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Tec Accessories P7 Suspension Clip

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Tec Accessories P7 Suspension Clip

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Tec Accessories P7 Suspension Clip

In Stock

Available for Delivery

From: £11.95
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Tec Accessories P7 Suspension Clip

Tec Accessories P7 Suspension Clip

From: £11.95


The P-7 Suspension Clip is THE answer to the common problem of large keyring items sitting at the bottom of your pockets...also known as "key fob bulge". That's right, those great new multi-function key fobs that contain RF chips and large batteries are great when it comes to opening your vehicle doors, setting the alarm, etc., but are not very convenient when it comes to carrying them around. It seems like they are getting larger every year. And it's not just key fobs, it's any of those other necessary items you need for Every Day Carry (EDC). Small flashlights, pocket knives, thumbdrives, they all add up to make a nice big lump at the bottom of your pockets. Not only does it look strange, but it also wears out the material around the bulge adding to the problem.

Enter the P-7. It clips onto the top edge of your pocket, allowing anything clipped to it to be suspended part way into your pocket. So you can put large items like your key fob onto the P-7 and keep them separate from the rest of the items at the bottom of your pocket. This is an excellent solution for a key fob with an RF chip which allows you to open your vehicle door by just touching the door handle. No need to pull the fob out of your pocket, just let it hang there! And the clip is very discrete, only the outer fold of the clip is visible so it's barely noticeable.

It's not just a cure for pocket bulge, you can also clip it to the top edge of a purse or interior purse compartment so you always know where your keys are. Just pull it up and your keys (or other important items) are conveniently attached. No more digging around the bottom of your purse. You can find may uses for the P-7 Suspension Clip, just use your imagination!


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Limited Edition: No
Brand: Tec Accessories


  1. Your little P7, EDC heaven!Review by
    This tiny clip revolutionised how I carry stuff. I used it on a few items before settling on a Victorinox Alox Cadet. Fine and handy clipped to a pocket. Then, on a whim, clipped inside my trousers waistband, with the Vic dangling out of sight by my hip. This truly freed my pockets up.

    But there was a problem. The Cadet wasn't always flat against me, so there was an occasional comfort issue. Worse, normal daily activity sometimes made the clip gradually wiggle off the waistband. The solution was really simple.

    Adding a second Vic small key ring, identical to the one already on the Cadet, was the answer. Like adding a link to a chain. The Cadet now sits flat, discrete and comfortably in place. And thanks to the extra key ring, it stays obediently on the waistband until it is needed.

    Inspired by this modest achievement, some experimentation followed with similar EDC things. A larger SAK can feasibly be clipped in similar fashion, even the robust Vic Farmer. One bit of advice on that; use a short lanyard for more comfortable carry.

    These events eventually led to a second clip, and a few trials before settling on a small Leatherman multitool.

    With a bit of imagination and experimentation, new ways to tote your EDC will evolve. Fun and practical. Try a new method indoors before venturing out into the world. It is so much easier to locate absconded items within the more familiar limits of one's domicile.

    I won't bore you with a list of attempted deployments of the P7 which were ill-advised; soon abandoned.

    For men or ladies, the P7 is great for adding convenience and reducing clutter. P7 clips are nice for backpacks or carry on luggage too.

    Use it within its limits. The attachment materials must not be too thick or too thin. Again, try it thoroughly at home first. Don't be put off by the tiny size. They really do work! There are cheaper versions available, knock offs, really. In my experience the original P7 is the best in its class. And they make excellent gifts, too.

    HH, thanks again!
    (Posted on )
  2. Bye bye bulging pocketsReview by
    When I got those I was surprised of their size like most people, there really are small, but in fact it works for them.. They are very discrete and almost add no weight or bulk themselves.
    They do what they are supposed to, keep stuff from bulging up at the bottom of your pocket.
    Great for keys, car fobs and things like small flashlights and SAK's

    +:Great quality, great finish, they do the job, no 'pocketkillers' like many other pocket clips, discrete

    -: price is a bit steep (henceno 5*)
    (Posted on )
  3. Read the reviewsReview by
    Jesus, that really is tiny. The split ring is a nightmare to fit for human sized hands (I wrecked a nail and woke the dog up when it did a flyer and bounced off the the hounds nose).
    Still its exactly whats needed.
    Service as always great from Heinne, but hey taxes whats that all about?
    (Posted on )
  4. Awsome but very expensive.Review by
    These clips are very small, they come with the tiny keyring loop (pictured) and a Stainless Steel Snap Ring (

    If these clips were £4 each they'd be a 5 star item. If you know what you're going to put on them they are incredibly useful. I have my car key on one, all my other keys on another, and I have a Boker Subcom on a third one (the clip on the Subcom sucks big time). I can't imagine going back to just having my keys sitting in the bottom of my pocket getting all tangled up and wearing holes in my pockets, this thing keeps my keys neat and tidy and makes getting them out of my pocket a dawdle.

    I'm going to give this a 4 out of 5, largely because someone else gave it 3 out of 5 and I feel it should be a 3.5 out of 5, but the low rating really comes down to the price for these things, they are truly fantastic, it's just that they're so damn expensive!
    (Posted on )
  5. Tiny......................Review by
    Whoa,for £9 this is tiny.Seriously this thing is the size of a paper clip (barely 4cm long )
    only reason gave a 3 was because what little there was quality seems ok.
    Save your money on this one,way better out there for the price.
    Unless i've missed the obvious thought Heinnie might of mentioned the specs for this price.
    (Posted on )

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