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Sheffield Genuine British Army Clasp Knife

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Sheffield Genuine British Army Knife

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test 1Sheffield Genuine British Army Knifetest 2Sheffield Genuine British Army Clasp Knifetest 3Sheffield Genuine British Army Knifetest 4 Sheffield Genuine British Army Knife
test 1Sheffield Genuine British Army Knifetest 2Sheffield Genuine British Army Clasp Knifetest 3Sheffield Genuine British Army Knifetest 4 Sheffield Genuine British Army Knife
test 1Sheffield Genuine British Army Knifetest 2Sheffield Genuine British Army Clasp Knifetest 3Sheffield Genuine British Army Knifetest 4 Sheffield Genuine British Army Knife
test 1Sheffield Genuine British Army Knifetest 2Sheffield Genuine British Army Clasp Knifetest 3Sheffield Genuine British Army Knifetest 4 Sheffield Genuine British Army Knife

Sheffield Genuine British Army Clasp Knife

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In Stock

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Sheffield Genuine British Army Clasp Knife

Sheffield Genuine British Army Clasp Knife



The first reference to a Sheffield cutler dates to 1297! They have certainly been making knives for a long time and when the city became a steel producing area the industry took off. When you buy a knife made in Sheffield you become the owner of a little piece of history.

The Sheffield Genuine British Army Clasp Knife has been made by Joseph Rogers in Sheffield since the mid-1800's and the design has not changed much since then mainly because it is an effective and hard working tool with enough versatility to perform your most important tasks. It has a non-locking sheepsfoot blade, a can opener, a marlin spike for untying knots and a screwdriver/pry. Job done!


Code WIT-PK128
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Joseph Rodgers
Blade Length (cm): 6.4
Closed Length (cm): 10.10
Overall Length (cm): 16.5
Handle Material: Steel
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes


  1. Not as Rugged as it looksReview by
    I brought this knife as an everyday tool not to look at so the chunky looks and admittedly slightly rough finish wasn't an issue. The problem is it just broke. I've had the knife for about two years and the spring steel for the main blade snapped yesterday, not sure why I wasn't abusing it but its damn useless with a freely rotating blade.
    Shame really as i was looking for a no frills working knife but this evidently wasn't it.
    (Posted on )
  2. A Flawed ClassicReview by
    Firstly, thanks to HH for their usual rapid and efficient service. So easy to deal with.

    I have an original example that dates back to the forties or early fifties that my father acquired back in the day. I keep this knife for purely sentimental reasons so wanted a modern version that I could use & abuse.

    This knife is certainly tough and should last several lifetimes but it certainly has not been assembled with much finesse! The rivets are rather crudely formed with clear damage to one side of the scales where the rivet heads have been pressed or peened over. It looks as if the die used is not a good fit for the rivets causing the die to mark the area around the rivets. On the other scale the heads are quite proud and could have been ground to lower the height slightly.

    The polished sheepsfoot blade had a poor edge and was really not fit for purpose. The grind was very course and also uneven, especially towards to tip. I reprofiled the edge using an electric grinder then finished off with a fine diamond grit. Around 20 minutes of work and I now have an edge that will slice paper cleanly although I still wouldn’t describe it as shaving sharp. Still, for the type of knife this is it is finally sharp enough for my purposes.

    The marlin spike and combined tin/bottle opener are OK but I expect I’ll be using the spike more than the opener.

    The springs exert a reasonable degree of pressure so that the tools feel securely held when deployed. The tools all centre well when closed and only the spike had a small amount of side play although not enough for it to be an issue.

    The scales have a brushed satin finish which contrasts nicely with the polished tools but the execution of the brushed finish leaves something to be desired. The brushing is a little uneven and gives the impression of being crudely done. The landyard loop will barely move due to the tightness of the rivet. I suppose it may loosen a little with enough use but it would have been easy to get this right in the first place.

    Despite the negatives I do actually like this knife and I expect to get a lot of use out of it. Quality control could be better and overall it doesn’t match the quality of my dad’s old knife but it will do.
    (Posted on )
  3. Industrial !Review by
    I was not sure what rating to give this knife as i was comparing it with all the previous folding knives i have purchased .
    It aint pretty and mine may just manage to cut butter on a very hot day .Having spent 15mins using a lansky box and a strop i can sometimes cut paper ,much more work is needed .

