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Opinel Classic Original - Carbon Steel

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Opinel Beech Carbon Steel

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test 1Opinel Beech Carbon Steeltest 2Opinel Classic Original - Carbon Steeltest 3Opinel Beech Carbon Steeltest 4 Opinel Beech Carbon Steel
test 1Opinel Beech Carbon Steeltest 2Opinel Classic Original - Carbon Steeltest 3Opinel Beech Carbon Steeltest 4 Opinel Beech Carbon Steel
test 1Opinel Beech Carbon Steeltest 2Opinel Classic Original - Carbon Steeltest 3Opinel Beech Carbon Steeltest 4 Opinel Beech Carbon Steel
test 1Opinel Beech Carbon Steeltest 2Opinel Classic Original - Carbon Steeltest 3Opinel Beech Carbon Steeltest 4 Opinel Beech Carbon Steel
test 1Opinel Beech Carbon Steeltest 2Opinel Classic Original - Carbon Steeltest 3Opinel Beech Carbon Steeltest 4 Opinel Beech Carbon Steel
test 1Opinel Beech Carbon Steeltest 2Opinel Classic Original - Carbon Steeltest 3Opinel Beech Carbon Steeltest 4 Opinel Beech Carbon Steel

Opinel Classic Original - Carbon Steel

18+ Age Restriction Icon

In Stock

Available for Delivery

From: £8.95
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Opinel Classic Original - Carbon Steel

Opinel Classic Original - Carbon Steel

From: £8.95


The Opinel Classic Original - Carbon Steel is the classic Opinel pocket knife. Part of the Opinel Tradition collection. Discover a collection in the purest tradition of the Opinel pocket knife. The timeless folding knife, an essential tool for the DIYer, camper or picnics in the wild.

  • Opinel No.6 - 7.0cm
  • Opinel No.7 - 8.0cm
  • Opinel No.8 - 8.5cm
  • Opinel No.9 - 9.0cm
  • Opinel No.10 - 10cm
  • Opinel No.12 - 12cm

The famous Opinel Beech Carbon steel folding knife is to hand during all your adventures: hiking, camping, bivouacking, hunting and fishing. Extremely versatile, it is the ideal companion for your excursions into Nature.

The blades lock using the Virobloc safety ring, which in addition to locking the blade in the open position for safety of use, now enables locking of the blade in the closed position for safety during carrying.

Opinel knife blades are made using steels with a high carbon content, which is what makes it possible to achieve the excellent hardness after heat treatment, guaranteeing the good strength of the cutting edge, resistance to wear and easy sharpening. Carbon has a low resistance to corrosion caused by moisture, which means that certain precautionary measures are necessary when using and storing the knives: we recommend that you avoid damp environments and that you dry and grease the blade after use.

The handles are made from durable French orange beech wood, and the Opinel Yatagan blades, with their curved points and round profiles, are effective, precise and elegant.


Code WIT-NO12VRN-$$
Limited Edition: No
Brand: Opinel
Blade Material: Carbon Steel
Blade Thickness (cm): 0.2
Handle Material: Beech
Lock Type: Ring Lock
Sheath: No
Pocket Clip: No
Youtube Link: Watch Youtube Video


  1. Smashing little hladeReview by
    Bought my first Opinel (No.6) recently. Great service by HH, nuff said! No. 6 is a little knife but comes very sharp OTB. A few swipes on the strop and it was soon razor sharp. With a locking blade it's obviously not UKF, but great for fishing, small garden jobs and round the house tasks. I've seen some pimped versions and for a few quid if you want to try your hand it's no great loss if you screw it up. Might give it a go! Cheers HH (Posted on )
  2. Goldern oldieReview by
    Opinal knives are by tradition a French peasants knife ?

    These were made cheap for the every day pocket of you guessed it the French!

    I had one of these given to me about fourty years ago for out door activities, I really wanted a swiss army knife!

    Anyway this opinal grew on me fast it was a no 6 I believe?
    This was as then carbon steel ,it was razor sharp an amazing knife that soon became a treasured piece of kit for me !

