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Buck 110 Folding Hunter

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Buck 110 Folding Hunter

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Buck 110 Folding Hunter

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Buck 110 Folding Hunter

Buck 110 Folding Hunter



The Buck 110 Folding Hunter - A traditional favourite!

Buck's Folding Hunter was created in 1963 when Al Buck decided that a revolutionary lockblade knife was needed by outdoorsmen who wanted a sturdy knife but did not want to carry a long fixed-blade knife. He was right and the result proved to be the key to the company's future. The challenge was to combine the strengths of other folding knives with locking mechanisms into a good-looking, reliable product. It wasn't easy, but after a series of refinements, the Model 110 was unveiled. Within six months, this innovation was the hottest knife in the industry.

The Folding Hunter, after over 50 years, is still one of America's best-selling knives and still made in the USA.


Code BU110
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Buck
Blade Material: 420HC Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 9.5
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.3
Closed Length (cm): 12.30
Overall Length (cm): 21.7
Blade Hardness (HRC): 58
Blade Type: Plain
Blade Shape: Clip Point
Blade Finish: Polished
Handle Material: Wood
Handle Detail: Macassar Ebony Dymondwood
Lock Type: Back Lock
Sheath: Leather
Pocket Clip: No
Product Weight (g): 205


  1. Classic knifeReview by
    I can’t say anything more about this knife than has already been said by my fellow reviewers. I love it. If I am hiking, camping or carrying out chores around my little smallholding, this knife is always on my belt. Special thanks to Nick who was a fantastic help when I purchased this knife and my El Gigante Bowie together as a birthday present for myself. (Posted on )
  2. They last foreverReview by
    I first bought a 110 in commando training 1996. It’s been everywhere and out performed everything over the years. It been abused out of necessity and never fails. A field sharpener and your rifles cleaning kit is all you’ll need to keep it working.

    If you don’t own one your missing out.
    (Posted on )
  3. A knife everyone should experience Review by
    The Buck 110 is a complete contradiction. It’s a terrible tool compared to modern knives, but I really can’t help but love it anyway. Maybe it’s those memories of wanting one as a boy, but never being able to afford it. Maybe it’s that the weight, in all its absurd bulkiness, yet is actually somehow reassuring in the hand. Or maybe it’s that Buck refuses to “updating” this knife to cater to modern trends and standards.

    Whatever the reason..... I get to walk around with an (anchor) gorgeous slice of old-school Americana on my belt, and I like that. Yes, it is eclipsed by hundreds of newer and better-performing knives, but regardless of all the criticisms not every simple pleasure has to make perfect sense, and the Buck 110 echoes that sentiment perfectly.

    Recommended, just because.
    (Posted on )
  4. Just AwesomeReview by
    Totally lives up to all the hype....Best locking knife I have ever owned (Posted on )
  5. You should buy oneReview by
    Ordered 4:00 got it the next day!!! The service from HH is the best. However the Buck 110 is a legend and if you are thinking about getting one then you should. The blade is a really good slicer as the ground is quite thin. A lot of people complain that it is heavy and not an everyday EDC. But I say it is an EDC and can be carried on the belt and it is not that heavy as a muti tool. It came razor sharp and it is an a American Icon and It is well made. Got to say that it live up to the American Sprit and I wish that we had an icon blade in the UK. I wish that HH has more of the buck 110 to chose from as I would like to buy more . But most models are only sold in the US. I have spent over £100 on a folder but this is the best for the money and a really enjoyable knife for the money. (Posted on )
  6. Excellent. Review by
    My only regret about buying a 110 is the fact that I didn't buy one sooner, it is an absolutely stunning knife.
    I own knives that are worth considerably more money than the 110 but I honestly think the buck is the better knife.
    If you are feeling indecisive about buying a 110 just buy one, you won't be disappointed.
    (Posted on )
  7. What a knife...Review by
    It's simple - no knife collection is complete without one. One of the best knives I have bought in terms of quality and aesthetics, the brass and wood are simply gorgeous, and the fit and finish is perfect.