    Stopping for lunch and a cuppa i had a long hard look at this knife ,its big, tall and slim and will just about fit in the small coin pocket of my jeans . It looks INDUSTRIAL ,VERY STRONG and DURABLE . There are dent marks on the side of it around the rivets but they seem in keeping with the purpose of the knife , it looks as if its built to deal with anything you can throw at it .
    If you would rather something more delicate and every day more practical buy a swiss army knife ,

    This knife will long outlast me ,it will have a life long after i,m gone .A future family heirloom ?? .
    Do i like it , Yeah , a must for your collection .
    (Posted on )
  4. Solid chunky knife, needs some very light love to get goingReview by
    ordered on Monday afternoon, received today (wednesday). usual helpful advice and great service from Heinnie. Have had a 1953 issue version without the spike and always wondered what one would be like that hadnt had its blade ground to hell with a file . well heres my first impressions. one, this is a heavy lump, but in a reassuring way. i expect it too will be around in 66 years like my old one. the lampsfoot blade is solid enough, and has a firm but manageable opening action. was it dull on arrival as stated above- yes, however, i literally gave it a gentle brush over the black mineral side of a DC4 stone about half a dozen times (yes i counted), and im already able to shave my forearm with it - not in an advert with a famous footballer stoking his chin way, but it wont take much to get this thing dangerously sharp. The marlin spike if nothing else gives this thing a retro charm. its heavier to open, but im a way that seems fitting. i can see it being used as a digging tool on top of its stated uses. i read somewhere someone reckoning you could use the spike defensibly, but youd be better closing the blades and throwing the thing like a rock i reckon. tin opener - i saw that get a slating which surprised me cause my old one was brilliant in this regard, and i used it as my go to, to take the top off beer cans to make DIY trangia burners. tried it with the new one. blunt as a school report and I ended up flattening the can by accident. took the flat (not bevelled) side of the can opener and rubbed it against the gold/diamond side of the DC4 stone, to create a tiny, 1mm bevel. took a few mins, and now it works a charm. mind you cant open the can opener without another tool - hopefully will free up with use and a soak in WD40. this all sounds a bit negative, but Im loving this knife so far. literally spent a few minutes on it. oh and it fits in an Opsrey 9mm mag pouch with room for a solitaire type torch (or the duracell equivalent in this case), and a fire steel kinda bodged into the molle attachment itself. will report back when ive given it some abuse (Posted on )
  5. A product of its time. Which has passed....Review by
    I bought this for my dad to replace the original that he managed to break . Not really for use but as a reminder of his time in the forces.

    I expected utility but it’s pretty rough for the money and doesn’t really highlight Sheffield steel as any sort of quality. Still it’s a product of its time and I’m sure my dad will be happy with it.

    Me, not so much. For a display or conversation piece it’s fine. For utility, any Swiss Army knife of a similar price blows this away.
    (Posted on )
  6. Taken back to my service yearsReview by
    I used to be in the Armed Forces and had one of these as a trusty sidekick for many ears. I even bear the scars of misusing it one day only to get bitten.
    Great looking EDC knife (IMHO) and I can see me carrying this for many years. Not as tight to open as I remember, which is a good thing. And came reasonably sharp but not looking for a razor in my pocket for a knife that’s going to get daily use. Great service from HH as always and love that I can collect locally rather than miss deliveries when I’m working. Bottle opener is fine by the way.
    (Posted on )
  7. DisappointedReview by
    Bought to replace my old knife given to a man in need.

    Not sorry I helped someone out but disappointed this is not the quality replacement I'd hoped for.

    Blade badly ground and not sharp.
    Side plates distorted and steel buckled especially near rivets which are badly set.
    Loop for lanyard just not nice.

    Maybe I got a Friday afternoon one, or a trainee's efforts.

    Sharpened up O.K. the rest I can live with. Steel is O.K. and it's solid.
    Blades open and close nicely.

    It's never going to be a knife to be proud of which I'd hoped for, being British made etc.

