot it was even there. I added a small paracord fob to the end which helped for grip and finding it in my pocket. It still will be my edc for more formal settings where small knife easily slips into a trouser pocket. But I just replaced it for everything else with a Spyderco Spy dk... Mainly for the pocket clip, and why this only gets 4 stars it could really use a small clip to make it excellent but the new clip it tools make up for that. (Posted on )
  20. Great valueReview by
    This is my first Spyderco, and I have to say I'm quite impressed. I've read reviews on this brand as a whole and they were very persuasive. I bought this to replace my small Victorinox Classic as the blade was too small.
    As mentioned by other owners, the knife came hair-shaving sharp out of the box. I have it on my keys, and I mostly use it to cut relatively thick cardboard at work. After about 3 days of constant use, the blade has dulled to the point where it won't slice through 5mm cardboard with a clean cut. This is a softer steel so touching up the blade requires no effort.
    The blade is a very decent size, not too large to be conspicuous, but large enough to get most jobs done. The handle is very comfortable with a 3-finger grip.
    The build quality is great, the all-metal construction really has no play and is solid, the heft is pleasant too. The hinge came a bit stiff at first, but after adding some WD40 and after a few days of use, it's turned very smooth.
    Overall I'm satisfied with this purchase. For the price, it's good value. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a small UK legal pocket knife.
    (Posted on )
  21. perfect uk legal EDCReview by
    Received item today very speedy service. The knife came hair popping sharp very pleased with this little knife. (Posted on )
  22. Great little knifeReview by
    Excellent knife that's literally razor sharp out of the box. (Posted on )
  23. Fantastic!Review by
    Shaving sharp, straight from the box, (the box, I might add, is also pretty cool itself). A little stiff to open but not a problem at all. Fits very well in the hand regardless of size. Fantastic little blade! I will definitely get more! (Posted on )
  24. Great knife super fast deliveryReview by
    Great knife and razor sharp out of the box. Excellent value for money and unbelievable service!
    10/10 guys!
    (Posted on )
  25. Friends at lastReview by
    In the unlikely event that anyone was worried about my fingers (see Oct '12 below), I can report that I still have the usual number, despite carrying this as an edc for more than two months. It is just lovely to hold, very secure when opened, and gets put to all sorts of use. The most manly thing to date has been peeling the Christmas potatoes and yes, I did just nick my thumb with that wicked-looking point. (Posted on )
  26. EDC win.Review by
    Bought this awesome knife for my Dad for Christmas. I had to have a quick look before I packed it away :) Super sharp with a strong backspring. I couldn't believe it was so cheap! (Posted on )
  27. Bit too scaryReview by
    I'm really in conflict about this little knife. I bought it as a treat for myself with no real purpose in mind, and I am very impressed by the solidity and build quality for the money. It opens beautifully (I can do it one-handed, though not as slickly as on some YouTube videos) and the blade is, yes... sigh, sharp enough to shave the hairs on the back of my hand. I really tried it and it really does. Against it, it has a rather lethal look and the point on the blade is truly wicked. I accidentally managed to slice through a thin lanyard with the back of the blade just by opening it. God knows what damage the sharp end could do. As an edc I'm not sure I don't prefer my trusty Victorinox Pocket Pal, which is only 22g (against the Grasshopper's 40g), has two blades and is just as well made without looking so, er... stabby. I am going to carry it for a few weeks and, if I still have 8 fingers and 2 thumbs by the end of the month, I will be happy to give it at least one more star. (Posted on )
  28. So SharpReview by
    The sharpest folder I've got out the box,and still holding.Blade shape is similair to the Para-Millie,cuts really well for its size,with a real pointy tip.Handle would benefit being a bit thicker. With a larger thumb hole and maybe even a pocket clip it could be opened one-handed.Still 5 stars, usual superb delivery from HH,long may it continue!! (Posted on )
  29. So SharpReview by
    The sharpest folder ive got out the box, and still holding.Blade shape is similair to the Para-Millie, cuts really well for its size, with a real pointy tip. Handle would benefit being a bit thicker. With a larger thumb hole and maybe even a pocket clip it could be opened one-handed. Still 5stars, usual superb delivery from HH, long may it continue!! (Posted on )
  30. Careful with apples!Review by
    Good little knife and well made too. Be careful as the steel is not fully stainless - forget to wipe it down after peeling an apple and it does etch badly. (Posted on )
  31. Kalum (Spyderco) PeachReview by
    This knife is the best one I own. The non locking blade is good and tight and will not close unless you hold it in an unsafe way. The knife has a nice weight because of the ss handle, it came very sharp and cut cleanly though paper. I would recomend this knife to anyone who wants to legally carry in the UK, it's my EDC for life. (Posted on )
  32. Perfect EDC knifeReview by
    I've had one of these on my keyring for over a year now and it's perfect.

