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CRKT CEO Heinnie Haynes® Edition

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CRKT CEO Heinnie Haynes® Edition

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test 1CRKT CEO Heinnie Haynes® Editiontest 2CRKT CEO Heinnie Haynes® Editiontest 3CRKT CEO Heinnie Haynes® Editiontest 4 CRKT CEO Heinnie Haynes® Edition
test 1CRKT CEO Heinnie Haynes® Editiontest 2CRKT CEO Heinnie Haynes® Editiontest 3CRKT CEO Heinnie Haynes® Editiontest 4 CRKT CEO Heinnie Haynes® Edition
test 1CRKT CEO Heinnie Haynes® Editiontest 2CRKT CEO Heinnie Haynes® Editiontest 3CRKT CEO Heinnie Haynes® Editiontest 4 CRKT CEO Heinnie Haynes® Edition
test 1CRKT CEO Heinnie Haynes® Editiontest 2CRKT CEO Heinnie Haynes® Editiontest 3CRKT CEO Heinnie Haynes® Editiontest 4 CRKT CEO Heinnie Haynes® Edition
test 1CRKT CEO Heinnie Haynes® Editiontest 2CRKT CEO Heinnie Haynes® Editiontest 3CRKT CEO Heinnie Haynes® Editiontest 4 CRKT CEO Heinnie Haynes® Edition

CRKT CEO Heinnie Haynes® Edition

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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CRKT CEO Heinnie Haynes® Edition

CRKT CEO Heinnie Haynes® Edition



Four elements come together to produce a knife of real significance. Heinnie Haynes®, CRKT, Richard Rogers and UK legal carry have combined to produce this worldwide exclusive of CRKT's CEO knife.

The DNA remains the same, it is a Richard Rogers knife at heart but with certain elements changed to make it legal to carry within the UK. It is non-locking, the blade has a been shortened to 7.5cm and the thumb stud has been replaced with a nail nick.

The design elements from a high end pen aesthetic and lubed ball bearings in the pivot to reduce friction remain. The IKBS deploys the satin-finished stainless steel blade smoothly which then softly clicks into place. It has a deep carry pocket clip attached to the Glass Reinforced Nylon handle.


Code CR7096HH
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Heinnie Haynes
Blade Material: 8Cr13MoV Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 7.4
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.2
Closed Length (cm): 10.60
Overall Length (cm): 17.8
Blade Hardness (HRC): 58-60
Blade Type: Plain
Blade Shape: Drop Point
Blade Finish: Satin
Cutting Edge (cm): 7.5
Grind: Flat
Handle Detail: Glass Reinforced Nylon
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
One Handed Opening: No
Pocket Clip: Yes
Product Weight (g): 57


  1. Thumb stud required.Review by
    This is a review of a knife I very nearly bought but didn't. I really like the original CEO but I don't want a lock as I want to be able to carry it out and about legally. This version is UK legal but the nail nick really spoils it. There is no restriction on one handed opening knives in the UK so please HH can we have a UK legal version of the CEO with a thumb stud? (Posted on )
  2. Nice edcReview by
    Love it, I wanted to carry the original ceo, and this edition has solved that problem. Nice deep pocket clip I forget I'm carrying it, great looking gentlemens knife, a little tlc and sharp as. Yes it's not one hand open but it's not a work knife so that doesn't bother me (Posted on )
  3. Serves a purpose really wellReview by
    Bought this for ‘smarter occasions’ when I have to not wear jeans and a hoodie!! If I worked in an office environment this would be a great little every day knife, but as I don’t it’s not going to be something I carry often- that said, this is to slip in a shirt pocket and have in a more formal situation, it’s sleek, elegant and non- threatening. I like the action, it’s good quality. Not for heavy duty but who’s gonna be splitting logs at a wedding!? As an occasional use knife for the right place this is perfect. Really glad I purchased it. 4 stars only because in my opinion it’s not very adaptable for edc. (Posted on )
  4. Not bad at all.Review by
    I wouldn't pay more than £40 for the knife. But for that £40 its not too bad.

    The centering was good. It had no blade play. It is pretty comfortable, even with the pocket clip sticking out as it does( Although some of you may find it a distraction.)

    It was sharp out of the box and the finish is pretty good.

    Would i buy it again now ive seen it in the flesh...…..yes.....i would.

    One thing though. Its UK legal, but be careful where you take it out. Its a slim pointy knife that could possibly scare non knife people.

