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Thyrm PyroVault Lighter Armour

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Thyrm PyroVault Lighter Armour

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test 1Thyrm PyroVault Lighter Armourtest 2Thyrm PyroVault Lighter Armourtest 3Thyrm PyroVault Lighter Armourtest 4 Thyrm PyroVault Lighter Armour
test 1Thyrm PyroVault Lighter Armourtest 2Thyrm PyroVault Lighter Armourtest 3Thyrm PyroVault Lighter Armourtest 4 Thyrm PyroVault Lighter Armour
test 1Thyrm PyroVault Lighter Armourtest 2Thyrm PyroVault Lighter Armourtest 3Thyrm PyroVault Lighter Armourtest 4 Thyrm PyroVault Lighter Armour
test 1Thyrm PyroVault Lighter Armourtest 2Thyrm PyroVault Lighter Armourtest 3Thyrm PyroVault Lighter Armourtest 4 Thyrm PyroVault Lighter Armour
test 1Thyrm PyroVault Lighter Armourtest 2Thyrm PyroVault Lighter Armourtest 3Thyrm PyroVault Lighter Armourtest 4 Thyrm PyroVault Lighter Armour
test 1Thyrm PyroVault Lighter Armourtest 2Thyrm PyroVault Lighter Armourtest 3Thyrm PyroVault Lighter Armourtest 4 Thyrm PyroVault Lighter Armour

Thyrm PyroVault Lighter Armour

In Stock

Available for Delivery

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Thyrm PyroVault Lighter Armour

Thyrm PyroVault Lighter Armour



Up-armour your classic Zippo lighter with the Thyrm PyroVault Lighter Armour - a sealed enclosure with  webbing clip and sure-grip surfaces. Finally, your favourite lighter can keep up with you wherever you go.


  • Housing accepts standard Zippo-style lighter inserts including both fluid and butane torch models (lighter not included).
  • O-ring seal keeps the elements out and minimizes evaporation
  • Low-profile MOLLE/PALS webbing clip
  • Spring loaded cap for one-handed operation
  • Made of rugged, heat-resistant reinforced polymer
  • Available in Black, Olive Drab and Rescue Orange


Code TACT-PV002-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Thyrm
Dimensions (cm): 5.3 x 5.8
Product Weight (g): 16
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


  1. good bad but not ugly!Review by
    looks awesome, (i got the orange), way to expensive, but thats never stopped me getting knives so wont stop getting me getting EDC stuff either.
    had it a week lid wouldn't release on the spring?
    on closer inspection the inside lip that meets the rubber seal was scuffed up a tinny bit so was sticking ?
    with a few very very careful passes with the diamond file on the leatherman and even more care with edge of the knife sorted problem, and now it works fine again
    now you could put that down to user error as maybe i haven't been depressing the catch fully to open and close? (bare that in mind, if you get one?)
    HOWEVER ! at over 30 sovs i want my EDC to be able to put up with use and maybe a little abuse? (not that i expect it to be driven over without a scratch ! but put up with the rigours of life?) PYRO yes, but VAULT it aint? will it last the test of time? i doubt it? is it water tight no! does it look cool as ? of course it does! worth the dough probably not ? will it stop me getting more shiny stuff again ? NO !
    (Posted on )
  2. Does not fit Zippo butane torch modelsReview by
    I have a Zippo double torch butane insert - model Z8B19.

    The body of the lighter fits snugly into the case but the cap cannot close.

    The lighter torch housing is just slightly too tall for this case and fouls the roof of the cap, so it cannot close properly. I reckon the cap needs to be about 2mm taller for these types of Zippo inserts.
    (Posted on )
  3. Does NOT fit all Zippo butane modelsReview by
    Beware, the cap does not close with certain Zippo butane torch models. As such it renders the product useless as a protective case.

    I have the Zippo double torch butane model - Z8B19.

    The body of the lighter fits snugly into the case but the torch housing is too tall and therefore fouls the cap so it cannot close.

