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Best Seller – CRKT Heinnie® Liong Mah #5

CRKT Heinnie

The CRKT Liong Mah #5 was one of our best selling, UK friendly folding pocket knives, until production finished, and we sold the last one in 2016. It’s always been a firm favourite amongst the UK collectors and users, and was standard issue to all Heinnie Haynes® staff on their first day in the warehouse.

We were so sad to see it go that we were determined to bring back this extremely capable tool. Following an extended period of pleading and transatlantic negotiation with Columbia River Knife and Tool, IT’S BACK!

This time, it’s had the Heinnie® treatment, with red G10 scales, and a subtle “H” on the blade. It’s as useable as ever, a real EDC and through Heinnie®’s buying power, it’s now available at a head-turning price that would be silly to miss.

We’ve also commissioned a smaller number of the original 6520 in its plain vanilla form – with black scales and an un-pimped blade.

They won’t be around for ever – stock is limited. It’s unlikely that we’ll ever be able to commission another production run of this icon of the knife world, so grab one for your pocket, and another for your collection, while stocks last.

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One thought on “Best Seller – CRKT Heinnie® Liong Mah #5

  1. Steve Day - 10:48 am 24/08/18

    Amazing I believe that Hiennie has come up with the perfect UK LEGAL EDC knife, I have the original Loing Mah number 5 and love it but I had to work hard to het a decent edge on it, get the opening pressure just right and had to cut a fair chunk of the left hand scale away to allow my thumb to comfortably access the rebate on the blade to allow for easy opening.
    I have just recieved my second number 5 this time Hiennies own version with the red scales. I’m impressed the blade is shaving sharp, the pivot opening pressure is perfect and I only had to remove a couple of millimeters from the LH scale to get an improved thumb purchase on the blade. The original number five only had one position for the pocket clip to mount but the newer Hiennie version has pocket clip mountings on both sides. And the Hiennie version is under £30 delivered which is amazing value for money.

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