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Svord Mini Peasant Sheath

Out Of Stock

Stock due in 6 Weeks +

Svord Mini Peasant Sheath

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Svord Mini Peasant Sheath

Out Of Stock

Stock due in 6 Weeks +



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Svord Mini Peasant Sheath

Svord Mini Peasant Sheath



The Svord Mini Peasant Sheath measures approximately 5" long x 1½" wide at opening. Designed to fit the Svord Mini Peasant knives. Brown suede construction with belt loop.


Code SV110
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Svord


  1. Used daily for 3 years nowReview by
    I baulked at the price of this when I bought it and have to admit, was a bit disappointed with how light it was when it arrived, seemed to be too floppy suede and the sort of thing you could knock up in an hour with a few quids worth of offcut leather and an awl.
    However, nearly three years on, of constant heard pocket use, it has formed itself into a solid but soft pocket sheath that fits the mini peasant perfectly with just enough pinch to ensure that the knife won’t fall out even when enthusiastically shaken upside down. Now it’s an essential part of my daily clobber.
    If, like me you prefer your peasant to be loose enough to open with one hand then it’s an essential safety device to ensure the knife doesn’t deploy in your pocket.
    Another very good reason to use it is it keeps the oil/Vaseline or whatever you use to keep your carbon steel in top condition off your clothes, essential when carrying in a suit etc.
    Not sure why a previous reviewer says that it only does the knife when the blade is open, it’s specifically designed for a folded Svord mini peasant. I suspect that he’s trying to use it with the full sized peasant.
    (Posted on )
  2. overpricedReview by
    simple, good piece of suede but overpriced in my opinion (Posted on )
  3. Knife fits nicely (when folded)Review by
    I just wanted to correct one of the previous reviews, that states the knife doesn't fit in when folded. I wonder whether the reviewer had a full size Peasant, rather than the Mini, as my knife fits the sheath perfectly when folded. The tang sticks out, but the entire handle slots in neatly. It's a nice firm fit.

    Not a bad piece of suede for the price, either. I'd definitely replace this if I lost it.
    (Posted on )
  4. For info onlyReview by
    Great little sheath for light use, just a bit of info, this sheath is designed to hold the knife only in the open position. The knife will not fit in when folded. (Posted on )
  5. Great little sheath!Review by
    Surprising quality for the price. It's quite thick and seems pretty tough stuff. It grips the knife tightly, so I put a hole in the tip of the sheath and wear it as a neck knife. It can also be worn on a belt. For the price it's a good sheath, and great for people like me who are not able to make their own.
    Top notch service from HH as always, flawless.
    (Posted on )

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