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Svord Peasant Knife

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Svord  Peasant Knife Black

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Svord Peasant Knife

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery

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Svord Peasant Knife

Svord Peasant Knife



Not just any old knife, but the B.W. Baker Peasant Knife. Such an old concept that it's new; so new that it's old. B.W. Baker, Master Cutler, felt that the idea of creating his latest knife range was calling to him from the past.
Using old fashioned methods and relying on the oldest low-tech methods, Svord proudly present their Peasant Knife.
What does it do? Well, it cuts. Sure, there are knives around today that sprout scissors, sawblades, an entire motor mechanic's tool kit, laser beams and micro cell phones. Such knives have lost the very reason for their existence - that's high- tech for you.
If you want a knife, a knife to cut things with, the Svord Peasant Knife is for you.
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Code SV133-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Svord
Blade Material: High Carbon Stainless
Blade Length (cm): 7.8
Blade Length: 7.8
Overall Length (cm): 22.0
Handle Material: Polymer
Lock Type: Non-locking
Pocket Clip: No


  1. Excellent alternative to a MoraReview by
    Ok, first off, if you like in the UK and you want an edc penknife from Svord, buy the mini peasant instead, it’s a superb edc and has been mine for 3 years now.

    However, if you want a larger blade then the original full sized one is a good option but it is too large for our draconian edc laws.

    I have three of these, all polypropylene handles (don’t waste your time with the metal handle, they are riveted not screwed and as a result can’t be disassembled for cleaning or to set the tension) they are great camping knives and I prefer them to my Mora for campfire and camp kitchen duty, here’s why:

    1/ like the mora they are functional and easy to maintain, they are also brightly coloured which means, when laid down next to the fire, they are easy to spot meaning you don’t kneel/ tread on them.
    2/ the blade shape is better for kitchen tasks especially spreading, something most tool knives are hopeless at
    3/ because they fold it means you tend to fold them when not actually using them, whereas the Mora, mid rabbit:fish/sausages on campfire tends to send a lot of time out of its sheath and left or dropped when emergency intervention is required to rescue food from burning etc.

    So the folding , easy to clean and easy to spot all combined with a blade that is quite frankly superb , make these my go to camp beaters.

    One of these knives spends its time permanently open in our kitchen knife block, the blade shape and balance make it superb for vegetable preparation, slicing, chopping and its sharp enough and robust enough for butchering and disjointing.
    (Posted on )
  2. Perfect Neck KnifeReview by
    Greatly pleased with this knife. It was paper cutting sharp out of the packet. I shoot black powder rifles and wild camp with my son. It will cut patches for lead ball on the muzzles of my several rifles, as well as undertaking most camp chores other than chopping branches, which can do with my heavy bladed Condor. Also, the hole in the tang is perfect for a leather neck lanyard, thus no carry problems. The leather lace can also be wound around the knife when open to increase both grip and safety. I am wearing it now as I write. I shall reduce the cutting edge length at the back of the blade by a few millimetres to make it conform to our idiot UK knife law.

    Richard, the HH Manager, was extremely helpful and kind during this transaction - an exchange - which resulted from the return of another faulty knife, a Friday folder. As always delivery was 'supernatural. I'm getting a bit worried about my addiction to the company's website. I think I will wake-up one morning with HH stencilled on my forehead.
    (Posted on )
  3. Fantastic VFM and an absolutely great all round purchaseReview by
    Awesome bit of New Zealand funkiness.

    The mini is a safer/legal UK EDC but this is just such a great knife. You really should get one. If you do you will not be disappointed.

    If you have yet to learn how to properly sharpen a knife you may have some concerns about blade condition on arrival. It is a bit rough 'out of the box' but the underlying steel is very good indeed.

    Sort out your ability to sharpen/maintain good steel like this and you will never need another blade. The Svord Peasant really is that good.

    I already had the mini version, my EDC and very unlikely to be shunted out unless I win a decent lottery prize.

    If I had to choose one non-locking EDC it should be the Pheasant Mini. The standard Peasant is better in almost every way other than size. Just a little to big for UK daiily carry. Bums.

    ps even though this is one of my absolute favourites, please do check out the Mora Eldris. I love that little fixed blase beaut just a tiny bit more ... soz Svord


    (Posted on )
  4. The pleasant Peasant...Review by
    Bought this out of curiosity. And because of the good reviews. It looks rather utilitarian in basic black. And despite the hand-filling handle, it is not too heavy. As the blade is just over 3” from handle to tip of the blade, it is not for EDC unless you want to shorten the blade a tiny bit; I would prefer not to. So, this one stays at home. The Mini version was purchased some time after trying the full size Peasant. Easier to EDC, you see.