    I've always been wary of 420 Stainless, but I have to admit, Buck must have perfected the heat treat, as it came shaving sharp out the box, and sharpens up nicely. Tip is super-pointy, and while useful, it could be prone to breaking if misused. Treat it with respect and it will last you a lifetime.

    Sheath is nice, solid fit, and a popper beats Velcro any day of the week. I don't use it without the sheath, as the sheath takes the weight nicely, far better than pocket carry does. Which brings me onto my only gripe -

    It's a hefty fella, heaviest folder I own, and rivaling some larger fixed blades. This is the only thing that hurts this knife - I often find myself wearing a lighter knife around the house, because comfort and convenience are all too important in and EDC, and those are two things this knife lacks.

    But it is wonderfully non-tactical, and is as much of a pleasure to use as it is to look at. If you're looking for lightweight, look elsewhere, but if you're looking for beauty, fucntionality, and a level of quality that guarantees that you can pass it down to your grandkids one day, then look no further than the legendary Buck 110.
    (Posted on )
  8. Still a worthy classicReview by
    When you think of a hunting knife, you think of the Buck 110. It's a classic and Buck sure know how to get the best out of their 420 steel. It will hold and edge well and is easy to touch up.
    The only reason I give 4 stars is the weight. This is a heavy knife for it's size, so mich so I've used it as a fishing priest once or twice! You also need to be careful of thw fine tip. This is a hunting knife, and care needs to be taken not to ask too much of it.
    Having said that, it is a fantastic knife and I often choose it over more expensive custom knives when hunting.
    (Posted on )
  9. Superb!Review by
    I can only echo the other reviews here, Superb Knife! (Posted on )
  10. Iconic...Review by
    The 110 far exceeds all expectation. I have wanted one since my first disappeared when I was 13, a couple of years back... er... 1978, but there are so many other knives that are better, lighter, sharper, more practical etc, etc, blah, blah, (on paper) and I was loath to part with the dosh.

    Quite simply, I was wrong. Forget the 'on paper' reviews. This thing is still a b**dy good knife and quite possibly the sharpest OTB that I have ever received from any company. Seriously sharp. It's centering is spot on, the scales flush, lock up rock solid, engineering brilliant.

    The sheath is made in Mexico. So what? It's still a good sheath and many lock knives do not come with anything. If it fails, which I doubt, it's replaceable for a tenner. I wet molded mine to enhance retention and because I can. Personal preference really but it holds its shape, and the knife, beautifully.

    Best thing though? It takes me back best part of 40 years to happy days running round in the woods building, chopping, carving, making fires etc and I look forward to a few more happy weekends doing exactly that. Where's the fun in growing up, eh?
    (Posted on )
  11. Traditional vs high tech.Review by
    In one of my reviews of Spyderco knives I said that I don't use anything else. This was true before I was given a Buck 110. I still use my Spydies,they are fantastic but with my Buck 110 I go round looking for things to cut. This knife is a thing of beauty and an example of traditional craftsmanship that is hard to put down. (Posted on )
  12. very happy Review by
    I have spent a lot more on a knife, and they haven't made me smile anywhere near as much as this one. Extremely practical, and when I phoned my order in the staff were extremely helpful and knowledgable too, Thanks (Posted on )
  13. Often Imitated...Review by
    ... Never duplicated, so the saying goes. The 110 is a classic in every sense of the word and one of the most copied knife patterns in the world. Many would say no collection is complete without one.

    The blade is one of the sharpest I've seen out the box, being hair shaving sharp without even needing to be stropped. The bowie blade shape is excellent and has a wicked tip.

    Lock up is strong with no play in any direction and it locks with a very satisfying "clunk". Despite its strength, it isn't too difficult to disengage the lock (a some lock backs often can be).

    The handle, with its smooth dark wood and beautifully contrasting brass bolsters, looks great and feels excellent. There isn't any jimping anywhere on the knife, but it doesn't feel like it needs any. It sits so well in the hand and has a very satisfying weight to it that reassures you that it would be up to any task.

    Though I use knives everyday at work, this isn't one I use personally, though it could most certainly handle the work. I am also a collector, so I bough it because of its history and importance to the world of knives so I believe it appeals to both types of "knife guys/girls".
    (Posted on )

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