    Shame I can't post pictures. Only thing I've ever bought from H & H I'm not really happy with.
    (Posted on )
  8. Belay that bottle opener slur!Review by
    Ahem. The bottle opener works great. Technique is the answer for many of life's puzzles. My Vic Farmer removes caps with unthinking ease. But analysing this simple everyday action, I realised I'd been pushing forward on the bottle cap (crown, if you want to be correct to industry standards). My prized British Army Knife was chipping the bottle. Because I was unconsciously pushing forward as I lifted, bringing the lower part of the bottle opener into contact with the glass with unnecessary pressure. Whoops!

    Solution: pull, don't push. Ease backward a little bit when lifting the cap off the bottle. Not a difficult adjustment. Far more easy to do than to describe. No unnecessary steel to glass contact, and no glass flaking or crushing. Sorted.

    I wish I'd discovered this sooner. My previous review would have been several words shorter (ha!) and not the least bit defamatory. So, the good old BAK is every bit as trusty as legend and countless users claim. As has been said, side by side, even a Vic Farmer looks a bit delicate next to a brawny BAK!

    Actually my initial review was inspired by a viewing of 'Ice Cold in Alex.' A very good survival film. Ingenuity and the best of the human spirit against tremendous odds. But see if you can spot a BAK in its supporting role.

    Thanks for reading, hopefully this has been useful. Bottle opener? Case closed. Cheers!
    (Posted on )
  9. As rugged as you can get. Review by
    Function often defines form. So some items become in a sense timeless. There is nothing unnecessary here. In use, the British Army pocket knife is effectively the most robust of its type. The classic Land Rover of pocket knives?

    Although mass produced, the no-nonsense configuration and rugged tools are stripped to the essentials, with a weight that gives confidence. It is not going to break in normal sensible use. Mine needed a little attention to bring out the best in it.

    The pins are now carefully filed, only to ease the sharp burrs. They are still proud, but no longer uncomfortable. Likewise the sharp edges of the sheet metal frame are smoothed out. The wire edge was quite stubborn to remove. After that, the blade took some work to achieve a good edge. It would indicate a fairly high degree of blade hardness.

    The sheepfoot has a long history as a working blade. An accidental injury is not as likely as with a pointed blade. Military design trials have conclusively proven this; which is why modern rescue knives, designed to free people from lines, jammed seat belts, webbing, etc, feature a sheepfoot blade or a similarly rounded tip. In many instances a folding knife is inherently safer to carry and deploy. Compact, too.

    The screwdriver, as an intrinsic extension of the central spacer, is certainly useful, but reportedly will bend if used too aggressively. Possibly the stainless steel used here is softer than the obviously more crucial blade.

    On mine, opening bottles takes a tiny flake of glass from the lip of the bottle underneath the cap. Every time. So my BAK has a small flaw in this regard. It requires care to ensure that the sharp flake does not enter a drinking glass, and if drinking from the opened bottle, the resulting divot must be avoided. It would require some gentle file work to correct this. A Victorinox bottle opener would be a good comparative guide. When you need to do some work on a pocket knife, the key is to go in little stages, trying it out frequently as you go. For example, gently hammering and then checking to reduce or eliminate blade play.

    The number of tins opened is past counting! My BAK has outlasted an electric can opener, and at least one manually operated opener. So at present the BAK is assigned to kitchen duties unless required elsewhere. And a very useful addition to the kitchen drawer it has been! Also it is great for removing those metal collars from the necks of glass bottles.

    The marlin spike is almost brutally stout. I have never used its equal in a folding knife. It will easily pierce, open, separate, mark, scribe, and on and on. Oh yes - it does a good job on ropes and even steel cables!

    The shackle is a tried and true way to tether your BAK. It is more secure than the similar but smaller bail that is merely pressed into mating holes, as seen on some camping or scout type pocket knives. It is capable of accepting a much thicker line than the average lanyard hole permits. The shackle will fit many types of caribiners. And of course key rings if so desired. So despite its seemingly bulky size, the shackle allows for several carry options.

    The minimalist construction helps keep the weight down, and the flat profile lets the BAK be discrete.

