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UZI Tac Pen 2

In Stock

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UZI Tac Pen 2

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UZI Tac Pen 2

In Stock

Available for Delivery

From: £18.95
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UZI Tac Pen 2

UZI Tac Pen 2

From: £18.95


The toughest pen on the planet? This rugged pen is constructed from lightweight aircraft aluminium.

Comfortable in the hand and rugged enough to last the duration of your next deployment.

This pen is compatible with Standard Fisher Space Pen cartridges available here.

** We regret that we are unable to accept Paypal as a payment method for this product. **"


Code UZITP2-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: UZI
Body Material: Aluminium
Refill: Space Pen Refill
Overall Length (cm): 15.0
Pocket Clip: Yes
Product Weight (g): 43


  1. FlawedReview by
    Having tried other tactical pens and preferring not to have either to remove caps or have a pen tip permanently exposed and having already bought an identical pen under a different brand name, I assumed the Uzi would be the same.
    The other brand is engineered so that the body joints neatly and only needs a further quarter turn of the body to expose the pen tip.
    However, if you want to cover the pen tip of the Uzi, the body needs two full rotations to cover It, after which, the two parts of the body are clearly gapping.
    The Uzi doesn’t have a mechanism to cover the tip: you’re just unscrewing the body!
    In every other respect, the pens appear to be identical except the Uzi comes in a nice gunmetal finish.
    However, I prize efficiency over image so it’s back to the other brand for my daily carry.
    (Posted on )
  2. Quality productReview by
    Arrrived fast thanks to HH. The pen is a little lighter than my boker plus which is nice. The gun metal version looks wonderful. Nice in the hand and won't lose the top. The unscrewing doesn't take that long as others have stated. A good thing to have on you when the shtf. (Posted on )
  3. solid penReview by
    it's a solid pen, a removeable cap would be a nice addition. and would make glass breaker easier to use. that way the roller ball won't stab your hand, still five stars as it's a really good nicely weight pen for me (Posted on )
  4. Should have bought it ages ago.......Review by
    Love it. It looks just so good. The knurling really makes it stand out.
    It's heavy, and feels odd in the hand at first. I've got paws like a bear, and after experimenting with different grips along the pen, writing with it is a joy, rather than a contortionist act.
    The pocket clip is good and strong, and the pen has a well engineered feel about it.
    This isn't going to snap in my pocket.
    If I ever loose it, I'll buy another one.
    (Posted on )
  5. great pen, needs a tweekReview by
    This pen has lived with me, by my side for the last 2 years. Purchased it from Heinnie during an impulse visit. If you need a robust pen, with the added advantage of being a glass breaker then you can't go wrong. I would add though that you will have to adapt to the pen. It has a few quirks which take a little getting used to. Twisting to extract / retract the pen / rollerball is a bit odd at first, but you will soon get the hang of that, how many turns to expose the tip etc. I switched the standard inner for a Parker Gel Roller Ball, and it writes much better, not scratchy on the paper like the cartridge it shipped with. Though this could have just been a problem with that particular inner. For the price its spot on... As a Tactical pen, like most others, it comes down to how you hold, and use it with your style and methods. You will soon find this pen travelling with you everywhere. I even carry my pen on flights to and from the USA with no TSA / UKBA challenges. Would I buy another, yes. (Posted on )
  6. Bombproof!Review by
    If any pen would last you a lifetime then this is it. It's well built and great quality. The only issue for me is that the nib retraction requires the barrel to be almost totally unscrewed before it disappears. It would have had 5 stars otherwise.
    Put a Fisher Space Pen refill in here and it writes anywhere.
    I love mine.
    (Posted on )
  7. More than a scribe...Review by
    Slighty bulky, but it still feels good in the hand. Any pen made by Uzi (or Colt, or S&W,etc.) is always going to be seen as offensive rather than defensive, should the situation arise. A kubotan as a key fob would be just as effective, a lot cheaper, and easier to justify having in your possession. (Posted on )
  8. DeterantReview by
    This pen does it's job both in handling and aesthetics.

