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Lansky Madrock World Legal

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UK Friendly

Lansky Madrock World Legal

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test 1Lansky Madrock World Legaltest 2Lansky Madrock World Legaltest 3Lansky Madrock World Legaltest 4 Lansky Madrock World Legal
test 1Lansky Madrock World Legaltest 2Lansky Madrock World Legaltest 3Lansky Madrock World Legaltest 4 Lansky Madrock World Legal

Lansky Madrock World Legal

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Lansky Madrock World Legal

Lansky Madrock World Legal



The Lansky Madrock "World Legal".

The success of the Lansky/Mikkel Willumsen World Legal knife has given birth to another fantastic addition to the Lansky World Legal category, The Madrock. The Madrock design upgrades include the same blade length yet with a shorter overall length and reduced weight for an enhanced everyday carry experience, and an inwardly curving blade. The handle features a low-profile deep pocket clip and a tactile rubberised grip that resists slipping even when wet.

  • 9Cr18MoV Stainless Blade
  • Curved Blade
  • Ambidextrous Carry
  • 2-Position Deep Pocket Clip
  • Non-slip Rubberised Handle
  • Reduced Weight

Mikkel Willumsen has gained notoriety worldwide for his innovative and gritty Urban Tactical designs. Based in a repurposed factory in Copenhagen, Denmark, Mikkel has been designing and producing custom made knives for over 10 years, specializing in high quality folders and fixed blades. By bringing his talents and experience to Lansky, you can expect the functionally modern aesthetics that define his work, combined with Lansky Sharpeners’ unwavering dedication to quality.


Code LS07791
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Lansky
Designer: Mikkel Willumsen
Blade Material: 9Cr18MoV Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 7.0
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.3
Closed Length (cm): 11.00
Overall Length (cm): 17.5
Blade Colour: Satin
Blade Type: Plain
Blade Shape: Hawksbill
Handle Colour: Orange
Handle Material: Rubber
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: 2-Position Deep Clip
Product Weight (g): 113
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


  1. Poor qualityReview by
    Bought this as an extra option as the world legal was so good, this really lacks any of the good traits the world legal has. Really poor quality cheap feel, sounded and felt like it was grinding when opening and closing blade, opened it up to clean and lubricate, no change. Love the way it looks but that’s about all I love. Blade requires almost constant sharpening, the handle feels thin and cheap, stiff fold (which I’m used to) feels like every time it opens closes it’s about to break. Poor quality washers, bendy handle far from stable feeling. Doubt this will ever see the outside of my kitchen drawer. Yes it’s cheap but go for the world legal in my opinion. (Posted on )
  2. Good & badReview by
    Had this knife around a year now and use it for work most days.

    Good points:
    - it’s stiff to open therefore stiff to close making it safer than some of the others I use. That mechanism has stood the test of time.
    - handle is robust (apart from the screws).
    - inexpensive.

    Bad points:
    - after the first few uses it blunted and it’s been very difficult to sharpen since, feels like it needs sharpened for every use.
    - after a couple of months I noticed one of the screws had worked it’s way loose and been lost.
    (Posted on )
  3. Must have for the price Review by
    It's almost as though they took the brief and said "ok let's make it as outrageous and aggressive looking within the EDC carry constraints".Only reason it loses a star,because I think I would have it seized despite being legal and still have trouble getting it back! It's just too nasty to carry out in public, shouldn't need to, but I live in the country and carried a pen knife as standard for many years until I lost it , to the fuzz, a beautiful knife with massive sentimental value.Despite being told by the magistrate that I could have it back I was told by the duty sergeant that the magistrate was an a** and if I left the building with the knife I'd be arrested again as soon as I stepped outdoors! That put me right off carrying anything more than a fruit knife. I'd hate to lose either of my Lansky purchases because they are so cool but push at boundaries that don't take pushing. I recently purchased the Heinnie-Haynes Liong Mah #5 in limited Red scales, which has a totally different action and some practical design features. Easily operated with one hand, open and close, but impossible to come close to cutting yourself, as long as you're holding it properly. I would recommend this knife just because, it's basically as bad a** as the law will allow, feels great in the hand, solid design, sharp as my ex wife's tongue and perfect for work. The curved blade makes use very natural, pruning etc. Probably good for cutting plumbing pipe, probably even copper with time and a few turns then a little attention from the blade medic be good as new! Excellent purchase, bargain price, really is quality, with prompt delivery and almost urgent service. As one man said above "just get one! " (Posted on )
  4. Great knifeReview by
    Bought as an EDC, however, there is no way I'm carrying this about day to day. It looks brutal, the pictures do it no justice, the blade is very wide and the curve just looks vicious. This is the only reason it's lost a star for me.
    Saying that, as a knife I love it! Most of my EDC knives have been drop points and I wanted to try something different, the curved blade is very useful and feels natural. This may be due in part to the fabulous ergonomics, the weight sitting just behind the index finger grip and it fits perfectly in the hand. The handle does feel a bit like cheap plastic, but it can withstand a fair knock. It is stiff to get out and definitely can't do it one handed, same with putting it away (even from the halfway stop), but the stiff slip joint makes it feel safe while using it.
    Overall brilliant knife, but it's going away with my camping things, not on my belt. At just over £20 I have zero complaints.
    (Posted on )
  5. Could do better Review by
    Bought this knife on the strength of the reviews. Sadly for me they were wrong.
    This knife never held an edge having to be sharpened daily! Today it broke . I wasn't even disappointed!
    (Posted on )
  6. Love itReview by
    Use this at work every day. Great knife for the money and the fact the it's legal is a bonus. I bought this as I love anything orange and already have the lansky sharpener. (Posted on )
  7. top knifeReview by
    had this little chap a few weeks now. Out of the wrapper it sharp enough to cut meat abd spuds. infact it's excellent little kitchen prep knife... nice and Strong, not to long, heavy enough to know it's in your pocket. very happy with it. (Posted on )
  8. High quality for price Review by
    Tough little knife. The joint is solid too definitely need two hands to open which can be a bit of a downside but feels a lot safer compared to other legal folding knives. You also don't see many legal curved blades so that also make it unique probably the closest thing you can get to a legal karambit (Posted on )
  9. Great EDC and fantastic service from HH.Review by
    HH delivered next day on this product. Nice EDC which has a great slip joint holding the blade out well. Nice ergonomics with the slight curve in the knife and feels good in reverse grip. Weighted well and sturdy construction. Sharp enough on opening . Fits nicely into the smalll pocket of jeans. Recommended ! (Posted on )
  10. Are you sure that is legalReview by
    As a previous reviewer has already said a few people who have seen this knife have asked if it is legal? One has likened it to a "raptor's claw."

