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Manly Wasp

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test 1Manly Wasptest 2Manly Wasptest 3Manly Wasptest 4 Manly Wasp
test 1Manly Wasptest 2Manly Wasptest 3Manly Wasptest 4 Manly Wasp

Manly Wasp

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery

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Manly Wasp

Manly Wasp



The Wasp perfectly reflects Manly's philosophy of offering users a practical everyday knife made from top-grade materials and representing unbeatable value for money.

The Manly Wasp has handle scales of solid G10 and a repositionable deep carry clip. The stonewash blade with a nail nick consists of powder metallurgical CPM-S-90V, which meets even the most sophisticated requirements. The slipjoint mechanism features three stops when opening and closing. The Wasp's steps offer effective additional protection from accidental folding.

The Wasp is a practical everyday companion offering peerless edge retention - a milestone for its price range. Plus the blade is non-locking and under three inches long so classed as UK legal carry.

The handle is available in either green, black or orange.


Code 01ML037-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Manly
Blade Material: S90V Stainless Steel
Blade Length (cm): 7.5
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.24
Closed Length (cm): 9.90
Overall Length (cm): 17.2
Blade Type: Plain
Blade Shape: Drop Point
Blade Finish: Brushed
Cutting Edge (cm): 7.2
Grind: Flat
Handle Material: G10
Lock Type: Non-locking
UK Friendly Carry: Yes
One Handed Opening: No
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: Yes
Product Weight (g): 78
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


  1. Great ValueReview by
    Feels like it's definitely built to last! Not the easiest thing to open, but the blade snaps into place with a feel of quality.
    Communion and customer service was excellent, and was received very quickly.
    The only slight negative was that I thought it would be a bit sharper. That's not to say that it's blunt, far from it. But with talk of how difficult the edge is to sharpen I'm hoping that it doesn't dull too quickly. Mine certainly isn't 'shaving sharp' like some others have suggested.
    (Posted on )
  2. Huge bang for buck!Review by

    Iinitial impressions are that this is a great buy! Sharp, secure, comfortable, and looks great...


    First thing to note, is that on my black version, the pocket clip no longer has Manly written on it. Instead it just has their logo. That was my only reservation prior to purchase and I needn't have worried.

    Beyond that, I'm very pleased with the sleek and subtle look. The back spring does raise slightly above the scales at one point, but you'd have to be looking for it to notice.


    Opening and closing the knife is rellatively stiff, with clicks every 45 degrees. I doubt there would be any point adding a thumb stud for one hand opening without modifying the spring or cam. It does however, add a great feeling of security that I've not had (and suffered for) with other folders.The partial choil also means you'll feel any movement in the blade before you lean hard enough to close it on your fingers.

    In use the scales are slim but still comfortable. I'm left handed with average sized hands, so the pocket clip didn't get in my way and I don't intend to switch it over to the other side. I haven't used it hard yet, but I'm not anticipating any hot spots either.

    The blade comes literally shaving sharp out of the box. (And I mean that literally, not figuratively!) The point is very fine, so is great for detail work. I wouldn't want to use this as a lever, but I have plenty of other tools for that. I doesn't feel bendy in the slightest though, unlike other cheaper steels I've had previously.

    I can't comment on wear or edge retention or sharpening ability yet as I've not had it long enough yet.


    I'm exceptionally pleased with this purchase, and can see this becoming my EDC of choice. It's the cheapest knife I've seen using S90V but it looks and feels far from cheap. Buy one with confidence! ^_^
    (Posted on )
  3. Sublime quality for the moneyReview by
    It’s sublime ! Steel is bonkers sharp ! And stays that way for a long time. To balance that it sharpens up really easily as well. It’s light too compared to my other more traditional folders. I’m quite used to a thumb stud or a decent recess to f*ip the blade out, but I think it would detract from this knife. The build quality and detail is just amazing. I have a lot of folders and this one is always my go to edc. It does push the limits with what is allowed to be a edc ! But somehow doesn’t look it. There is almost a “cute” factor to it which gives me confidence to carry it as a edc. (Posted on )
  4. Awesome EDC knifeReview by
    Just bought this knife for an everyday knife. Great steel and great finish for a slip joint, UK Legal knife. Mine is the orange version which is actually quite pleasant. For this price with G10 scales and S90V steel, I cannot imagine getting anything better for the money. Certainly, it is much better than all of the UK legal knives I looked at on the site. (Posted on )
  5. Stunning.Review by
    I do strongly prefer one hand opening knives.

