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TAD Gear Fast Pack Scout Multicam Alpine

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TAD Gear Fast Pack Scout Multicam Alpine

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TAD Gear Fast Pack Scout Multicam Alpine

In Stock

Available for Delivery

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TAD Gear Fast Pack Scout Multicam Alpine

TAD Gear Fast Pack Scout Multicam Alpine



This special edition is made using light and resilient Dimension-Polyant X50, which is 500 denier CORDURA® nylon hydrostatically bonded to X-Pac™ Ripstop Polyester, yielding an extremely abrasion resistant, waterproof, tear resistant fabric. YKK® Uretek® water-resistant zippers contrast against the MultiCam® Alpine fabric and help to keep stored gear dry.

This pack has been brought to life in the TAD Gear Foundry. Built to explore the boundaries of imagination, Foundry is their forge for special fabrications, unique colourways, and product experiments. These limited batch projects are an exciting opportunity to bring unique variations or experimental products to the community. All too often, cool and interesting configurations don't see the light of day. TAD Gear want to change that. Foundry items may utilise limited availability materials, and there will be limited quantities available.

The FAST Pack Scout combines the ruggedness and modularity of the FAST platform with the weight and agility of a minimalist summit pack. At 15 liters in volume and 1 kilogram in weight, the Scout's agile profile and flexible storage options make it the perfect companion when you need to move fast.

Compact and capable, the Scout features a full-clamshell main compartment and a versatile full-depth 3D admin pocket. Despite its sleek exterior, the Scout retains compatibility with the FAST Transporter Tails for end-user adaptability. A full-depth, inverted front pocket can stow a Transporter Tail when not needed, and allows gear segregation and swift access. Internally, an integrated mesh hydration sleeve and a full-height zippered mesh pocket provide flexible storage options for daily carry gear.

Rugged construction and modular adaptability are the foundation of the FAST platform, helping you conquer the routine, the unexpected and everything in between. Combining the best of military design and mountaineering ergonomics, FAST Packs are built to be your trusted companion for adventures close to home or missions far away.


The sleek exterior is compatible with FAST Transporter Tails, supporting additional storage and compression, as well as providing an optional PALS platform. Internal hanger tabs allow for the attachment of additional accessories such as our Control Panel 1. The Scout includes a removable 1" stability belt.


Made with a unique high pressure nitrogen gas solution process, aerated closed cell foam padding aids in superior shock protection and comfort. Polyester and nylon mesh aid in ventilation on the shoulder straps and back panel of the pack. The mesh also creates a softer surface to decrease wear and tear on your apparel. Engineered suspension geometry and a HDPE framesheet enable the pack to ride higher on your back. Load lifters allow the load to be pulled into the body for maximum comfort.


Sized to fit a wide range of torso lengths comfortably and minimize interaction with gear worn around the waist.


Limited Edition: Yes
Brand: TAD Gear
Dimensions (cm): 25.4 x 42.2 x 10.2
Materials: 500 denier CORDURA® nylon and X-Pac™ Ripstop Polyester
Volume (ltr): 15
Product Weight (g): 1100
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


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