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Case Amber Bone Mini Copperlock

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Case Knives Amber Bone Copperlock

test 1Case Knives Amber Bone Copperlocktest 2Case Amber Bone Mini Copperlocktest 3Case Knives Amber Bone Copperlocktest 4 Case Knives Amber Bone Copperlock

Case Amber Bone Mini Copperlock

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Case Amber Bone Mini Copperlock

Case Amber Bone Mini Copperlock



The rich amber hue of the unique handle style on these Case knives allows the natural beauty of jigged bone to take center stage.


Code CA133
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Case
Blade Material: Stainless
Blade Length (cm): 7.0
Overall Length (cm): 16.5
Lock Type: Back Lock
UK Friendly Carry:
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: No


  1. Mini Copperlock. Worth every penny!Review by
    Mine is scaled in the beautiful Case Blue Bone. As mid-back lockers go, the Mini Copperlock is a very nice example of the traditional cutler's everyday use folder. True, it is not for EDC use or carry without 'good reason' and so on. But for use at home or camping, and likely many other outdoor pursuits, this is a classy alternative to a chunky locking folder, much more comfortable and streamlined than a Buck 110 Folding Hunter, or a more modern variant; this is in a more elegant category than the average OHO.

    The fit and finish are first rate, and the slender blade matches the pleasurably pocket friendly dimensions and shape. The comparatively thin frame really suits me. It does not advertise its presence in one's pocket, is light for the size of its blade, and although it may have a somewhat delicate appearance it is still a capable and well made pocket tool. In that respect I'm reminded of a genuine French Laguiole, another deceptively graceful yet competent pocket knife.

    Case's stainless holds a good working edge for a decent time in my book. The super keen fine edge fresh from stropping may not last too long, but thereafter a very useable cutting edge remains. It seems to settle down and then just keeps going, as it were. Others have noted this trait too; the common consensus is that if you like Victorinox stainless then you will also be happy with a stainless Case. I know I am.

    The hand finished charm inherent in a well made traditional pocket knife is here, with the practical benefit of a lock. Spyderco, for example, has certainly enjoyed success with their line of mid-back locking folders, and the Mini Copperlock similarly offers the convenience of the lock location halfway on the back of the knife. Compared to many other designs, it is easier to operate in a situation where you have only one hand free. Mid-lockers allow a secure grip and yet let you unlock and close the folder with ease, with one hand, if needed. A Buck 110, with its lock near the bottom of the handle, by comparison, requires two hands to safely and securely close, at least in my use.

    If you have selected the Mini Copperlock for your introduction to pocket knives made by WR Case, you will be very pleased. If you know the brand, this makes a fine collectible. And yes it is a very good working tool. Anyone with common sense knows better than to pry with a fine pocket knife. The fine tip and sweeping curve of the blade's belly offer great versatility in a thin, comfortable pattern.

    Very highly recommended.

    Kudos to Heinnie's for making this one available!
    (Posted on )
  2. Beautiful Knife!Review by
    Really handsome little knife, top quality fit and finish. Amazing colours in the bone scales.

    The first copperlock I was sent had an issue with the lock/blade. Called Heinnie Haynes and the guys agreed to replace the knife, no problems.

    The replacement copperlock arrived quickly and is perfect! I've never had a problem with any previous purchases and like so many other reviews, I have to agree that Heinnie Haynes customer service is just brilliant!
    (Posted on )
  3. Lovely folder built with quality.Review by
    A fantastic folding lockback knife with superb build quality. Super sharp out of the box, light in the hand and lovely to look at. Opens and closes with a good, not stiff, firm action and securely locks into place with no side to side play. The clip point blade has enough depth to lend it a useful heft while remaining delicate at the point for fine work. Case rightly deserve their continued high reputation.

    First class service by HH, arriving next day, with good communication and well packaged.
    (Posted on )

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