    I use it on the farm and when beating on a shoot. A strong solid knife that is a bit chunky but it sits ok in the back pocket of my jeans even when sat down!
    (Posted on )
  11. Currently Undecided - need more time with itReview by
    I wasn't sure on this from the moment I paid for it, I thought it looked ugly - so much so I bought the original world legal while this one was in transit as I'd briefly handled one of those previously.

    Purchased for EDC that could double up as an emergency bushcraft knife (following one other review on here that it seems superior to the original)

    I was dubious about the marketing lingo, but when I got it in my hand it makes alot more 'sense' then the original. It simply feels more comfortable, ditching the pomel has significantly cut the weight, the slimmer profiled handle feels ergonomically perfect in the hand and the choil aids finger retension and grip.

    The finger grooves on the handle are a nice guide, as long as nothing is in the one closest to the blade when you close it - it's absolutely impossible to cut yourself.

    The pocket clip is much more covert then the original and may even pass for a pen clip in public.

    I really like this knife for EDC, I forget it's there when worn in my jeans pocket or breast pocket in my coat. Ive recently taken to carrying it in my EDC vanquest pouch, the orange hi vis colouring justify it more as a UK legal knife should I be questioned...and clearly isn't readily accessible in this manner.

    The blade I'm still adapting to, I found it ripped more then cut through paracord, plasters, wrapping paper & parcels.

    I personally prefer the original world legals blade and did consider the possibility of a blade swap: the madrock handle with the world legal blade would be perfection in my eyes.

    I'm going to make more of a dedicated effort to use this day to day and see if we can gel together more - as I may be more biased towards the original incarnation (I recently ate steak with the original world legal and shaved my leg with it)

    Conclusion: I've never held a knife that feels as perfect in the hand, that fits so well in a pocket. The little changes make a real big difference, but I personally (your experiences may vary) don't like the curved blade currently.
    (Posted on )
  12. first rate EDC!Review by
    I got both lansky's WLK and the madrock at the same time as I could see they both would cover my bushcraft needs. A fixed blade is better but are laws are such that its difficult to carry such a tool, and with bushcraft practice is key and the knife is the prime tool of this skill, so Im glad willumsen and lansky came up with these little gems! and the madrock is a gem! the blade cuts well, feels good in the hand and can bore better than the WLK due to having the hook blade, its slimer in the grip than the WLK and feels more delicate but its still a tough number and again it has the super wide blade style that has assuring strength and is able to make feather sticks, chips and slithers and batton wood as long as it not too thick with ease! A good knife as long as you work to its limits with a great price that came to the door in next to no time due to HH's top flight service! (Posted on )
  13. Is That Thing Legal?Review by
    This is an outstanding knife! £20 delivered to your door with great service from Heinnie!

    One of many knives i own and it is my favorite UK Friendly carry knife. I recommend this knife to anyone looking for a UK Friendly carry EDC. The blade shape is great for opening packets and cutting boxes, comes razor sharp out the box, fits into the hand perfectly.

    I work around the general public and wanted something legal carry to use yet big enough to get the job done. this knife fits both of my needs.

    The number on question i get is "Is that thing Legal?"
    (Posted on )
  14. AwesomeReview by
    Awesome knife, just like its brother - the world legal. On first glance the handle didn't feel as good quality but i soon realised it was just as solid as before. Wicked sharp blade and point. Awesome shipping time. (Posted on )
  15. Devilish blade, godlike service!Review by
    This knife is a bargain. It's tough to open which gives a sense of security as it is unlikely to close on you and if it does it has a 90 degree stop when closing. It is light with a nice discreet high carry clip which is moveable. It came sharp out of the box and feels really nice in the hand. Lock up is rock solid with no play whatsoever and the grind is perfectly even. This combination of fit, finish, price and service is hard to beat! (Posted on )
  16. bargain at 20 quid Review by
    useful utility knife that has already become an asset in the toolbag. at this price you neednt worry about scratching the blade . very good service as usua lfrom HH
    (Posted on )
  17. Just get one!!Review by
    Cheapest on web with HH legendry service and for a £20 knife you have to get one, Perfect for openning boxes in warehouse as i found out yesterday, the slip joint is so stiff you forget it s a slippy. (Posted on )

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