    As a pen it is a little on the heavy side which takes time in getting used to, but it's well balanced enough so writing for long periods isn't as bad as you think - yes this isn't just a poking pen for me, however...

    people that complain about the screw action - I think they're not suited for this. I've used this pen for it's 'other' purpose and I can say I'm glad with all those twists I didn't end up holding just a stub of metal! And to clarify, this version's end cap is a glass breaker - so it's all hammer/poking motions here.

    Great pen for it's price.
    (Posted on )
  9. One of my favouritesReview by
    This is one of my favourite tactical pens. However, it may not be to everyones tastes as it does have quite aggressive edges and points, slow on operation to open and close the pen and the clip might cause wear on clothing. But, it is a sturdy pen, doesn't have a cap to lose or break and a design that I like. (Posted on )
  10. Would have given…Review by
    Would have given this pen a 4 if the thread to open/close it hadn't stripped away by week 3.
    Other than minor quality control imperfections it was a decent pen.
    (Posted on )
  11. Poor designReview by
    There are some real problems with this pen.

    1. The mechanism to reveal the writing part of the pen is not a twisty as such, you actually have to unscrew the pen as if you are taking it apart, until eventually, the ball point is revealed. Takes far too long.

    2. The knurled section is underneath the pocket clip, so will tear your clothes to shreds, and does not really aid with grip at all!

    3. To use the pointed "tactical" end, one would have to put your thumb over the pointed writing end.

    If you want a good pen get yourself the Smith and Wesson Military and Police, it is a quality item.
    (Posted on )
  12. WonderfulReview by
    Exactly what you need. A little heavy, but thats no bad thing. Feels comfortable in the hand. Exemplary service from H.H as always. (Posted on )
  13. I love this penReview by
    Love this pen affordable for tactical pen nice and heavy, don't have any problem writing with it. Head turn when I take orders at the table, yes you have to change the refill but guess what I would have done it anyway...must say very good buy. (Posted on )
  14. Unusual but top qualityReview by
    I'm big with big hands, if you have small hands this may not be for you. This is very solid and perfectly finished and I'm pleased with it. Initially I was surprised by the simplicity of the 'mechanism': you unscrew the tip until the ballpoint is covered. Now I think it is fine. Clip may abrade your pocket. Top of pen frighteningly sharp! Superb Heinnie service will buy more stuff soon! (Posted on )
  15. heavy hitterReview by
    A great tool, my kids ran a mile when it arrived (another pokey stick)- will upgrade the refill to fisher though. Fantastic service from the guys at Hennie - can't wait to order more tools and toys. (Posted on )
  16. solid penReview by
    Slightly heavy but very solid pen. The point is not round with holes as in the photo here, but more a pyramid shape as another user noted. Still absolutely solid though. Unfortunately there is no smooth area behind the clip so this will wear your clothes out. I'd feel confident to use it in a tactical situation if I ever had to. (Posted on )
  17. Nice piece of kit!Review by
    Good, solidly constructed tactical pen. Nicely weighted and writes well and could certainly do some damage if used in a tactical capacity. Will be purchasing the Mk I as well. As ever Heinnie's trademark service stands head and shoulders above the rest! (Posted on )
  18. Great toolReview by
    Solid, heavy and if used as an impact tool it feels like you could hammer it through a car door. The twist opening mechanism is a little slow however so if you use your pen dozens of times in an hour it can get annoying but thats the only thing stopping me giving this pen a five star rating. (Posted on )
  19. Slightly different pen.Review by
    The pen is excellent, quite heavy!
    The pen that arrived has a different end/top to picture-more like a pyramid shape.
    (Posted on )
  20. Good value for moneyReview by
    Sturdy build. More on the heavy side. Grip could be better due to longitudinal grooves and extra thickness. Nevertheless if you are not writing a book, it's a good everyday pen. The mecanism is simple but functional. On the non-writing end the holes are live and will cut if pressure applied. (Posted on )
  21. Mr.Review by
    Very solid feeling pen. Well built and more on the heavy side. The grip isn't the best because of the longitudinal grooves and the extra thickness. Nevertheless, if you aren't writing a book it's a pretty good pen for everyday use. The holes opposite the writing end are live and will cut if some force is applied on them. Wouldn't like to be jabbed by one... (Posted on )

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