    (Posted on )
  5. CEO, pretty little thing Review by
    this Hennie version of the CEO is very nice it's small but that's the point it's also very pointy it's stylish and unobtrusive and perfect for EDC at your own risk of course .
    it looks capable of any small slicing or cutting tasks and in a pinch as a last-ditch s.d option.

    overall im very happy with it as my first foray into "executive" edcs
    and as always hennies quick turnaround meant i had my knife fix sorted in under 2 days from putchase to delivery .
    I cannot rate HH any higher as a company .
    (Posted on )
  6. Excellent UK carryReview by
    Excellent HH service as usual. I dithered about buying this knife, kept putting it off, but finally took the plunge. I wish I had done that ages ago, this is a great little knife, slim, well built, smooth action. If used carefully for general office carry I don’t see any issues. Yes it’s a ball detent mechanism, but as long as you’re careful, you should be fine. Caused me no issues so far. Great value for money. (Posted on )
  7. Nice little folder but prone to closing on youReview by
    This is a great little pocket knife and is extremely will put together. Sharp put of the box and a good length for a front trouser / jean pocket carry. The ball bearing joint does make its smooth as silk to open but there is the drawback, unless you are using the blade in such a way that hold the blade open it can very easily slip and try to close.
    This focuses the mind on how you are using it rather than just trusting it to do the job.
    The lack of a lock and the nail nick , all designed to make it a UK legal carry, are its drawbacks.
    It is a very handsome knife but when the Grown up version is back in stock i will be ordering it for use in the real world at work.
    (Posted on )
  8. Great ValueReview by
    Just received my knife - again HH ship stuff fast. The knife is solidly built, no play on the blade and razor sharp. There are tougher steels out there but not at this price and for an EDC its great value and feels good in my hand, its also slim and fairly light so sits in my pocket unnoticed.

    Def worth buying and def worth the money.
    (Posted on )
  9. Great ValueReview by
    Just received my knife - again HH ship stuff fast. The knife is solidly built, no play on the blade and razor sharp. There are tougher steels out there but not at this price and for an EDC its great value and feels good in my hand, its also slim and fairly light so sits in my pocket unnoticed.

    Def worth buying and def worth the money.
    (Posted on )
  10. Great little knifeReview by
    Fit and finish is fantastic, came shaving sharp.
    The detent is acceptable, feels nice in the hand
    Discrete in use, great slicer.
    It’s not for heavy use, but for its intended use, it’s perfect.
    Lovely little EDC blade that’ll see a lot of pocket time.
    (Posted on )
  11. Gentlemans EDCReview by
    Been carrying mine for a couple of weeks. It's great. Does not raise eyebrows. Lovely to use. Lovely quality. Beautiful design. Smooth opening. This is a classic. (Posted on )
  12. RuinedReview by
    Good penknife destroyed by stupid knife laws. They have removed all the good parts and left us with this insipid and dangerous to use piece of junk. It is now designed to close on your fingers. If you are going to do away with safety locks at least make the thing a proper slip joint, not a crappy weak ball bearing. IMO buy the original, your fingers will thank you. (Posted on )
  13. Good knife but....Review by
    Lovely little knife but the friction lock could be a bit more positive. Would feel safer if the blade was a little more rigid when open.
    Apart from that great little knife.
    (Posted on )
  14. Love it!Review by
    This really is a sleek & elegant gentleman’s folder.

    Great deep carry clip & lovely ergonomics.

    I’m guessing the reason for the nail nick, rather than a thumb stud, is because no one is 100% sure how the new UK knife law will be interpreted in practice.

    Fantastic knife for only 40 quid!
    (Posted on )
  15. Great knife, Great price, Usual Great HH ServiceReview by
    Great knife as long as you accept it for what it is designed to be - a UK friendly LIGHT duty pocket knife that is going to in a suit pocket or on an office desk. Outside of work I have a Boker XS in my jeans pocket while in a more formal environment - office etc. the CEO shines as it is very discrete and non-threatening.

    Edge is sharp, fit and finish are good. Knife feels a little weightier than you'd expect for it's size - in my personal opinion, this is a good thing. Scales feel good, stainless steel liners look quite classy.

    Great price - what's to say, less than 40 pound delivered!

    Great HH service - I wasn't sure from the reviews and description how strong the lock-up on the blade would be and if it would be likely to close under even light use. Quick phone call to HH and a five minute chat about how strong the lock-up was and my worries were (correctly) put to rest.

