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Kershaw Cinder

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Kershaw Cinder

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Kershaw Cinder

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Kershaw Cinder

Kershaw Cinder



The Kershaw Cinder is small enough to attach to your keychain, yet it’s still capable of doing most of the tasks you carry a knife for. From opening packages to breaking down boxes, the Cinder’s got you covered. What’s more, you know the Cinder is built for performance. For one thing, it’s designed by Rick Hinderer, well known for the real-world practicality of his knife designs. For another, it’s precision manufactured by Kershaw, known for top-notch fit and finish.

The blade is just 1.4 inches long, but because of the upswept tip, it offers plenty of useful cutting edge. On a knife this small, creating a solid grip is tough. Rick designed the grip so that your hand comes forward past the pivot point, enabling a full three-finger grip on this smaller knifeThe handle is textured glass-filled nylon to enhance grip even more; the blade has a stonewashed finish that looks great and hides scratches.

The secure locking liner features cutout embellishments revealed by the design of the handle scale. This design also makes it easier to open this manual-opening blade and easier to unlock the liner lock to close it. The large lanyard hole makes attaching the Cinder to your key chain or pack simple.

And you might have noticed the bottle opener built into the back end. Yeah, we thought you did. It’s plenty sturdy and ready to go to work when you are.


Code KS1025X
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Kershaw
Designer: Rick Hinderer
Blade Material: 3Cr13
Blade Length (cm): 3.6
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.2
Closed Length (cm): 6.70
Overall Length (cm): 10.2
Blade Type: Plain
Blade Shape: Upswept
Blade Finish: Stonewash
Grind: Hollow
Handle Colour: Black
Handle Material: FRN
Lock Type: Liner Lock
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: No
Product Weight (g): 26
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


