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Victorinox Compact

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Victorinox Compact

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Victorinox Compact

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Victorinox Compact

Victorinox Compact



Step into the world of 'officer's knives'. In spite of its compact design, this basic model has many useful functions including a practical combi-blade, a mini screwdriver and a helpful pin made of inox.

  • large blade
  • Combination tool with -cap lifter -can opener -screwdriver -wire stripper
  • corkscrew
  • toothpick
  • tweezers
  • mini-screwdriver
  • ballpoint pen
  • pin stainless
  • multi-purpose hook with nailfile
  • Specification

    Code BMC-1340500
    Limited Edition: No
    Brand: Victorinox
    Blade Material: Stainless Steel
    Blade Length (cm): 7.0
    Lock Type: Non-locking
    UK Friendly Carry: Yes
    Pocket Clip: No


    1. Very usefulReview by
      The Victorinox Compact is a perfect EDC carry, the mixture of tools will deal with 99% of your daily needs. It'll slip into a pocket & be light & slim enough to disappear until needed. Highly recommended. (Posted on )
    2. Perfect EDCReview by
      Used to carry a Victorinox small Tinkers as my EDC but the Compact presses every button for me. As I have 2 pairs of trousers (Work and Casual) I will need to buy another Compact to complete the EDC swap from Tinkers to Compacts. (Posted on )
    3. Minimalist SAKReview by
      I wish this was available in the smaller 84mm frame. It would be even more compact. As it is, this model is a nice choice for travel. The can opener flexes a bit but it works just fine. The screwdriver has its limits of course, but it will do for many situations. With a bit of skill even some small Phillips screws can be turned by using the corner of the screwdriver tip.

      The pen is not merely a novelty. There is a knack to latching it into the hook to permit using the entire pocket knife as a feasible if bulky pen body. Failing that, the pen can be used solo with the right grip technique. In an emergency the pen can even be used as a nail or a temporary pin to fasten appropriate materials.

      The hook really does work well as a shopping bag carrier, if the bag is in good condition and not too flimsy. It saves your fingers from tiring and is more comfortable.

      A tip to rest your fingers when you need to carry your shopping for a longer distance: rest the straps on the back of your hand, near your wrist. Let your hand hang loosely and put the straps between your fingers, with the straps together or separately between your fingers. There is no need to grip the shopping bag, since the weight is now on the back of your hands. You can relax your fingers. If wearing a sweater or jacket, use the end of the sleeves to cushion the backs of your hands. And yes, with long sweater sleeves, either this method or the usual carry grip can be cushioned.

      Back to the SAK. It is nice to have a nail file available without opening any of the tools. I wish the hook was made so that a small common size of hex bolt could be turned by the hook. Same for the bottle opener, as Leatherman do for many of their small key ring tools. Say, of a size to permit extra torque on a bit driver, or a radiator screw.

      Vic scissors are excellent, and are the one feature used about as often as the main blade. The spring is somewhat delicate but I have never had any Vic springs break. If they do, they are pennies to replace.

      There are other Vics I prefer, really, but the Compact is worth considering if you are happy with the tools it offers. For grooming it is quite useful. It would serve for kitchen duties while traveling, with the main blade capable for many aspects of food preparation, and the obvious function of the can opener.

      Usual Victorinox quality, and superb warranty.

      Overall, yes, I am happy to recommend this one. HH is just great to deal with. Also highly recommended.
      (Posted on )
    4. Class pocket knifeReview by
      If you are looking for your first knife then this is an ideal choice .The selection of tools cover most day to day needs and the light weight 2 layer design makes it an easy pocket carry. (Posted on )
    5. best EDC SAKReview by
      For Everyday carrying a blade in the UK, In my opinion, this is the best designed knife available. No extraneous second blades or tin-openers (the 'cap lifter' opens tins fine), an inoffensive design that won't scare worrisome types, and victorinox build quality that rightly deserves its lifetime guarantee. I've had one of these in my pocket or my bag every day for almost ten years.

      If you need extra features that's fine, but most people living in an urban environment don't. The only thing I'd change would be to swap the hook (that I've used all of once) for a philips screwdriver, and then it'd be perfect.
      (Posted on )
    6. A perfect small Swiss Army Knife.Review by
      If you think about what you actually need from an everyday knife, then this comes pretty close...

      Knife (obviously) - UK legal, big tick there.
      Scissors, for times when a knife is not needed, price tickets on clothes, etc. Screwdriver, can opener, bottle opener - Very useful.
      Corkscrew - Somewhere to store the mini screwdriver, as well as the obvious.
      Weird hook thing... More useful than you may think.
      Tweezers, toothpick and pen - all useful.

      I carry one of these every day at work, it is enough, without being too thick. I have other SAK models, the Climber is my off duty EDC.

      This knife deserves more recognition, and maybe a price cut (it's more expensive than the climber), but it is a very useful EDC knife.
      (Posted on )
    7. Great pocket knifeReview by
      Great little knife, small blade would have been a useful addition (Posted on )

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