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Benchmark Slipjoint

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UK Friendly

Benchmark Slipjoint

test 1Benchmark Slipjoint test 2Benchmark Slipjoint test 3Benchmark Slipjoint test 4 Benchmark Slipjoint
test 1Benchmark Slipjoint test 2Benchmark Slipjoint test 3Benchmark Slipjoint test 4 Benchmark Slipjoint
test 1Benchmark Slipjoint test 2Benchmark Slipjoint test 3Benchmark Slipjoint test 4 Benchmark Slipjoint

Benchmark Slipjoint

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Benchmark Slipjoint

Benchmark Slipjoint



The Benchmark Slipjoint is a budget UK friendly carry folder to throw in your pack or stick in your pocket for those low down dirty jobs most other knives would turn their noses up to. The blade opens with one hand and has a mid stop point and is black coated to help prevent corrosion. The handle is a two tone, black and red G10 which is not only very resilient to hard use and weather but also looks pretty good. A black coated stainless pocket clip is attached for easy carry.


Code BMK120
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Benchmark
Blade Length (cm): 7.4
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.2
Closed Length (cm): 9.00
Overall Length (cm): 15.6
Blade Type: Plain
Blade Shape: Drop Point
Blade Finish: Black
Handle Colour: Red
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
One Handed Opening: Yes
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: Yes
Product Weight (g): 52


  1. Bought because of previous reviewsReview by
    Felt the urge to drag out my Lansky System again (plus I had to give in to my desire for a new knife) so, not having a Benchmark in my collection ordered this.

    Fast turnaround by HH even with the LOckdown!

    Good, solid, lightweight knife with no blade play. Grind almost spot on even but definitely not sharp.

    It is now... At this price? A brilliant back-up!
    (Posted on )
  2. Ticks most my boxesReview by
    Small, sharp, lightweight. The only thing that lets this tool down is that it is TOO stiff to open and close. I have spent hrs trying to loosen the joint up, by repeating the opening and closing system and lubricating the joint. It wouldn't be much of a problem but I have lost the use of some of my fingers on my right hand. (Posted on )
  3. Beautiful but hard work.Review by
    When I received this knife I was totally in love with it. It is a thing of beauty and very cute. I tried to cut paper with it and couldn't. After several attempts to put a good edge on it, I gave up. It is only slightly better than when I received it. I'd give it 5 stars for looks but only 1 for sharpness. (Posted on )
  4. OK for the moneyReview by
    +ve - light, quite nice looking

    -ve - blunt and hard to get a good edge. Clip is too far down the knife for it to sit properly in your pocket.

    (Posted on )
  5. Worth itReview by
    For £12 this is a great product. (Not sure what some of these other people expected for £12) My only complaint is the fact you can not one hand open this knife.

    P.S Ordered Friday 2pm, Arrived Saturday AM.
    (Posted on )
  6. fair enoughReview by
    like the description says, not bad for a budget folder. I'll stick this in the category of one of those cheap knives, useful to have just in case (Posted on )
  7. Don’t buyReview by
    Brought a lot of knives off Heinnie over the years and have never been disappointed until now it’s not as described i pictured a robust knife with a 7.4 cm blade like some of the budget Schrade’s I own , it’s not robust and the blade is 6.5 cm and the blade blunt doesn’t even begin to describe it I’ve had sharper butter knives ,on the plus side it’s very pretty and if I can get a decent edge on it ,it will be an ok pocket knife thought about sending it back but it’s so cheap it’s not worth it (Posted on )
  8. Cheap and cheerfulReview by
    Cant fault it for a Uk friendly on a budget, strong back psine anmd a good snap to it. Thnak you HH fori this little gem. (Posted on )
  9. dont botherReview by
    it looks really nice and to be honest if they had used a half decent steel rather than it might have been ok, the grind on mine was really uneven and despite my best efforts to sharpen it, the edge just dulled in a matter of a few cuts and left me with a pretty useless bit of junk, at the price paid I cant even be bothered to send it back, its gone in the bin. don't bother get a Victorinox, highly disappointed. (Posted on )

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