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Douk Douk Folder

Douk-Douk Folder Black

Douk Douk Folder


The Douk-Douk folder is a strong, low priced knife. It is robust and discreet, original and low maintenance. The Douk-Douk was created in the town of Thiers, France. The blade is made from Carbon Steel and the handle is made from blackened folded steel.


Code DD815-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Douk Douk
Blade Material: Carbon steel
Blade Length (cm): 8.6
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.3
Overall Length (cm): 20.3
Handle Material: Steel
Lock Type: Non-locking
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: No


Nice knife, shame about the rust.Review by Dan
Nice knife but mine arrived absolutely covered in red rust. I returned it & I'm still considering whether or not I should order another. (Posted on 16/07/2017)
5 starsReview by Val.E
As a Frenchman living in UK I could not be complete without my Douk-Douk. I now carry a piece of French history and genetic with me all day.
A mean blade I use to shave with when out in the wild and a great subject of conversation.
Thank Heinnie Haynes for the service. (Posted on 23/02/2017)
ExcellentReview by Big AL
Knife arrived promptly the next day securely packaged, prompt efficient service. Sharp ish when arrived, it would do the paper test, although with some catching. Sharpened using fine Norton India and hard translucent Arkansas with Norton oil. 40 degree included angle with flat levels. Shaving sharp. Tested on Pine and hardwood with 150 slicing cuts on each with the grain and across grain.
Given a slight strop on leather after with no additive. Shaving sharp again, hair off arm easily. Hardness is quoted as 52 to 54 on the net, but lower figure is 50 on Cognet's site. Seems to hold its edge as well as Knives with a higher HRC rating. If you want a knife you can slip in your pocket and forget about this is it. The edge is suspended 4 millimetres from the spring by the kick with no blade bounce. No play anywhere, rock solid. Highly recommended, obviously made by people who know what they're doing. Oh yes, bags of history too!.

(Posted on 06/09/2016)
Ahhhh, carbon steelReview by Alex Jacob/Cobra Whips
Other than a knife which gets used for eating when out and about (eg my excellent EKA Swede 38) I'm done with stainless steel. The most expensive I've bought is Aus 8a and the Douk-Douk's steel is better for a fraction of the money.

This is the knife I carry in my whip-fettling kit when at workshops, etc. The steel is really good, the grind excellent; I love the blade shape with those two un-polished finger dents on the back; the strong spring combined with a half-cock position and decent sized ricasso make the hand safe from accidental closures so no lock required; that half-cock position allows use as a draw knife, and it works really well!

The slim handle isn't the most comfortable and one will find one's hands rather than the knife's strength the limiting factor to the kind of work which can be done. However, for jack-knife duties it is fine and the low profile is easy to carry in a back pocket. Were the extra quarter inch of edge not a source of hysteria this would be my everyday carry knife.

Moreover, it has "Douk-Douk" written on it, which is the cutlery equivalent of "Bongo Friendee" and is worth the purchase price alone.

(Posted on 18/10/2015)
SuperbReview by caposk
An excellent folder with a very strong back spring. Not sure why it's so much more expensive with an unpainted handle, but it is. (Posted on 05/05/2015)
Surprised me a little.Review by G
As a collector, I bought this from a historical stand point. There is a history behind the blade that is worth reading up on if you are interested.

I must admit, despite hearing about how tough it was, I was still surprised. It just doesn't look all that strong in the images I'd seen of it. How wrong I was... I found out that it was issued to French soldiers during the war and that they would often hammer the handle steel closed, turning it into a fixed blade fighting knife, and it really feels like it is up to the task. Despite its size (it is no more than 5mm thick) it is one robust little bugger!

The carbon steel blade came very sharp and with a run across a strop it becomes razor. The handle is as simple as it gets, being just a folded sheet of steel (similar in build to a Higonokami type knife). It is crudely made and is not particularly comfortable to hold, but it has a rugged charm.

Deployment is difficult. It has just about the strongest back spring I have ever seen on a knife. Of course this is good when it is open as you can be sure it will not close up on you fingers, but to get it open is a bit of a pain. As there is no nail nick or thumb stud to help, you have to pinch the blade to get it open and it is very resistant to opening, perhaps dangerously so. I have not yet used it enough to see if this eases up at all.

From a historical standpoint, if you are at all interested in the history of knives, you really have to have one in your collection and it would even today make a good working knife, if you are not too worried about slow deployment or fancy, ergonomic designs. (Posted on 13/03/2015)
A great knife,with a history to match!Review by The far flung Frenchmans friend!
This is a knife that just looks the part. A tough no nonsense blade that just does it job and has done in some very demanding places. It looks like it could have come from a grizzled 'Ancient' Legionnaire’s greatcoat pocket! A must have piece for any collector of 'real world' Knives, and a real bargain still able to cope with 21st Century challenges ( of course the U.K. Legal has it's very real 'no hassle' EDC pull, but the original is just so charismatic)! (Posted on 01/07/2014)
Review by henri creo
Perfect edc knife, very thin, you can keep it in your pocket all day long it doesn't bug you like an Opinel for example. Sturdy thick blade and very easy to sharpen.

It's a slipjoint knife (no lock) but the backspring is very strong.

For the price you can't go wrong with it. (Posted on 20/05/2012)
alReview by A. Whittle
No frills here just a really simple strong razor sharp knife which is a pleasure to use and stays sharp.(needs wiping and oiling after use)
Has an interesting history too its made in France but did not originate there.
No nail nick to open but opens in two stages ( you still need to concentrate in order to keep your fingers intact)Look forward to the UK legal version with 2.5" blade.
Ordered at 4pm arrived the following morning amazing service from HH. (Posted on 25/04/2012)

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