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TOPS Hoffman Harpoon Mini

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TOPS Knives Hoffman Harpoon Mini

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TOPS Hoffman Harpoon Mini

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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TOPS Hoffman Harpoon Mini

TOPS Hoffman Harpoon Mini



Terrill Hoffman is an International Hunter and Photographer. Founder of `PWYP` Practice What You Preach, the Outdoor Survival Outings company.

The new TOPS/Hoffman harpoon "offers a unique multi purpose survival tool much like those carried by the stone age hunters. it is a useful piece of survival cutlery, worn in its neck sheath, it is always with you.

"Crafted from quality steel and comfortable to use, it fills the niche the small knife occupies in the woodsman's kit. the Hoffman Harpoon is reminiscent of that earlier time when every tool had to be a multi tool" Dan Shectman... Tactical Knives Magazine.


Limited Edition: No
Brand: TOPS
Blade Material: 1095 High Carbon
Blade Length (cm): 6.3
Overall Length (cm): 14.0
Handle Material: Cord
Blade Coating: Black traction Coated


  1. Good EDCReview by
    I bought this as an everyday carry knife for work, as a replacement for a folding knife.

    I have had it for about two months now and have used it pretty much every day both in the workshop and on oil rig across the UK and Poland.

    The epoxy coating is un-chipped despite the spine being used to scrape labels off hard steel surfaces.

    Initially I thought that the angle of the edge was a little too steep and it wasn't that sharp out of the box but a little bit of a touch up was all it needed. The durability of the edge and steel quality is excellent and I have only had to touch up the edge twice.

    It is quite small in your hand, but fits very well and can be controlled well.
    I am quite impressed with the quality of the neck sheath. It's solidly built and holds the knife well.

    In conclusion it is an excellent little knife and I much prefer it to a folding knife as it is more accessible and easy to use wearing gloves.
    (Posted on )
  2. sporty wee knive!Review by
    Probably not the most practical of knives for cutting big stuff but holds a good edge, light weight, like the primitive look and feel to it. I have used it to make traps, make fire and prepare game. You can make it into a proper harpoon, but I will do that only when I have too, as I dont want to loose it! Bad points: the sheath, would prefer it to be more secure, but is still functional. The handle may be a problem to some as it is small. All in all an exellent addition to a survival pouch. (Posted on )

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