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Ultimate Survival U-DIG-IT Folding Hand Shovel

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Ultimate Survival U-DIG-IT Folding Hand Shovel

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Ultimate Survival U-DIG-IT Folding Hand Shovel

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Ultimate Survival U-DIG-IT Folding Hand Shovel

Ultimate Survival U-DIG-IT Folding Hand Shovel



Developed for all outdoor recreationalists and professionals who really care about the environment, the U-Dig-It Stainless Steel Hand Shovel really comes in handy. This easy-to-use tool can be opened with one hand and the folding handle snaps into place with one easy gesture.

Made of unbendable, rust-proof stainless steel, the U-Dig-It Hand Shovel can be attached to virually any belt through the loop on the fully reclosable, velcro-secured nylon sheath. Its unique folding safety design will prevent personal injuries or accidental punctures to your equipment.

U-Dig-It complies with the “Leave No Trace” ethic. With a multitude of uses, there's nothing this must-have outdoor tool can't do!

  • Burying human or pet waste
  • Clearing rocks and debris
  • Plant removal
  • Digging pits or trenches for campfires
  • Cleaning and scaling fish
  • Cooking utensil (can be heated)
  • Trail maintenance (i.e. filling holes, diverting washouts)
  • Reflective signalling

    The versitle and compact U-Dig-It Shovel is used by the US Forest Service.

    With U-Dig-It, NO ONE will know you were even there... just as nature intended!

  • Specification

    Code WG00001
    Limited Edition: No
    Brand: Ultimate Survival
    Blade Material: T-304#4 Stainless Steel
    Handle Colour: Silver
    Handle Material: Steel
    Sheath: Black Laminated Ballistic Nylon
    Overall Length (cm): 25.4
    Product Weight (g): 170g


    1. Very useful to have inn your packReview by
      I have one of these, unfortunately not purchased from H&H (sorry guys)

      I have to disagree with 'M's review a little, although this is not a pick axe, or a heavy duty shovel with a little perseverance it will root out rocks, lumps and bumps under your sleeping bag, further more I have dug several Dakota fire holes with this little beauty, admittedly it takes a little time but works very well and the alternative would of been my blade, 'I think not!' and its without doubt better than a stick.

      For the cost and the weight compared to a full size entrenching tool I think it's one of those tools that should be in everyone's back pack

      (Posted on )
    2. For very soft ground / sand only Review by
      This is a well built little trowel that works great in soft sand but for anything else it has a design flaw, the handle clips inwards which means when pressing on the handle to use it has a tendency to close up again. this could be solved by the manufacturer retro fitting a slide lock or redesigning it to be an outward clip. I have solved this by carrying a small sliver of wood to jam between the bars at the point of the clip to stop them squeezing together in use. I assume the designer lives in the desert or a tests equipment in their child's sand box. (Posted on )

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