    Perfect for removing beer bottle caps done hundreds ha.Blade is well designed good quality and sharp out of the box.. cant fault the price or knife (Posted on )
  2. Good for the moneyReview by
    Decent little knife with durable feeling handle. Once opened and used a couple of times I quickly realised the little thumb stud was pretty much redundant as it's too far back and I found it difficult to open using this (I do have particularly big hands so this may be a factor) Once i had removed the thumb stud I found it was much easier to open one handed simply using the bevel in the blade as a thumb indent and it opens great.
    Smaller than the pictures would lead you to believe, which was, in my opinion, a good thing, as if it was any bigger it would look too aggressive for use at work etc.
    Blade is quite soft steel but I like this in work knives as it makes them easy to sharpen. Although small it's an excellent shape for opening packages, in my line of work i have to rip open large pallets etc and this knife is great for this with the flatter nose providing a great tip/edge to use as a cutting point.
    Overall build quality seems to be very high, continued use in all weather may prove otherwise but we'll see! Definitely happy so far.
    (Posted on )
  3. Great from KershawReview by
    Excellent product.Really useful as a key ring anyway ,well designed blade takes it up another notch. Ordered Sunday, received Tuesday, thanks HH. (Posted on )
  4. Excellent quality and valueReview by
    Well made and sturdy. Just the right size for key-ring use: not too bulky, easy to hold/control, with a large enough blade to be useful, and a thumb stud for single hand opening. Good sharp blade, and a bottle opener is always useful. Excellent value. (Posted on )
  5. Superb Value KnifeReview by
    Got this for EDC and its performed so good , just right for cutting string , opening packages , and the bottle opener is handy too , very well made , excellent finish and standard :-) (Posted on )
  6. Great Review by
    Had if for about a year on my key chain and used it loads. Eventually broke the liner lock but it just means it's UK legal now lol. Steels not great but sharpens really easily (Posted on )
  7. A big little knife Review by
    I decided to buy this little knife after reading previous reviews it's a great little knife and unlike other knives this size it punches well above its weight the down sides for me are the low quality of the blade steel but on the postive side it's really easy to sharpen also because of our silly knife laws I've had to disable the lock which in my opinion is not needed on such a small knife and of course not forgetting the bottle opener which works really well ,this will be living on my keys for the foreseeable future along with my Victorinox manager which I also recommend (Posted on )
  8. Can't fault itReview by
    Came sharp out of the box.
    Even though it's a tiny knife, with the blade out it feels very sturdy - very good for box/parcel opening.
    Pity it's not UK carry
    (Posted on )
  9. Great little knife.Review by
    Got this little knife as a gift from someone. Although it is not uk friendly carry i still use it everyday. At first i hust theew it in my tool bag but its so small it just got a bit lost, then i grabbed it to open a package one day and it just stayed in my pocket getting used all day around the house. Now this is my primary around the house edc then if i go out it gets swapped to somethung bigger and non locking. But overall live it
    The bottle opener is a handy touch too :-)
    (Posted on )
  10. Great designReview by
    The bottle opener is good and sturdy plus the little blade is sharp with amazingly quick deployment. A bit of upward pressure on the thumb stud and "Plik!" there's the blade, out and ready faster than the human eye can follow.
    It's a clever and pleasing design of neat and civilised appearance. I see it as a top-notch bottle opener with a nice blade in reserve for small tasks if required, and it's well worth carrying as perfect for that role.
    Thanks to no.3 son who got me this from HH for Christmas and happy new year to all.
    (Posted on )
  11. just ticks the boxReview by
    look, its just a handy little knife with a great edge, it has a bottle opener too, for the average guy it just does the job, love the design and its practicality, if you wanna butcher a bison it may be a little challenged! (Posted on )
  12. BrilliantReview by
    When I saw, this I wanted it straight away and I’m glad I ordered it.
    It fits neatly on a keyring and wont startle people when you pull your keys out.
    Its strong, well made and should last a very long time.
    The blade is only 1.4 inches long but it looks good when its open.
    It opens easily with one hand thanks to the small thumb stud and the lock kicks in nice and strong but releases easily when you want to close the knife.
    It comfortable to hold and you can get a good grip on it.
    The lanyard hole is quite big, so its suitable to tie it onto something if you don’t want it on your keyring.
    The bottle opener works well to.
    (Posted on )
  13. Absolutely stunnedReview by
    This little beauty arrived today. What a knife! I ordered it to sit on my keychain, and it's just the perfect size for it. Super sharp blade, sharp point, great bottle opener. I'm incredibly impressed for the price it costs. (Posted on )
  14. Brilliantly designed little knifeReview by
    Small but useful size, one hand deployable and totally unoffensive to the general public. Whipped this fella out in front of customers at work several times to open boxes and haven't had a single one even register its existence, unlike several legal carry (and even pen knives ) I own, and when closed it just looks like a fancy bottle opener.
    If you're in two minds over an edc work knife I'd recommend trying this out, specially at the price.
    The closest thing I've got to a gripe is that I'd be willing to pay multiple the RRP for a version with a high tier steel, and it'd be great if they came in different colours so you buy some for female friends or relatives.
    Thanks HH and Kershaw!
    (Posted on )
  15. neck knife !Review by
    the previous two reviews say it all , i would just like to say this little knife is light enough to be put on a cord and hung round your neck . 1st class service from HH once again . (Posted on )
  16. Great Wee KnifeReview by
    Love me some key-chain tools...and this is the only one in years that has stayed on and gotten used. It's small enough that it doesn't get in the way or draw attention, locks up solidly and safely, and can be wielded with confidence--it has a good feel in the hand. Putting one on all the household key-chains. (Posted on )
  17. small but usefulReview by
    A very capable little knife. Solid lock up, fits the hand despite its small size and is well made.
    The cutaway in the handle makes the liner lock so easy to use., not fiddly at all.
    As always, excellent service from HH.
    (Posted on )
  18. Nice knifeReview by
    First of all , thanks to Heenie Haynes for the superb service of despatching yet again.

    I received this great little knife yesterday. My mistake was that I didn't read that this knife locked so was not suitable as an EDC knife. However by taking it apart very easily the spring can be bent back slightly changing this to a folding knife. The blade was sharp but gave it a quick going over with a lansky and it is now very sharp. Really good build , carried on the keys and not a problem if it is lost as this is only just under £9!
    (Posted on )

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