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Arthur Wright Bushcraft

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Arthur Wright Bushcraft

test 1Arthur Wright Bushcrafttest 2Arthur Wright Bushcrafttest 3Arthur Wright Bushcrafttest 4 Arthur Wright Bushcraft
test 1Arthur Wright Bushcraft - Snakewoodtest 2Arthur Wright Bushcrafttest 3Arthur Wright Bushcraft - Snakewoodtest 4 Arthur Wright Bushcraft - Snakewood
test 1Arthur Wright Bushcraft - Ebonytest 2Arthur Wright Bushcrafttest 3Arthur Wright Bushcraft - Ebonytest 4 Arthur Wright Bushcraft - Ebony
test 1Arthur Wright Bushcraft - Rosewoodtest 2Arthur Wright Bushcrafttest 3Arthur Wright Bushcraft - Rosewoodtest 4 Arthur Wright Bushcraft - Rosewood
test 1Arthur Wright Bushcraft - Stagtest 2Arthur Wright Bushcrafttest 3Arthur Wright Bushcraft - Stagtest 4 Arthur Wright Bushcraft - Stag

Arthur Wright Bushcraft

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery

From: £173.95
  • Snakewood
  • Stag
  • Ebony
  • Horn
  • Rosewood
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Arthur Wright Bushcraft

Arthur Wright Bushcraft

From: £173.95


This is the archetypal bushcraft knife design. Shaped in such a way to provide maximum strength and cutting efficency. The blade is hand made in Sheffield from 01 Carbon Tool Steel and hardened to Rockwell 56/58. The edge is ground through rather than whetted to achieve a superbly sharp edge. It has a tough buffalo handle with lanyard hole. Supplied with a high quality leather sheath featuring a Fire Steel carrier. The blade is 3.9mms thick providing excellent strength, weight and balance.


Code AWRIGHT-702-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Arthur Wright
Blade Material: 01 Carbon Steel
Blade Length (cm): 10.0
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.4
Overall Length (cm): 22.3
Sheath: Leather
Product Weight (g): 40


  1. Good knifeReview by
    It's a very good knife just like it if the handle was bigger with a palm swell and a bit narrow for my hands (Posted on )
  2. brilliant Review by
    This is my favourite knife well made and British. (Posted on )
  3. bygone era quality at a bygone era priceReview by
    in my view the only contender to ray woods mears bushcraft knife the only intelligent criticism i agree with is the original grind is too shallow any company telling you that a knife with this grind is easy to sharpen either have never had to or are lying through their teeth if you are investing upward of 100£ for a knife learn to hone it you will have to invest nearly as much as you payed for your knife for a set of japanese whetstones and without skilled tuition spend many hours practicing sore fingers to boot if you persevere you will have a companion that will last several lifetimes (Posted on )
  4. An excellent knife; well made and ergonomic.Review by
    Here's a little story.

    This A. Wright bushcraft knife was the first bushcraft knife I bought and it was a great purchase; very reliable and a faithful companion for the time I owned it. Then I sold it for a more expensive knife and that new knife I sold for a better knife and so on and so on, until I ended up buying a Ben Orford custom D2 steel knife for the princely sum of £450. I treated that knife with kid gloves but earlier this week the tip snapped off the blade when cutting a pilot into my bow drill hearth.

    I immediately bought another Wright's bushcraft knife. And it will be the only knife I'll own from now on.