    When I tried the Wasp, I had to get it nonetheless, because I liked it a lot. The opened knife just offers perfect proportions for my hands and the craftsmanship and materials suggest a much higher retail price. I also love how it rides in my pocket, with the deep carry clip firmly holding it in place, where I can easily reach it and also put it back.
    It took me a while to get used to the firm opening and closing, but once I adjusted to that, my Spyderco knifes see less and less use.
    The only downside I can see is that the back of the blade has rather sharp edges which is a fine thing for striking sparks, but it kind of eats away at the fabric of my pants.
    (Posted on )
  6. Refreshing utilityReview by
    So lets start with what it isn't. It's no PK70 so why do I use it in preference. Well I don't think "fit and finish" is the right comparison. I can't fault the "fit" but it has a robust "use me" appearance deriving mainly from the nicely grippy slab scales. At first I found the multi-stop opening a chore but I've come to like the opening quarter stop. Unless your fingers are particularly cold or wet its easy to pinch-open to the quarter stop and then adjust the blade grip. If necessary the same applies to using the nail nick. The closed hold, therefore ease of opening, is adequate without being excessive.

    I've pooped on 5 stars for my usual reason. I demand lanyard carry in a legal max knife. Of course I have already added a 4mm brass lined lanyard hole. Possible due to the tip and frame geometry and the ease of dismantling with the supplied Allen keys. Incidentally I did not experience the difficulty in re-installing the blade reported in several YouTubes.

    One other very personal view, in a general purpose pocket knife or for occasional bush crafting use I believe that 12C27 is the optimal steel for most people. And it happens to be cheaper.
    (Posted on )
  7. Excellent at FirstReview by
    Out of the box it was definitely razor sharp and very well made
    After a few months as my regular EDC the blade is loosening up and closes regularly albeit just one notch in use. I've also snapped the tip off when prying open a staple holding paper together
    I've found it to be an excellent light duty slicer but not very robust, for this reason Ive gone back to my boker xs as my EDC as its able to do a wider range of every day jobs
    (Posted on )
  8. Great work knifeReview by
    I saw this knife on Pady’s Potato Peelers YouTube channel. Pady’s a good guy so I bought two, a green one and a red HH one too. They are both superb! The key point is the S90V blade steel, add the perfect grind, the full flat blade and the perfect fit and finish of the G10 scales and you’re on to a winner, especially at £55 and under £50 for the HH version.

    So, where was the money saved? In the looks/style department, clearly. They’re perfectly functional and feel fine in the hand, but they’re no lookers! I also recently bought a SOG Terminus. In many ways they are similar - size, shape, function etc. - but the SOG uses CTS BD1 steel, spending the money on carved scales, a logoed clip and a more complex blade design/grind. I’ve spent a lot of time comparing the two and can’t quite decide on which I prefer, but I like both!

