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StatGear Hygiene Hand

In Stock

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StatGear Hygiene Hand

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test 1StatGear Hygiene Handtest 2StatGear Hygiene Handtest 3StatGear Hygiene Handtest 4 StatGear Hygiene Hand

StatGear Hygiene Hand

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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StatGear Hygiene Hand

StatGear Hygiene Hand



New viruses are something we will all have to be aware of in our day to day lives in the future, so what better device to add to your EDC kit than the Statgear Hygiene Hand.

Made entirely out of brass, which is antimicrobial by nature, it was designed to offer a more germ-free way to open doors and use shared surfaces like checkout screens or ATMs by working as a stylus and button pusher in one.


Limited Edition: No
Brand: StatGear
Body Material: Brass
Overall Length (cm): 8.0
Product Weight (g): 28


  1. Good idea but...Review by
    Because of the virus touching things other people have touched such as ATM's, Door handles etc is something that should be avoided to prevent touching a contaminated surface (common sense i know). But most people are going to use this to touch possibly contaminated surfaces and put it straight back into their pockets thinking they are safe because they used this instead of touching the surface directly not realising this "higiene tool" is infected as soon as its come in contact with an infected surface. So unless you have some way of decontaminating this tool after each and every time you use it then this is a waste of money you are no better off using gloves or nothing at all if you are just sticking it back in your pocket without decontaminating it first which most people will do. So to sum it up don't buy this unless you can sterilise it after every use and know how to do it properly, otherwise simple disposable gloves are a better option for you. (Posted on )
  2. Would be 5 stars if it had a sheath.Review by
    This works well on most door handles, even the smaller yale type latches. I use it daily in my job as a fast food delivery driver. It often means I can enter a block of flats, use the lift and exit without physically touching anything, which reduces the amount of hand sanitiser that I use.
    Good for lifting lids on grubby wheely bins and depositing rubbish.
    I've tested it on Tesco, Sainsbury's and Lidl self checkout had some trouble on the Sainsbury's screen, which was overcome by holding the tool closer to its tip. Used it successfully on cash machines and many doorbells and lift buttons.
    It needs a small sheath ! Simply because whatever microbes are picked up on this tool, end up in your pocket. A small, easily sanitised, rigid plastic cover would be a useful addition.
    Beware of cheap copies, that are gold painted aluminium.
    Overall I find the tool useful and it will remain a permanent part of my EDC.
    (Posted on )
  3. What a great EDC tool !Review by
    I am a backer for the original project in a Kickstarter that got these funded. Seeing they were available at Heinnie I decided to get a few more as gifts.
    They are great! I am a vulnerable person with regards to Covid so I really find that the HH helps me consider my daily interactions. Whether it is entering a PIN number at the checkout of a supermarket or opening a door this device helps me to minimise prenatal contact with the virus.
    I guess this is an example of a tool created by necessity. Definitely recommended if you have concerns about this current our future pandemics. It definitely makes me feel safer as I wonder around on my occasional limited sprite from my home.
    (Posted on )
  4. Does what it saysReview by
    Great product. Have used it to sign on a screen, tap in pin on keypad. Works on door handles very well. Nicely made, I love brass products. (Posted on )
  5. Top Notch ServiceReview by
    Ordered 2 of these for me and my Wife. Impressed with the quality and construction of the product, attached to my keys and ready to use and I'm sure it will be indispensable!

    Top notch service from HH as always, especially so seeing as I ordered these yesterday at 4pm and they were in my mailbox at 10am this morning. Faultless.
    (Posted on )

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