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Arkansas Ceramic Superstick WAS £15.95

In Stock

Available for Delivery

Arkansas Ceramic Superstick WAS £15.95

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Arkansas Ceramic Superstick WAS £15.95

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Arkansas Ceramic Superstick WAS £15.95

Arkansas Ceramic Superstick WAS £15.95



Ceramic Superstick - Knife sharpener with 1" diameter ceramic rod. Wood handle. 16" overall length.


Code AC4
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Arkansas
Stone: Ceramic
Dimensions (cm): 41 x 4 cm; Rod diameter - 2.5 cm
Product Weight (g): 475g


  1. Get itReview by
    This is one beautiful piece of knife lovers sharpening joys
    It’s a monster of a ceramic rod that works like a dream .
    If you don’t grab it at this price then if you see it in the flesh as you might say, you will honestly be kicking yourself for not grabbing one.
    (Posted on )
  2. Buy it Review by
    Humongous ceramic rod Buy it folks just buy it (Posted on )
  3. Great honing tool!Review by
    I love this ceramic rod! The size is perfect for ease of use, and it puts a very fine edge on a blade. You do have to start with a fairly sharp knife though. This is my final sharpening step, unless I feel like doing a strop. Very happy customer, and of course HH service was outstanding as usual! (Posted on )
  4. Oh My Days, it's a cavemans club! ( and it also sharpens :) )Review by
    This this this is HUGE! :)

    but easily stowed down the side of your rucksack for in-the-field resharpening.

    I suppose you could use it as a caveman club at a push , haha

    Works pretty well. I used a Lansky puck to reprofile an old KJ Ericksson skandi blade then finished with 5 minutes on this monster. The edge is pretty good, certainly fine for cooking but you'd need a decent grit stone and a hone to make it razor sharp
    ( but we know this don't we )

    I can see this Superstick lasting years and years.
    (Posted on )
  5. Brilliantly fast knife sharpener!!Review by
    You really cannot go wrong with one of these. It will bring back a dulled blade in seconds. If you are used to using a steel, then just carry on as usual and you wont be in the least bit disappointed with the rapid results this sharpener gives your knives. What's more you can even sharpen curved blades with the greatest of ease too.
    Cleaning the sharpener couldn't be easier. A little fairy liquid on a soft cloth and some warm water, a few seconds wiping the rod over with the cloth and a quick rinse before drying it and you are done. Ready for the next time you need it.
    At the huge size of this sharpener, I would estimate it'll likely last you a lifetime, assuming you don't somehow manage to break it - it is ceramic after all and not a steel.

    So would I recommend this knife / blade sharpener to friends or family?? In a heartbeat!!
    Brilliant product, price and service once again, Thanks HH.
    (Posted on )
  6. Well worth itReview by
    Puts a nice edge on my knives, for the money you can't go wrong. Better than my sharpening steel. Well packed and shipping was really fast. (Posted on )
  7. This is HugeReview by
    Well was looking for a pocket ceramic sharpener, and as usual being a man didn't bother to read the description! This thing is 14" long & 1"diameter shaft, handle is 2" diameter. I'd say that this is comparable to the brown medium grit stones in the Spyderco Sharpmaker. I've got waterstones, and other sharpening gear, but it gets to be a pain with all the mess that is associated with them, this touched up all my kitchen knives to "hair tremblingly" sharp.

    As allways hats of to all at HH for their near god like delivery schedule. Please in relation to it's size could you put a Spyderco UKPK for scale in the pic.

    Cheers All

    (Posted on )

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