    I’ve done a short review of the Wasps on my You Tube channel ‘Slick’s Slicers’ and the SOG one will be up shortly. I expect I’ll also do a comparison as I expect there will be many people choosing between these for their Christmas - neither will disappoint!
    (Posted on )
  9. Excellent solid knifeReview by
    I got one of the Heinnies red scaled versions, which were even better value. As with the other reviews, great blade on this knife, it came shaving sharp out of the box. The handle size and material mean you get a firm grip on the body of the knife. It’s not been used much yet but looks ,feels and seems to be a robust solidly constructed knife. The blade is the star feature on this knife, and although not as thick as many I have, I don’t abuse my knives, so won’t be breaking or bending the fine blade tip by pushing it into tasks it’s not designed for.
    The knife is a definite two hand opener, it’s got the strongest stop points and open position of any non locking knife I have, .
    All in all great solid EDC that won’t break the bank.
    (Posted on )
  10. great knife Review by
    superb steel,this knife is a must have,for the price one of the best UK EDC (Posted on )
  11. One small flawReview by
    I agree with all the points in the other reviews, an amazing blade for the price, great steel and grind. However, in the space of a little under a fortnight, I have managed to bend the pocket clip. This is due to the week spot created by the access hole at the top of the clip. It may not bother some, but I like to clip carry my knives, so this is a little disappointing. Otherwise this would be a five-star Knife all day long. (Posted on )
  12. WowReview by
    A knife with s90v steel and g10 scales for £55 the quality centering and overall materials how can you go wrong it even comes with proprietary tools this is something that proves that some knife makers out their are literally extracting the urine when it comes to the over pricing of items.
    This is such a wow little package so get one if you can it's UK legal solid with 4 stops till the slipjoint comes into play a half finger choil for a bit of retention but it is fairly sturdy for a slipjoint
    (Posted on )
  13. Exceptional.Review by
    After watching heinnie and other reviews on YouTube, I decided to try one out. This is SUPER STEEL ( S90V ) on a knife that does not cost the same as biblical-times relics. Astounding. I also have done a review on YouTube because this knife is one UK knife people need to know about. It is centred nicely, has extra stops before closing, a finger choil that is actually worth something and, again S90V steel.

    You just need to ensure you have a diamond stone or something similar because from all accounts I have seen, if you try "normal" stones to sharpen this steel you will be there for a long long time doing it. This steel is no joke.

    I am very impressed with this knife and the price cannot be beaten. Period.

    The one thing I could say is that there is a bit of black speckling inside the nail nick that I would like to remove but it's nothing serious. Everything is just great. I have decided not to sharpen it as it is already shaving sharp out the box and has a very nice 15 degree edge on it (they even tell you the sharpening angle...)

    I don't know whether to put it in my pocket or in a plexiglass dome surrounded by Catherine zeta-Jones proof laser security system. It is just gorgeous! I guess the novelty will wear off over time, as this is my first ever highly rated steel which is a supersteel, but for now, I am over the moon!

    Thanks Heinnie for getting more UK Legal supersteel knives in. Particularly in this case with the insanely good price point for people like us who can't afford or justify high costs on an EDC knife.

    (Posted on )
  14. Excellent Knife, RecommendedReview by
    I bought the DigiCamo version.

    The knife is super solid, no blade play, side to side, or up/down it`s solid as a rock.

    I cannot find a fault, the blade centring when closed is perfect.

    The blade is a bit hard to open and has 3 notched positions, so it`s clunk clunk clunk while opening or closing, so flickingthe blade open is not possible.

    It comes with two size torque tools to take the knife apart, so it looks like Manly approves self maintenance.


    (Posted on )
  15. Superb quality slipjoint folder.Review by
    At twice the price this would be a great value for money knife. S90V is an incredible steel. Add G10 scales, excellent build quality and great spring tension. You have the best value for money UK legal knife by a country mile (I M O). I have 2 (black and orange) and will be ordering the green to complete the set. As always service from H H second to none. (Posted on )
  16. Amazing KnifeReview by
    Just buy one, or two, like me. Seriously this knife has it all, great blade with high quality steel and fantastic edge retention. G10 scales and a really strong slip joint, so legal in the UK. I would say that the slip joint is stronger than the Boker Plus XS. Anyone who owns an XS will know what I'm taking about. A knife like this could easily be double the asking price, but it isn't so get one and stop reading this review! (Posted on )

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