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Carinthia Micro Tent Plus

In Stock

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Carinthia Micro Tent Plus

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Carinthia Micro Tent Plus

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Carinthia Micro Tent Plus

Carinthia Micro Tent Plus



A bivouac can be necessary if you do not find a site for a tent, are forced to sleep outdoors or just don’t want to carry a tent. That means a bivy bag can be essential for comfort and for survival! We use only best materials available on the market: GORE-TEX® Gas Permeable Technology is a unique three-layer laminate, absolutely waterproof and extremely breathable. Unlike the GORE-TEX® Membrane, that is used for clothing, GORE-TEX® Gas Permeable Technology is air-permeable As a result, our bivy bags can be closed completely, providing absolute weather protection along with great comfort.

A one-man tunnel tent for special unit personnel. Two all-round zippers allow a middle part to be opened. The zippers are made waterproof by specially designed storm flaps. The integral mosquito net can be closed separately. Five loops on the back hold the insulating mat in place. NATO Stock Number: 8340-41-000- 2527.


Code CARI-92381
Limited Edition: No
Nato Stock Number: 8340-41-000-2527
Brand: Carinthia
Colour: Green
Sleeps: One
Doors: 1
Dimensions (cm): L x W x H: 270 x 87 x 60
Packed Dimensions (cm): 35 x 12
Product Weight (g): 1800g


  1. Outstanding quality and excellent designReview by
    I don’t consider the Micro Tent Plus a tent, but more of a luxury bivi. Plenty of head room and storage space inside and far less claustrophobic than some of Carinthia’s other offerings. Easy enough to get in and out of. However, as with any bivi, it’s always wise to make use of a tarp for admin and additional shelter etc.

    I use it primarily in the summer months pitched under a tarp with the main flap rolled up and the bug net closed.

    Don’t be mistaken in thinking the main flap can be used to create a nice sheltered porch area. Setting this up while laying inside the tent is not easy and immediately becomes troublesome when exiting and re-entering the tent. I recommend you use a ridge line, paracord and carabiners if you want to make it work for you. Still troublesome though!

    In short, i’ve been using this tent/bivi for over two years and it has never let me down. Outstanding quality and excellent design.

    Is it worth the money? Well, that depends on how many content nights sleep you have in it. For me, it’s worked out to be very cheap!

    Still not sure what the ‘Plus’ in the title stands for?!
    (Posted on )

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