    (Posted on )
  5. Better now Review by
    Got one of these knives good quality English bushcrafter but as many say grind did not extend high enough
    Sent it back to A Wrights told them what I wanted and they re ground it for me free of charge ( even though it was bought from here and I contacted them direct ) now it's just about perfect
    (Posted on )
  6. Once again excellent…Review by
    Once again excellent service and excellent knife. I'll keep coming back to Heinnie Haynes as I know the service and quality are always first class. (Posted on )
  7. Arthur Wright Bushcraft Knife RosewoodReview by
    Excellent bushcraft knife perfect in everyway well balanced in the hand very tough will last a life time, I have knives three times the price of this one and now this beats them all. The photo does not do it justice THIS KNIFE IS MINT. Excellent service thanks Heinnie Haynes. (Posted on )
  8. MrReview by
    I've had this knife for over a year and it has performed amazingly, the edge is super shape and last for ever, the only small down side is, it's only 4 1/4 inch instead of the 4 1/2 inches as advertised. (Posted on )
  9. SIMPLY SUPERBReview by
    I had the stag handled made to my spec, at a nominal extra cost, with an extra thick handle and spacers; it is a work of art, believe me, and a fraction of the price of virtually the same, personality knives. It is a personal tool, and mine is beautifully balanced and fits my hand like a glove. (Posted on )
  10. Local LegendReview by
    As I'm collector from Sheffield (and a bushcrafter ) I have access to lots or Cutlers. Wanting a bushcrafter made in my own town, this was my first choice. Strong, reliable, good steel, this is a great friend to hang on your belt! I own other twice, three times more expensive bushcraft knives but this is the one I keep returning too! But I suppose I'm a bit bias! (Posted on )
  11. Nice knifeReview by
    After the disappointment of the stag version (see my review of that one) this is completely balanced and very sharp out of the box. I have had no hesitation in giving five stars for a nice knife which feels good in the hand and holds a very good edge for some considerable time. Well worth the money and HH of course live up to their usual excellent service. (Posted on )
  12. MickGReview by
    Ordered a Bushcraft Stag as I had not bought a British knife for a long time and the picture showed just the thing I was looking for. When it arrived the blade was 1/4" short and not what I was expecting from a knife of this price, Heinne Haynes sent me another which was completely out of balance as the handle was so heavy and thick. I really think both knives I looked at were produced by a beginner or on a Friday. Sent the second one back and asked for and paid the extra for an ebony handled version which I am pleased to say is exactly what I have been looking for and I will be reviewing it in the appropriate place. Heinnie have been brilliant with their service and replacing both the stag versions of this knife. Why can't our country's knife makers produce knives to the specifications they publish, there doesn't seem to be a problem when I buy knives from other countries which are in general better and cheaper. It will be a long time before I purchase another British knife. (Posted on )
  13. smartReview by
    Wanted one of these for a while. Grind on blade needs tickling up but Wrights have made a great knife. Nice one and excellent service from HH. (Posted on )
  14. beautiful!Review by
    Very nice knife indeed! Mine came with a razer edge. Though the grind is only 1\4 ground and could be deeper at a 1\3 grind. Still getting used to the knife as it is very differant to my normal one. Nice thick spine splits and carves realy well. For the price its a bargain! Fit and finish is good but not without some tiny faws.9.5 out of 10! If your a traditional bushcrafter just get one. Best knife i have ever handled. When I am used to it I will use it daily and do another review, but for now, if you can afford/need/want one...just get it! (Posted on )
  15. un vero utility buschcratfReview by
    Robusto, pratico, affilato e facile da affilare, nulla ha da invidiare al pió famoso e molto costoso woodlore bushcraft knife "Ray Mears" assolutamente consigliabile (Sturdy, practical, sharp and easy to sharpen, in no way inferior to the most famous and very expensive woodlore bushcraft knife "Ray Mears" absolutely recommended) (Posted on )
  16. A Wright Rosewood Bushcraft KnifeReview by
    Unbelievably brilliant bushcrafter! Shaving sharp right out of the box, looks better in the hand than the photo. Good solid heft, excellent balance and with 4.3mm thick steel, strength with elegance! Hope its as durable as it feels!
    Only 23 hours delivery too! Thanx Heinnie
    (Posted on )
  17. not all thatReview by
    not the best knife it proformas less than
    satisfactory very disappointed not worth it.
    (Posted on )
  18. ruddy good knifeReview by
    Took a bit of a chance on this knife as other reviews were not all that positive. It arrived in good time excellent service from Heinnie. The knife was razor sharp out of the box and after 3 days of hard use whittling ash it still sends the hair of my arm flying all, the same I couldn't resist putting it on my 1500 grit whetstone. It took all of 5 mins took to make this by far the sharpest blade I have ever used, really impressed with it. I was a bit concerned that it might look like a beefed up kitchen knife but now its here I think its rather handsome. recommended!!
    (Posted on )
  19. Not greatReview by
    Very sturdy and nice design but I feel the handle scales could be a snugger fit, its hard to sharpen, the blade has developed micro chips, it doesn't keep a good edge and the sheath is an extremely poor fit (turn it upside down and it will almost certainly fall out). My mora clipper keeps a razor sharp edge for far far longer.
    I think your money would be better spent on a good quality factory blade.
    (Posted on )
  20. excellent bushReview by
    Tough bushcraft knife. Should have come at 60/62 hrc complete with fire starter, but still a bargain. Wish I could afford all the exotic grip options. (Posted on )
  21. Very pleased is…Review by
    Very pleased is an understatement if you want a good do everything field knife this is it, and as for the service from these guys the best. (Posted on )
  22. A Wright BushcraftReview by
    Perfect small/medium field knife for skinning rabbits, light but not too light, heavy but not too heavy, very sturdy tough and sharp. Best of all it's British! Highly recommended! (Posted on )

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