    I had a Spyderco Bug first, but the bigger Grasshopper is much better. The exrta bit of size means you can do a lot more with it.

    It hold a great edge too, 30 seconds with a DC3 or DC4 and a quick strop and tha'ts it sharp for about a 2 or 3 weeks and I like my knives VERY sharp.

    It has a very useful point too. I've lost count the amount of times I've used it to make pilot holes in things.
    (Posted on )
  33. Spiderco GrasshoperReview by
    Small Sharp.

    Spyderco Quality.
    (Posted on )
  34. Brilliant EDCReview by
    This is a brilliant little knife it came razor sharp and the build quality is superb from china. The service was outstanding from HH and will be purchasing more. Brilliant product (Posted on )
  35. PerfectReview by
    Very good quality, shaving sharp out of the box. Perfect for EDC (my work colleagues think my Byrd Wings is a bit scary). I can't work out why this is not found in the UK legal section. Super fast free delivery - ordered 7pm Thursday evening, delivered Saturday morning. Thanks Heinnie. (Posted on )
  36. A lot of knife quality for your money!Review by
    If your looking for a sub-compact key chain knife, this is it! For the price the quality is excellent. Knife comes razor sharp and for a non-locking knife the blade is very secure when flipped. Only bad point is the blade steel, GET A SHARPENER, but tied a paracord loop around it, knotted it up and slip it into my jeans pocket, easy to reach and reliable! 10/10 ú14 Get one! Heinnie, service is unbelievable, Will be using many times again! (Posted on )
  37. cute little thing,Review by
    How fast ,wow, HH have this postage system sussed, very happy with the Spyderco , fits nice in the hip pocket and a nice alternative to my usual opinel #4, one hand opening pretty impossible without a zip tie mod, first class little pocket knife, Thanks HH. (Posted on )
  38. Spyderco grasshopperReview by
    First off the service from HH is faultless 10/10. The knife is just short of rubbish I have always loved Spyderco knives and have several but this is the worst of the lot. Slight movement in the blade when open very tought to open in the first place (2 hands needed). Made in China all over it NOT JAPAN as on my other spyderco's, yhe only reason i'm not sending them (X2) back is the size is perfect for the concealed carry I needed. (Posted on )
  39. Better off with a KiwiReview by
    I ordered this knife a week or so back for EDC carry. I already have a Stainless steel Kiwi, and got this knife as an alternative. I must say though I much prefer the Kiwi. It has a bigger handle and a much more positive open and close. It also feels a lot more secure on the open due to the design. If you only want one EDC I really would go for the kiwi. That having been said the build quality of this knife is good, especially for the money, plus it is another knife to my Spyderco collection!!!!! (Posted on )
  40. EDC friendlyReview by
    Good sharp knife with the ability to be legally carried. Beautiful finish and fit, no blade play whatsoever. Despite the grasshopper being produced in China the quality is superb! AND for the price it simply is fantastic. EDC this on my keychain so I've always have a sharp cutting tool to hand. GO ON FOLKS, GET ONE. {~_~} (Posted on )
  41. Jump to itReview by
    Awesome knife. A true beauty and so useful and legal. Buy one! (Posted on )
  42. Buy it, buy it now!Review by
    A week prior I bought the Spyderco Bug. Based purely on the quality of the Bug I bought the Grasshopper (and the Honeybee).

