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Trek 'n Eat Whole Egg Powder WAS £5.95

In Stock

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Trek 'n Eat Whole Egg Powder WAS £5.95

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Trek 'n Eat Whole Egg Powder WAS £5.95

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Trek 'n Eat Whole Egg Powder WAS £5.95

Trek 'n Eat Whole Egg Powder WAS £5.95



Trek 'n Eat Outdoor Foods - Whole Egg Powder

The powder may be added to various dishes or used for the preparation of pancakes, omelettes or scrambled eggs. 135g sachet is equivalent to approximately 10 eggs.

Trek 'n Eat offer unique freeze-dried foods that can be prepared with water. Perfect for your ready made meals when travelling, on expedition, while boating, and on family outings.

Meals from Trek 'n' Eat are created with quality freeze-dried ingredients, and thus maintain most of the food's natural vitamins and minerals. All Trek ‘n’ Eat meals are labelled with the "All Natural" sign indicating no preservatives, no colourants and no flavour enhancing additives. Trek ‘n’ Eat foods have a high calorie count and are packaged in waterproof re-sealable standing pouches.

The Trek ‘n’ Eat product range consists of complete meals, vegetarian meals, soups, vegetables and other diverse nutritional items from breakfast to dessert. Trek ‘n’ Eat meals are used as special nutrition by many expeditions. All that is required to restore the freeze-dried ingredients is hot water. Meals are based on a value of around 600 calories per package to cover the increased energy consumption during sports activities.

Freeze-dried foods are used around the world by expeditions, sailing voyages and outdoor activities. The most important advantages are:

  • Weight saving
  • Fuel saving
  • Simple preparation in re-sealable standing pouch
  • Long shelf-life (3 years)
  • Great 'all natural' taste (no preservatives, no colourants, no flavour enhancing additives)


Code NS-TNE30101010
Limited Edition: Yes
Brand: Trek'n Eat
Product Weight (g): 135g Dried Weight
Meal Type: Breakfast
Serving Size: Approx' 10 Eggs
Calories: 2369kJ/566kcal per 100g
Total Fat: 42.0g per 100g
Saturated Fat: 12.0g per 100g
Protein: 46.0g per 100g
Sodium: 1.0g per 100g
Carbohydrates: 2.4g per 100g
Dietary Fibre: 0.0g per 100g
Sugars: 2.4g per 100g
Allergens: Eggs


  1. Trek 'n Eat Whole Egg Powder EGGY!Review by
    Bought a couple of these.Approximately 10 eggs in a pack.
    Mixed th whole pack with approximately 400ml of cold water mixed well and poured into a frying pan.
    Within a minute I had nice yellow scrambled eggs.
    Very tastyYou can add salt and pepper to taste or try a little Tabasco.
    Great for camping or a woodland over nighter bushcrafting or fishing.
    I added some TULIP BACON GRILL and baked beans.
    Awesome breakfast.
    Totally recommend them.
    I will be ordering more.
    (Posted on )

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Questions & Answers

What is the shelf life of your whole powderd egg
Hi David....three years
heinnie answered on 29 December 2016

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