    Most of the time I carry my Vic Farmer or Huntsman. But when it is needed, there is nothing like the British Army knife. Very highly recommended. Cheers!
    (Posted on )
  10. Refined WWII Clasp KnifeReview by
    Yes. This knife replaces my the one my Grandfather brought back from WWII, which is an heirloom now. I would assess it as more practical and portable than the original. It has a nice weight to it , without being flimsy like an SAK and like one reviewer said being trim it rides well in the pocket. The stainless steel is a welcome improvement over the original, but our original never rusted because it was used and oiled. The spike is an incredibly handy feature . It's virtually an awl on steroids. In the early years and today it could be used for piercing tinned foods , killing game, general awl work and self defense. My only complaint is the chequer cross hatch pattern was not somehow integrated/ carried over to the new design for grip. But this may have added weight and even if composite was used these scales would not last as long as this new one could. Potentially a lifetime. (Posted on )
  11. Quality Review by
    Quality blade , i got this for sentimental reasons , so glad i did solid build
    thanks Ken
    (Posted on )
  12. Not as good as the issued knifeReview by
    When it arrived it was totally blunt so working on the principle that a blunt knife is just an inefficient crowbar I spent a hour putting an edge on the blade. On the knife I got the blade stop on the choil of the blade had not been ground, as a result it was possible to catch the tip of your finger on the edge of the blade when it was closed. I had to file the stop down so that the edge was covered by the scales. As it arrived the knife was dangerous, or, it would have been if it had been sharpened. They are supposed to be by Joseph Rodgers but I cant find any manufacturers marking on the Knife. I wonder why?

    As usual the service at HH was first class - shame about the knife.
    (Posted on )
  13. Classic Army KnifeReview by
    My father has an Army knife that he "acquired" after National Service. This is totally identical and like holding a piece of military history. I found it after searching for a marlin spike to use in knot work. The spike is perfect for the job. Not too pointed to damage rope and cord, but robust enough to get the job done. The blade sharpened up a treat and remains sharp. The can opener and screwdriver get the job done. It's built with all the finesse of a WW2 battle tank, and it's about as strong. It lays flat so its easy to carry in a pocket or cargo pants , but is probably better carried on a belt clip as it's going to be a pocket shredder. It speaks volumes about the British Army. It's not pretty - but when you need to rely on something it will get the job done quickly and efficiently. I've accessorised mine with a white cord lanyard and it looks great. Lovely knife, cheap price and a piece of history in your pocket.. (Posted on )
  14. British Army KnifeReview by
    Knife is just as advertised and I expect many years of good use from it.
    Arrived sharp enough for my usage and is built like a tank.
    Great service from both Heinnie and Royal Mail.
    I'm sure I shall buy again from Heinnie.
    (Posted on )
  15. looks smart nowReview by
    Did not like the as issued unfinished feel out of the pkt but a bit of work with wire wool and polish and it`s now pleasant to handle. Its also a very usable size and appears to be solid enough (you can bend or brake anything with sufficient force or ignorance this is no exception) that said I expect many years of service from it. That is as soon as I've sharpened it. Possibly one of the best sub ú100 legal work knives available and tons of change for a sharpening system. I only used wire wool on the frame NOT on the blades. And it looks well smart. And made in England as well. (Posted on )
  16. Bill S.Wales.Review by
    Solid chunky piece. Stainless construction has resisted rust well so far (6 months). Screwdriver opens paint tins with ease and the tin opener works really well on food cans. Haven't found much use for the spike yet but it punctures cans with ease. Blade is not perfect (size and shape) but works well enough to be useful day to day. (Posted on )
  17. Love itReview by
    Blade finish poor.

    Since correcting, edge has been sharp but need to keep on top of it. No problem as need to clean lint out of knife anyway so hone it then.

    Spike and opener can be in the way, can be awkward to choke up on the blade, but opening the spike too makes it easier.

    Other gripe is lanyard loop. Careful it isn't between blade and liners when folding the knife. I got it caught once and took a small nick out of edge.

    Regardless of flaws, it's my EDC, I like and recommend it.
    (Posted on )
  18. Robust & EffectiveReview by
    There's only 1 thing wrong with this and that's the main blade not being carbon-steel. It will not hold a great edge, but is so strong (2.5mm thick) and deep this won't be a problem in most cases. Next to a BAK, a Swiss knife looks effete- very well done, but still a bit wimpy. I don't agree with the previous reviewer. I think it looks great and its well worth the money. You could even use it as a small hammer! And the Marlin spike is an xly useful tool you don't see very often nowadays. (Posted on )
  19. British Army KnifeReview by
    Well it's not a good looking knife, but it does work and it's cheap. (Posted on )

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