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Gerber Prodigy Part-Serrated

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Gerber Prodigy Part-Serrated

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Gerber Prodigy Part-Serrated

18+ Age Restriction Icon

Out Of Stock

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Gerber Prodigy Part-Serrated

Gerber Prodigy Part-Serrated



Be prepared for anything with the Gerber 22-41121 Prodigy Survival Knife. Featuring ultra-durable stainless steel construction and an ergonomic overmoulded rubber handle, the Prodigy provides a sure grip in all conditions and boasts a great balance and feel. Whatever outdoor adventure you tackle next, the Prodigy will be there to see you through.

Featuring a design inspired by the award-winning LMF II, the Prodigy packs a punch yet is still compact enough for optimum portability. This full tang, U.S. 420HC stainless steel blade is beefy enough to handle whatever comes its way, and its black oxide coating provides improved corrosion resistance and reduced visual signature, so you can take it with you on any kind of excursion, or for outdoor adventures.

The Prodigy's ergonomic, over-molded rubber handle ensures a soft, comfortable, and secure grip no matter what the conditions. Much like the knife, the sheath is designed to live up to any task with a friction-release thumb lock for security and a range of non-detection features. It also includes a belt loop for fast hanging.




Code G1121
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Gerber
Blade Material: 420HC Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 12.0
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.5
Overall Length (cm): 24.5
Blade Colour: Black
Handle Colour: Black
Handle Material: Rubber
Blade Coating: Black Oxide
Sheath: Black Ballistic Nylon
Product Weight (g): 209g excluding sheath
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


  1. Well-made but originally expensiveReview by
    Nice survival/combat knife. Handle material top quality and hard to beat in comfort. If you can stand the military-size sheath it's a nice design generally and also lightweight. Don't buy this for regular use though because 420HC is bit too soft for that unless you want to sharpen and sharpen again until it's not the same size/shape blade as when you bought it. Although a great design ergonomically it's not especially good value for money unless you worship Gerbers' rather good name over very able competitors. (Posted on )
  2. The Gerber Prodigy Review by
    The knife is a beast. I love it. It's very comfortable in the hand and performs well. The serration cuts rope, cord, straps and seat belts very well. The blade angle is a bit weird and takes a little while to sharpen to razor sharpness (if you are that way inclined) but I haven't needed to sharpen mine and I have been hacking at tree branches and it hasn't dulled the blade much if at all. The compact size with the full tang design means its a must have if you want a small knife that packs a punch. (Posted on )
  3. Always the first thing to go in my expedition bag.Review by
    I've had one of these for several years now and it has never let me down . I've really given it some abuse in that time too, I've even cut open a wall with it ! The grip is good on the handle, but you can ride onto the blade if you are using or gripping it incorrectly. The sheath is compact and has all sorts of ways of mounting it. The blade is bonkers sharp from new and the edge retention is really good. It isn't that hard to sharpen with a small rod, which can easily be hidden to the sheath if needed. Its always the first thing in my expedition bag. It's compact for this style of knife, blade length is just right for universal use. I use it a lot for cutting poly rope so the serrated edge is a must for me. A small hole in the bottom of the sheath is helpful to drain the sheath if you are in and out of water with it. (Posted on )
  4. Gerber ProdigyReview by
    The Prodigy is the slighty smaller, but much lighter brother of the LMF II. As soon as you pick it up in it's scabbard, you know it's Mil-Spec. Issued to chopper pilots in the USA apparently. So, the nylon rig is "bolted" and strapped the rubber coated hard shell. It has a MOLLE back and a 3.5" belt loop. The snaps are hidden within the retaining straps. The handle is nice and grippy, I have always liked Gerber's rubber over-moulded handles. It has a glass-breaker extended tang, and the balance point is just behind the hilt. This is a product with integrity. Proudly made in the USA. (Posted on )

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