    Everything about this model is well designed and of a sensible size. The edge was in good condition upon arrival. Light honing and stropping quickly brought it to tip-top sharpness.

    The adjustable tension is a nice feature; open or closed there is just the right amount of secure grip.The plastic is durable and free from concerns of moisture retention, compared to an ‘as is’ Opinel where an unintentional dunking can lead to the wood handle swelling and seizing the blade. Unless you strip and refinish your Opinel inside and out. That really does help matters. I used tung oil, in several thin coats applied and allowed to completely dry over a few evenings.

    But the Peasant in its plastic livery avoids all of this. And it can be easily operated with one hand. The simple construction means that it can be taken apart for cleaning and maintenance and reassembled in just a few minutes.

    All in all this is a very good basic friction folder, comfortable and convenient to use. Well recommended. Very quick delivery from HH, too. Cheers!
    (Posted on )
  5. Unique.Review by
    My son gave me a Svord peasant on his return from NZ, I had never handled this type of knife before, thought they were not for me, however, now I have one I can't put it down. It looks as rough as a badgers bum but boy is it sharp. (Posted on )
  6. Why buy complicated and fiddly when you can have a Svord?Review by
    Got this knife in my pocket right now as I type. Have carried and used it daily since getting it. One thing I really like: its peasant simplicity. Doesn't require any fine motor skills. No fiddly/delicate/jammble mechanism.

    Have more or less severe arthritis, and usually use this with my non-dominant hand which is less affected. Can open it by levering the tang against my meaty thigh/backside,/other arm, table, chairback etc. I have lots of other folders that I like:: victorinox swiss champ/mini champ/treker, opinels etc. But they are far less manageable nowadays as you can imagine.

    Definitely going to get a Mini Peasant, and maybe a Heavy Peasant as well. Great kinves, and great service, from Heinnie(that goes without saying, but I keep saying it anyway:)).
    (Posted on )
  7. Great blade, rubbish constructionReview by
    I bought one of these with a metal handle a few years ago and whilst you won't get a better blade for the money, the metal handle was rubbish because unlike the plastic and wooden handles I see here. held together with Chicago screws,, the metal handle was riveted and was so tight it needed both hand and a fair bit of force to open, which rather defeats the purpose when you want a one handed blade that's great for gardening. So the fact that I had to drill out the rivets and reconstruct it totally put me off the company. I know that you get construction flaws in almost every batch of anything, but you expect them to manifest after a bit of use not to leave the factory unfit for use. Their quality controller must have been really disgruntled to let the knife I got onto the market.

    Bottom line: exceptional piece of steel that takes and keeps an edge beautifully, and now I've made it into a decent knife I love it, but really unimpressed with the company. I simply can't imagine Cold Steel or Schrade, Spyderco, CRKT, or any of the half dozen other brands I've bought from Heinnie EVER allowing a single item of their inventory to leave the factory in an unusable condition. An unacceptable oversight for any company that wants to be taken seriously in a market where many of us are at least semi-specialist in our knowledge of both blades and knife construction.

    Utterly flawless service from Heinnie though - one of the single best companies in the world without question.
    (Posted on )
  8. Simple and practicalReview by
    The great thing about these is their simplicity. It's just two bits of plastic or wood, a couple of bolts and a blade. Very little to go wrong and effectively locks through friction to the point where you're in no danger of it shutting on your fingers. This makes them strong. I was caught in a mountain Bothy last week with just this knife and the metal part of an old shovel as tools and some logs for a fire. I managed to split the logs bashing the knife with the spade-head. It took a while but worked and the knife is unharmed. Most fancier knives would be ruined. So I consider it a workhorse of a knife. You ain't gonna break it and you don't need to worry about it as it already looks rough and ready. (Posted on )
  9. Excellent bang for buck (or quid)Review by
    Excellent knife, much larger than expected with a decent heft but lightweight at the same time due to the handle. It was not the sharpest out of the box, but it is good quality steel for the price and takes an excellent edge once honed.
    Definitely recommend to anyone who wants a good work knife or something they don't have to worry about. It's no nonsense and thats why it's great.
    (Posted on )
  10. What a knife! At this price?!Review by
    What a great knife! More substantial than you imagine, its capable of some proper use. It is such a practical tool, easy to sharpen, clean and handle, even with gloves or cold hands. My whole family own them and for the money, there is no finer cutting tool. These would be a bargain at £40! Bare in mind these are New Zealand made, all in house at Svord - the archetypical blokes in a shed setup, not some mass produces Chinese effort. (Posted on )
  11. SvordReview by
    I ordered this knife Friday at 4pm it was here Saturday at 1045am well pleased with HH fast as f@?k amazing delivery. Well for the knife, it's popping hair on my arm so I say its sharp going to take it apart and make it look all cool with the carbon fiber I have, grind lines are not perfect but it's a cheap knife we can live with that and it's getting a pimp job on it anyway so in all I am happy as i always am with HH thank you guys (Posted on )
  12. Nice knife, Good valueReview by
    First off once again HH delivery speed is amazing.