    Ordering and delivery - it's HH, what else do you need to know ;-)

    What would I change for the next HH Edition of the CEO :-) ....
    1) small single sided thumb stud instead of the nail nick
    2) red scales
    3) HH Logo on the blade
    4) Nothing else!
    (Posted on )
  16. Excellent for the price!Review by
    Got mine today as something a touch more elegant to carry, and I'm not disappointed.

    Blade is centred and it arrived shaving sharp. I've not had to run it over a stone yet. Slices paper like a treat, is nice and light and handles well. There is a nice grip to the handles without it feeling like something industrial.

    Definitely worth buying, and if it came like this with a fli*per or a thumb stud it would be even better, but that isn't a downside.
    (Posted on )
  17. Discrete and classy, a very good UK EDC ChoiceReview by
    I bought this on a whim as I already have a UK legal EDC knife for just about every occasion, but I guess that I am edging towards collector status. I was instantly impressed with the knife out of the box, and have carried it for 2 weeks now and my opinion of the knife has actually gone up.

    For these reasons:

    1: It is very well mannered when it is in a closed position. It actually does not look like a knife, maybe a chunky pen or (as a colleague said) as small vaping machine. It is the only knife I own which I could leave on my desk at work without arousing suspicions that I was some kind of survivalist nut job or murdering fiend (neither is true)

    2: decent pocket clip so it is easy to carry

    3: once you deploy the knife you have a long slicy blade. It was pretty sharp out of the box, but I reprofiled the blade as I do with all of my knives and was able to get it shaving sharp with a 20 degree edge each side.

    4: the fit and finish of the knife is great, blade centring is spot on and it has a great finish all round. It looks like it cost way more than its price and the I love the scales too which look just like carbon fibre and give a nice feel in the hand.

    Things to consider, (these are not negatives per se, just extra information)

    The lockup is not the strongest you will find. It's not super weak but the knife when open can close under even medium use so this is not a knife to carry for hard work. There is no half stop either so once the blade starts folding you need to realise that and act accordingly.

    Steel (8CR13MOV) is totally acceptable for the price but it will need touching up more often than a better steel. For me this is no issue as I only carry this knife for the lightest of duties (opening packages, cutting up food, ).

    Overall a great knife for the price for a day when you don't need heavy duty in your pocket and don't want something which will scare non knife people. The price was a bonus, and well done Heinnie Haynes for taking another knife design and for getting a credible and usable UK conversion.
    (Posted on )
  18. Lovely pocket knife, albeit niche for me:Review by
    So first of all, HH gets a 5* service as always, thank you!

    Onto the knife itself:

    The CRKT C.E.O UK is very aesthetically pleasing to me, it looks quality and the fit/finish is good!

    - Although it is a nail-nick, I found myself fidgeting with it as the action is smooth/satisfying.

    - The blade on mine was incredibly sharp OOB (push cut phone book paper)

    Overall it is a lovely bit of kit and I do like it!

    So why the 4 stars?

    I bought this as a potential replacement for my Byrd Tern that i have been using since the start of the year.

    In my EDC I carry a victorinox deluxe tinker (more for the other tools) and the Byrd Tern as my primary edc blade.

    Although the CRKT is lovely, it will not replace the Byrd as they are just completely different beasts (not a bad thing):

    - The Byrd has g10 handles for grip, a stronger back-spring/half-stop system and finger choil, so can handle the tougher edc tasks I need to throw at it.

    - The CEO is more elegant and for light duties only (opening letters, peeling an apple, sharpening a pencil etc).

    - Because I also carry a SAK, this makes the CEO redundant for me as an edc blade (I wouldn't throw anything at the ceo that the SAK couldn't handle/vice-versa).

    For this reason, the CEO will be relegated to my office-drawer and a niche edc for minimalist carry days.

    If you are looking for an elegant edc blade and don't need to handle heavy cutting tasks (i.e cutting cardboard), the ceo is a fantastic purchase and I do really like it overall!

    If you are looking for a more robust edc, have a look at the Byrd Tern, Spyderco UKPK, Spyderco Urban (i've just bought this and it will replace the tern) or Manly Wasp.

    Should this design ever be revised in the future, I feel it could benefit from the following changes:

    1) Gimping on the back of the blade for extra grip.