    (Posted on )
  4. Revised reviewReview by
    Made a review on this last year. I do agree more now with some of the other more negative comments. It really needs a flat base and also beware that if you light it at the wrong angle it's easy to set fire to it's self. (Posted on )
  5. Quite good reallyReview by
    It is quite pricey. Could do with a flat base as it's easy to knock over. All that being said it still works after a month after being filled. You still get a wind proof lighter that's hard to blow out. I have an Exotac titan lighter and side by side the Zippo insert is the last one to blow out. (Posted on )
  6. Great Concept, Poorly Made Review by
    I thought it was time I wrote a review for this as I’ve been using mine for a year or so. The title says it all, really. Firstly, the rubber o-ring seemed to distort and the lid no longer flipped open. This was after a couple of months. I removed and cleaned it, not that it was dirty, and it made no difference. Then the lid stopped moving at all and I had to manually lift it up. I removed the lid to find on of the springs had failed as well. So now I have a cool ‘looking’ lighter cover but it’s functionality has all but completely failed. It’s a shame as it could be so good’s poor. The only good thing was the service I received from HH with their really fast delivery. Maybe Thyrum will release an updated version at some point! (Posted on )
  7. Good but expensiveReview by
    I mainly bought it to avoid the petrol to evaporate too quickly. It seem to do the job but for the price I was expecting better Quality. (Posted on )
  8. Acceptable, but not recommended.Review by
    This case is undeniably expensive for what it is and I agree with the other reviewer who suggested it not be relied upon in critical circumstances - It’s waterproofness relies on a very primative unsecured seal and the case and lid would, in my opinion, break quite easily if subjected to even fairly mild rough handling.
    It is not immediately apparent, either, that a Zippo lighter will not fit in the case, only a Zippo insert. The case therefore replaces the Zippo metal body, thereby removing one layer of (metal) protection and substituting a less-then-rigid plastic shell in it’s place. The spring and hinge do not inspire confidence and donot feel as though they will last.
    I bought this as a stocking-filler for my son, an enthusiastic kayaker, but in purely practical terms I’d suggest a resealable freezer bag would be at least as waterproof, allow the lighter to retain it’s metal body and cost next to nothing.
    In defence of Heinne Haynes they have displayed reviews that point much of this out, so to seek a refund when I was warned seems unreasonable.
    (Posted on )
  9. meeehReview by
    I've been using this out in the field, it has two springs and two pins which in my view will only fail over time ( pin at button to spring it open already coming out). The spring that's responsible for the latch to open doesn't fully open the lid away from the flame ( you can physically push it open another 1cm after it's popped open), so if using to light fires in wind etc the flame can scold and burn the plastic lid rendering it useless as the lid will then not meet to the rubber rand. What gets me twisted about this product is I've inserted brass zippo inners into it and it has a 2mm gap between the lighter and the plastic 'armour' casing at the corners inside, which acts as a nice vapour vent..., plus once you open it the latch gets in the way of you using the lighter/flint striker, not to the point of unusable but to have a product that makes something annoying to use, try striking your zippo in pure freezing cold with a plastic latch in the way..... in my opinion the casing should be made out of metal, have a pull off cap (with a tether to the main body) and do away with the pins and springs and annoying latch making this a much more viable 'armoured' lighter. Even right out the pack with the lid closed you can wiggle, lift and push the lid 1mm, this will only get weaker over time. This product may be slated as lighter armour but that doesn't mean its up for a proper battering - typical outdoor use. It's a product that needs more developing. (Posted on )
  10. A bit pricey but great idea.Review by
    I couldn't resist buying one of these as it's a great idea and although a bit pricey for what is essentially a small plastic case, it's uniqueness and practicality drew me in.

    Although it doesn't claim to be submerge-proof I thought I'd try it anyway so I held it underwater while turning it to find any leaks. Unfortunately some small bubbles did begin to escape from the front where the clasp holds the lid suggesting water ingress and indeed a small amount did get in. It seems the front doesn't clamp down hard enough to form a water-tight fit, at least on mine. I believe a slightly thicker o-ring would make the seal tight enough to be more than just a guard against rain and evaporating fuel, which it does do a great job at.

    As well as a standard Zippo insert which fits perfectly in the case, I also bought a Thunderbird butane insert by Vector to turn this into an awesome little butane lighter that will always be ready to go when you need it.

    I did take a star off for price and not 100% passing the submerge test, although that may be unfair as it never claims to be able to but as I mentioned, I think they could make it completely waterproof with a more substantial o-ring.
    (Posted on )
  11. Awesome.Review by
    I feel I have to write something about this just so others will be in the know. I fully filled my Zippo and placed it in the Thyrm case. Currently it has gone beyond 3 weeks on the same fill. I have no doubt that it will make 4 weeks, which will be this Friday coming. I have used it once per day, just lighting it and putting it back in my pocket. Amazing product and well worth the money in my opinion. From my experience a Zippo will normally last about a week without needing a re-fill. The Thyrm case seems to make it go on forever. highly recommended. Plus speedy delivery by HH as always. (Posted on )

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