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Fox Parang Bushcraft

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Fox Knives Parang Bushcraft

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Fox Parang Bushcraft

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Fox Parang Bushcraft

Fox Parang Bushcraft



The ultimate bushcraft, survivalist tool. Designed and manufactured in Italy by Alfredo Doricchi the blade is N690Co Cobalt Vanadium stainless steel and ultra sharp for powerful chopping capabilities and finer work. It is comfortable, well balanced, lightweight and supplied with a well stocked and thoughtfully put together survival kit. The kit includes all the recommended items including whistle, compass, fire steel, candle, snare, a small blade and much more. Not only that but Fox have included a 6 inch, 30 minute light stick too. The nylon sheath allows all of this to hang from your belt.


Code FOX-FX-0107153
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Fox
Blade Material: N690Co Cobalt Vanadium Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 17.0
Overall Length (cm): 30.0
Blade Coating: Black Idroglider Coating
Blade Hardness (HRC): HRC 58 - 60
Handle Material: FRN
Handle Colour: Brown
Sheath: Cordura


  1. One Problem..??Review by
    I absolutely love this knife BUT after handing it to my dad to clean a cow Elk we got in Colorado he said “I would have to pry it out of his dead hands” well that said thank you to the Fox Knife Company and the attention to detail. He often rides his quad or on horseback in to the National forrest by himself and my only request is that he doesn’t leave home without it “obviously not a problem now” because he loves the idea of having a survival kit and I added a couple spinners and a couple other things that are good for the area he hunts. The only good/bad thing is that when he passes it will be pried out of his hands to be carried for generations to come in the future.. Thanks Fox Knife Co your knife story’s will live on for years.. Fox Knife For Life.. (Posted on )
  2. PARANGReview by
    What a beautiful tool this is. A great design from Mr Alfredo Doricchi. The FX-0107153 arrives with a survival kit in a MOLLE pouch, and a 12hr "ChemLight". The Parang has the same great scabbard as the Israeli (FX-602). Packed with features, some of which include - a hard insert, a MOLLE back with a QD belt loop, a detachable twin snap retaining strap, a single snap fixed retaining strap with velcro on the back so it can be folded out of the way, and 4 elastic loops on the sides. This is one of FKMD's better scabbards. The Parang is well thought out with no sharp corners on the blade or handle. Blade - 7" inc. ricasso. Handle - 5" (longest part). Extended tang - 3x8"ths. Stock - 5.99mm. Balance point - 1" in front of the handle. All specs. approx. Thanks to HH for a great price. I am very pleased with my purchase ! (Posted on )
  3. BEAST !!!!!!!!!Review by
    I have been looking at this Parang for quite some time and now that I own it I am chuffed to bits with it! Razor sharp, absolutely beautiful to look at and a proper monster of a knife ! People always say that you can't only have one knife to survive in the wilderness ... They obviously have never had their hands on this beast! You could be dumped anywhere on the planet and this bad boy could do ALL the work you need to do to survive! Highly recommended!
    As for customer service ... The guys at Heinne are second to NONE . Ordered on Saturday night in my greasy paws 08.30 hrs Tuesday morning ! Outstanding as usual! Thanks guys!
    (Posted on )
  4. Extremely GoodReview by
    I used and abused a Fallkniven A1 and wanted to try something else so I sold it and bought this. Well, it is more versatile and you get that quality survival kit that you can add to as there's still room. It is as good as the A1 in my opinion and chops better. It lacks the A1's convex grind which is better in a lot of ways but I may take the time to convex the edge on this. (Posted on )
  5. Excelent!!!Review by
    It is the best tool I've used in the woods. Very sharp and it holds it's edge. Just put on it a paracord d quard and combine it with a mora knife and your ready! and the survival kit is not bad! I also like that it is military style the hole idea of the knife. Cheers. (Posted on )
  6. shelter building excellenceReview by
    Well I've been using it for a week and I can honestly say its brilliant, I wish people would stop thinking that there is one bushcraft tool that will do everything! There is no such blade and anything you buy thinking it will is just a compromise that will do nothing properly! In my experience you need 3 tools, a large clearance and chopping tool, a mid sized building tool and a normal knife tool, and this is my mid sized building tool, it excels at taking down and forming timber for shelter and fire building, infact it will even take down a small tree (150mm) so can handle larger jobs, its so well made and feels very light compared to some camp tools I've had which means I can use it for longer, if I HAD to choose just one single blade for bushcraft or survival it would be this, its razor sharp with a excellent quality sheath, it's tough and easy to use, small and light to carry, and excels at its main job, its now my 1st choice blade and I won't go anywhere now without it! (Posted on )
  7. palm chopping machine!Review by
    This is an extremely sharp and well built tool, however the handle lacks a little and When doing heavy duty chopping it tends to want to slip out of the hand. A lanyard remedies this but only for a short while due to the fact the that the lanyard hole has extremely sharp edges and tends to fray cordage down to the core. Otherwise a great tool! (Posted on )

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