    Little bit stiff to open from new but use it a little belore adjusting the tension as after a day or so if was just fine, almost as if it needed a little time to bed in.

    Have always liked the forged look that this blade comes with.

    Did need a couple of swipes over a ceramic stone just to get it really sharp.

    Like it enough that I'm likely to buy the wooden handled one sometime as well.
    (Posted on )
  13. Wow, shave sharp!Review by
    Wow, this was not what I expected I thought little pocket knife but it is the size of a Bushcraft fixed blade knife when opened. on checking the blade if found unlike a lot of other people that mine to be a scary sharp out of the box I could have shaved with it, if they have now upgraded the edge finish then this knife is now amazing! (Posted on )
  14. 2nd Peasant - but lower qualityReview by
    This is the third peasent knife I have owned and one of many I have seen and handled and I have to say the quality seems much lower than in the past. The finish of the blade was rough, the tip chipped and the eye on the arm still had a lot of rough metal around it ............. lastly and most disappointing was the edge which was spotted with rust and duller than ed miliband ------ however as a plus, once the edge was re-sharpened and cleaned up the overall knife is/was as good as any I had owned/seen before. (Posted on )
  15. good knifeReview by
    Hair popping sharp out of the box and next to no play between blade and handle, what more could you ask for at this price? (Posted on )
  16. Awesome knife for…Review by
    Awesome knife for the price. Due to its design it can withstand some pretty hefty tasks, and is easy to strip, clean and maintain.

    The pressure of the handle to the tang or blade to hold open or closed is easily adjustable by the rear screw, and the tightness of the pivot is adjustable also. Perfect for getting it just how you want it.

    Very easy to use and deployable with one hand, you can use it in much the same holds as a cut-throat razor, due to its similar tang/handle configuration.
    (Posted on )
  17. ImpressedReview by
    This thing is very impressive. After a few minutes on the strop, the knife is extremely sharp and the design is so, so simple and yet effective. (Posted on )
  18. Cheap, useful, a bit too rough...Review by
    The Peasant comes with this almost unique feature, the protruding tang, which is a reliable locking mechanism, without being a "locking" mechanism.

    I had to polish the blade and sand a bit the handles to make it look just decent. The sharpening was awful, but Saint Lansky took care of it.

    Anyway, it wasn't advertised as a collectors gem, so I can't complain.
    (Posted on )
  19. Good Knife. Excellent serviceReview by
    This knife may be at the cheaper end of the scale but there is nothing cheap about the quality. Just the job as an everyday carry. Good edge retention. Hennie always get the goods to you when they say they will. (Posted on )
  20. legenReview by
    Looks cheap, feels cheap, it is cheap, and it will outperform or equal any similar blade of any other knife maker regardless of price, if you use knives alot or are even remotely interested in them, you cant go wrong with this. Simple. Recommend visiting the Svord website as its funny and informative as well. (Posted on )
  21. Good tool!Review by
    I am enjoying using this knife. It reminds me of past times, before we (I!) became over-conscious of brand names, marketing and trademarks.
    The knife is light in weight, holds a keen edge and is robust enough for daily use.
    At the price, this one is hard to beat.
    With the colour choices available, it's also pretty hard to lose!
    (Posted on )
  22. Good value KnifeReview by
    This knife is not a fancy collectors knife, but at this price I may collect all the colours. The blades finish could be better but again at this price who cares. It would make a good little bushcraft knife and I hope svord make a version with a slightly shorter uk legal blade.Easily deserves 5 stars for value. I love this knife! (Posted on )

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