    Excellent quality. When I say that, it is not "given the price" excellent quality. Irrespective of price it is excellent quality. Shave sharp out of the box.
    (Posted on )
  43. Great little EDC!Review by
    I've carried this for about 4 months now, and I carry it when I'm going somewhere where people might be offended by my larger UKPK. For that I cannot fault this thing, its so much better than a SAK, and too small to scare anyone. Fantastic razor sharp little thing! (Posted on )
  44. Spyderco GrasshopperReview by
    Razor sharp knife, brilliant!
    As always, the customer service from this company is like none other, 10/10.
    (Posted on )
  45. Great Little Knife forthe money!!Review by
    Just purchased my first Spyderco knife as an edc and it's better quality than I thought.

    The lock is very strong, which can make opening a 2 handed affair, but it keeps it open quite securely.

    For the price I'd recommend you buy one. :)
    (Posted on )
  46. spikeReview by
    If it cost twice that it does I'd still be impressed. This is a proper little spydee! buy one. thanks HH (Posted on )
  47. Very pleasedReview by
    After losing my Case peanut (fool!) I wanted a slightly cheaper replacement that was UK legal to carry.

    I came across this knife, and can't be happier. It was dispatched on the same day, and delivered promptly (considering Christmas congestion...)

    It's small but won't get lost; has a sharp edge upon opening; and can just about be opened one handed (I'm not the most dextrous...)

    Great value, looks good, works well. What more can I say?

    I will be buying from here again!
    (Posted on )
  48. Small but MightyReview by
    My first purchase from Heinnie and it will not be my last, I was very excited to get my first spyderco and was amazed at how usable and attractive this knife is. Don't be put off by it's small size the Grasshopper is mighty ! (Posted on )
  49. GOOD FOR THE MONEYReview by
    Small, sharpe, perfect EDC and easy on the wallet. CHINA stamp on the blade is a little off putting. As long as it doesn't rust like my bug pretty good though impossible for me to open one handed. (Posted on )
  50. very niceReview by
    What a lovely little folder, got one for dad as a christmas present and am pleased that although its a Chinese jobby its high quality. Good solid spring and no rough edges, all in all usual spyder quality. Same goes for honeybee. (Posted on )
  51. awesome little uk legal knife.Review by
    Fantastic little blade, comes arm hair shaving sharp straight from the nice foam lined box, would make a perfect gift especially at this price.
    The blade is suprisingly big and excellent for cutting, the backspring is stiff and you can get a good grip for such a small knife, only problem is its hard to open one handed.
    (Posted on )
  52. why dont you have one yet?Review by
    At this price, then you'd be nuts not to own one of these. Great as an EDC knife on your keychain or a great gift. solid, sharp, shiny, UK legal etc. was the 1st knife i owned since i was a kid. I'm very happy with it and may get one for my good friend or brother for x-mas. (Posted on )
  53. Paddy from lutonReview by
    I cant disagree with the reviews above, in fact i must add that buying this knife is going to save the wear and tear on my other knives that have been used for tasks at work.!!
    solid little knife sharp too!!
    (Posted on )
  54. BarginReview by
    This knife may seem small but its surprisingly decently sized and UK legal if your like me and bought the UK legal spyderco 3" you will know it doesn't seem legal as its quite a wide blade shape.
    The Grasshopper is a quality knife and if your looking for a UK legal knife that you can have in your pocket and doesn't look or feel offensive this is a great knife to own and with Free P&P from heinnie you have a bargain.
    (Posted on )
  55. Well worth it !Review by
    Very happy with the knife , One of few knifes ive been impressed with the original grind and sharpness. Perfect EDC , Lightweight and well made , Nice snap lock with no play ! Bargain (Posted on )
  56. Bitten by the Spyderco bug..Review by
    Oh wow...the finish,grind,cutting and feel are exquisite, no other way to say it. I wanted this model since it was launched and SO glad I saved up and went for's Kylie,small but perfectly formed! (Posted on )
  57. The perfect Every day knifeReview by
    I've used mine every day since I bought it several months ago- it only needed a lick with a bladetech sharpener after spending an hour trimming cableties. Razor sharp, solidly built combining a useful blade length in an 'office friendly' package. Much less 'intimidating' to the non-knife users than a Delica or even a UKPK