    The CEO is about as robust as a SAK blade, therefore it doesn't take much to close on you. Because the back of the blade is very smooth i found the natural build-up of oil in my thumb to cause slippage and make the blade more prone to closing.

    2) Extend the blade slightly out of the handle when closed.

    Similar to the og richard rogers design or boker wasabi, the combination of this with the gimping would allow the back of the blade to fold deeper into the handle and I feel would provide a bit of extra security/confidence.

    So, although I love the knife overall, I feel it could be much better with a bit of tweakage!
    (Posted on )
  19. Loving it!Review by
    Well done HH. Once again a top design has been tweaked to fit the UK market. The CEO has always been one of my favourites. This is perfect EDC. (Posted on )
  20. I love this little knifeReview by
    I just can’t stop letting it go through my fingers. It’s sleek. Solid enough and just looks great. For me it’s mostly for every day use like peeling fruits and it’s perfect for this. Glad to have it in my collection. (Posted on )
  21. Best pocket clip going.Review by
    Like the pocket clip very much. It’s the best of any knife I have recently bought.. Lockup is good. Finish is ok. Ball bearing is nice. Buy it for the price. (Posted on )
  22. DisappointedReview by
    I received this knife today from Heinnie - a purchase I was looking forward to receiving. I am disappointed by the lack of rigidity: there is a lot of flex in this frame. But what I find more frustrating is the poor edge on the blade - it is very far from what I consider ‘sharp’. I am returning this knife for a refund, unfortunately. (Posted on )
  23. My new CEO turn up today and I am very pleased.Review by
    Just received the new Hennie version (UK Friendly) CEO today. I am very pleased . It is a very nice conversion of the locking knife to meet the charging laws in the UK. (Posted on )
  24. wonderful knifeReview by
    What a wonderful knife at an amazingly low price! Having got mine , I immediately ordered two more as gifts for friends. My one query is about the pocket clip - do we really need this? I always take mine off, that but leaves the screw holes visible. Making it without the clip would presumably make manufacture easier and make a wonderful knife even better! Chris (Posted on )
  25. Could be better. Review by
    Blade style nothing like the original. Missing the thumb stud. Nail nick is tiny it's just a standard pen knife. Crkt should be ashamed to put the name ceo to the knife (Posted on )
  26. LovelyReview by
    This is a very pretty little pocket knife. I think people will ask to see it as soon as you take it out of your pocket. The cut out for the nail nick sits nicely for the grip. As always fantastic quick delivery from HH thank you (Posted on )
  27. What A KnifeReview by
    I bought an original CEO when they came out. I loved it, but I couldn't carry it. The HH CEO is the answer to my dreams. Now I have CEO I can carry. Its a best. When its in your pocket, it almost looks like a pen.

    (Posted on )
  28. A fine knifeReview by
    I am delighted with my new Heinnie Haynes® Edition CRKT CEO it is a elegant knife that is a real treat to use.

    Thanks Heinnie.
    (Posted on )
  29. Great EDC KnifeReview by
    I really liked the original CEO but unfortunately couldn't not carry it around. This version solves it. They have removed the button but I assume its for UK legal purposes. Loss that I am happy to overlook as long I can have it on me without any worries. (Posted on )
  30. WOWReview by
    Heinnie design people have done it again, took a locker and Uk friendly it in there own supoerb style. What a sleak smooth operation. Wouldnt of thought thuis blade being a candiadte but subtle changes make this a winner for me. Cant wait to carry this beauty. Of course HH delivery eben on standard 1st class was here this morning at 8. Thank you for bring this one to market. (Posted on )
  31. I'm in love!!!!Review by
    What a great addition to my ever growing UK carry collection. Love the way the blade engages to the open position...cant put it down!!
    Ordered 3.30 yesterday and postman droped it of an hour ago, how do you do it?
    (Posted on )
  32. So close, but...Review by
    I was really looking forward to this knife. The original CEO is thing of beauty, with perfect attention to detail. This ‘UK’ version could have been the perfect non-locking ECD, but while the blade length is perfect, they have removed the button, so no one-handed opening. Nail nicks are fiddly and awkward, especially if you don’t have perfectly manicured nails! But even worse, the have removed the stylish grind from the back of the blade! What could have been a must-have, UK legal pocket knife, has been castrated down to a run-of-the-mill penknife, just like all the other penknives pout there.
    So disappointed. :(
    (Posted on )

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