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Victorinox Nail Clippers RRP £8.95

In Stock

Available for Delivery

Victorinox Clipper Kit

test 1Victorinox Clipper Kit test 2Victorinox Nail Clippers RRP £8.95test 3Victorinox Clipper Kit test 4 Victorinox Clipper Kit
test 1Victorinox Clipper Kit test 2Victorinox Nail Clippers RRP £8.95test 3Victorinox Clipper Kit test 4 Victorinox Clipper Kit
test 1Victorinox Clipper Kit test 2Victorinox Nail Clippers RRP £8.95test 3Victorinox Clipper Kit test 4 Victorinox Clipper Kit

Victorinox Nail Clippers RRP £8.95

In Stock

Available for Delivery



Back Order Item

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Victorinox Nail Clippers RRP £8.95

Victorinox Nail Clippers RRP £8.95



Keep your body’s most-used and most useful tools tidy, presentable and snag-free with every nail technician’s most essential tool: the nail clipper. To deal with untidy nails and nail beds quickly and efficiently, the Victorinox Nail Clipper shows our applied ergonomic thinking in its foldability, and combination of clipper and nail file. A practical and compact piece that's there for you at a moment's notice.

Key features

  • The perfect everyday accessory for your nail care.
  • Nail clipper made of stainless steel.
  • Includes a fold-out nail file.


Code BMC-82055CB
Limited Edition: Yes
Brand: Victorinox
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Closed Length (cm): 6.80
Overall Length (cm): 11.0
Materials: Stainless Steel
Product Weight (g): 20


3 100 0 100
Great quality, compact clippersReview by
10 10
These must be the best compact nail clippers available. Neat design which, though it can be opened easily, has stayed closed even on my often-dropped bunch of keys. Good quality. Pleasantly surprised at how sharp they are.

Handling is slightly improved by attaching a 2-3" paracord lanyard. Good value at £4.95.
(Posted on )
Excellent!Review by
10 10
These are very deceptive. They look small, compact, light weight and at first glance probably look like they wouldn't be much use or would break straight away.

But no. These are extremely sturdy, strong, sharp, the file actually works and has a purpose. They cut through my daughter's horrible, thick big toenail (sorry!) with ease, whereas before I was using some cheap ones from Superdrug which required much hacking and pressure to get through the thickest, nastiest of toe nails on my daughter's toes caused by years of wearing 'fashionable' shoes.

In a nutshell these are very sharp, very strong, very slim and come with a really nice little pouch to keep in. Don't be fooled by their size when you order yours, these are much better than the ones I've been using that are almost twice the size.

I honestly can't recommend these highly enough. Time will tell how long they last but so far they're the best clippers I've ever owned. Sounds silly because toe/finger nail clippers aren't something you really think about, and nor should you have to worry about, but these get the job done surprisingly easy and look neat and compact at the same time. I bought on sale at £4.95 but they're well worth even full price at £8.95 to be perfectly honest.

(Posted on )
Great Review by
10 10
Great quality & superb design. (Posted on )

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