    With practice you can even use the rather tiny Spyderhole for one handed opening. Brilliant.
    (Posted on )
  58. grasshopperReview by
    Awesome little knife comes hair shaving sharp out the box. Great service from heinnie. (Posted on )
  59. A MUST HAVEReview by
    this little spyderco is the best keyring knife i have ever owned it comes razor sharp straight out of the box,you do get some markings on the handle over time but i think this just adds to its appeal,for the money you really won't be dissapointed (Posted on )
  60. brilliant wee knifeReview by
    Absolute amazing value for money, been using it when l go fishing and for light tasks around the house and such. Precisely what a small knife like this should be used for, brilliantly sharp out of the box. I would be more than happy with this at double the price. (Posted on )
  61. My first SpydieReview by
    And definitely not my last. I'd always been put off with the prices of Spyderco stuff, so when this came along I decided to get one to see what all the fuss was about. I can see now why their knives are so popular. This is fantastic. Very very sharp right out the box, been using it in work for over a week now. Brilliant! (Posted on )
  62. Highly recommendedReview by
    Very good EDC for UK customers, easy to sharpen, paracord fits lanyard hole, slim design, very well made. (Posted on )
  63. GrasshopperReview by
    Great little knife for those EDC jobs like cutting string, paper, cloth and cardboard. Would get 5 stars if it could be opened one handed (it can be done but not very easy).Too small and frail for the heavier stuff like cutting rubber but a nice knife all the same. (Posted on )
  64. Thank you HHReview by
    Simply outstanding, solid construction and sharper than my San Mai III blades. A Spyderco for this price is a steal! Every man and woman should have one! (Posted on )
  65. Thank you HHReview by
    Simply outstanding, solid construction and sharper than my San Mai III blades. A Spyderco for this price is a steal! Every man and woman should have one! (Posted on )
  66. grasshopperReview by
    Excellent little knife! Comes razor sharp out of the box, fits well in your hand and not at all noticeable in you pocket. Highly recommended as a EDC or a backup knife. Once again fantastic service from heinnie came next day on standard delivery! (Posted on )
  67. niceReview by
    Very nice knife for the money, very sharp out of the box, will wait and see how the blade holds up to some abuse, cuts through paracord with ease!! (Posted on )
  68. Perfect little penknifeReview by
    Another top EDC slippy from Spyderco, this knife fills the gap between the 'novelty' (but very useful) bug, and the sometimes-intimidating UKPK.
    You won't be building a log cabin with this knife, but the needle thin point and flat ground blade makes short work of plastic packaging and cardboard, and is great for fine work- ie. all the things you *really* need a penknife for...
    (Posted on )
  69. A Good EDC Option!Review by
    There are very few UK legal carry knives that are very cheap, excellent quality and don't look like traditional penknives, and the Grasshopper is one of them! Big enough to be truly useful rather than ornamental (unlike the Bug and Honeybee) and the bigger Spydie hole makes it just barely a capable one-hand opener. The point is sharp and so is the blade, fits great on any keychain and it's very secure. Get one. (Posted on )

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