    That one wore out so I went straight out and got a no7 then a no9 I found the 9 a little big for edc type use so got the 8 and have had about five of them both carbon and stainless inox

    I am using no8 carbon now and it takes a lethal edge ,superb performance for anything you throw at it

    The beauty is they are in expensive, I don't use the word cheap as I have to much respect for this knife !

    This knife always reminds me of a small table leg that looks like it was modded?

    If you are on the fence here , take the plunge the best tenner you will spend on a knife !

    Ps these knives come in sizes tiny to massive no8 is about half way but it locks ! I think no5 is the biggest non locking model but you can take the locking ring off all of them !

    Service from HH was again ace
    (Posted on )
  3. Classic for a reasonReview by
    Lovely knife , simple, well made and stylish, perfect for all those little jobs that don't require a survival blade. (Posted on )
  4. Fun to mod!Review by
    As per most of the reviews on here, the Opinels are cheap, functional and good fun to modify. Couple of lessons learnt:

    1) Don't leave them anywhere at all damp, they rust easily, even from new - I had two new blades start to rust even when stored in a tool box in the garage
    2) If you want to make them EDC-legal (dependant upon length) the easiest way to remove the lock is from the top with circlip pliers - pops straight off.
    3) As well as the handles being easy to shape, the blades themselves can be cut and worked. I've previously shortened a blade just with an angle grinder and a steady hand.
    (Posted on )
  5. Handles great!Review by
    An Opinel No 6, without the locking ring, complies with the current requirements to be UK friendly. Mine has come in very handy over the years. Recently it was the most appropriate tool I had with me to cut through floor boards to replace a couple of rotten areas. Using a hammer and the little No 6 to cut through sound wood, on the joists, the old rotten sections were removed and new pieces were then easily nailed in place. Despite this fairly abusive treatment the trusty No 6 still works just fine. But if a larger version had been present, it would have been a better choice.

    So, a No 7, modified to be UK friendly, seemed like a good idea. Off came the locking ring, and out came wood rasp, files, and sandpaper. The closed dimensions of a No 7 always seem a bit big in the pocket to me, even though the fit in my hand was better than the No 6. So the handle was slimmed down to a more oval profile, and the typical Opinel fishtail shape was removed. Now the butt of this No 7 is much slimmer, and profile of the handle resembles a Sodbuster Jr with very good ergonomic shape and no real change to the Opinel’s inherently excellent balance when opened.

    Since the limit for EDC blade length is 3 inches, a couple of minutes with a file brought the length down to 75mm, a comfortable margin below 76.2mm (3”). A few minutes on a stone to re-profile the tip, and the No 7 was ready for finishing. An oil finish gives a nice tactile feel to a wooden handled pocket knife. This one turned out beautifully.

    Now my faithful old No 6 can have a rest while the slim and trim modified No 7 steps up to its new role as an EDC pocket knife, fully UK friendly, and tipping the scales an a mere 30 grams. The shaping process and shortening, profiling, and sharpening the blade took just part of an evening. After finishing and stropping this looks and feels great. For the price, the end result and superb Opinel performance make this a stellar bargain. If you have ever wanted to modify or customise your Opinel, just go for it. Cheers!
    (Posted on )
  6. Simple, but the better for it.Review by
    Had a burr along one side of the blade. A few draws along a whetstone and has taken a very good edge. Highly recommended. (Posted on )
  7. Just buy one Review by
    Got 2 these knives a no 7 and 8 in carbon steel for the price you can’t go wrong not sharp out of box but soon solved that I like sharpening knives.Thinking about getting more to customize thought about sanding the handles and staining different shades.There a good old fashioned pocket knife one sold every 10 seconds around the world watch the YouTube factory Video (Posted on )
  8. Good not greatReview by
    I had one of these back in the 70s. Great knife which developed fantastic patina. Lost it. Bought a replacement which disappeared ... somewhere. Got nostalgic, bought this. Nicely made classic, but not sharp out of the ... bag, not box. Don't get the impression of the quality of the original, but can't compare it. Hope I don't lose this one. Carbon steel so should sharpen OK but would have liked a better factory edge. (Posted on )
  9. QualityReview by
    As a Frenchman living in UK I had to order an Opinel N°8 to have a piece of French DNA in my pocket.
    This knife brought back a lot of memories from my childhood hiking in the mountains of sunny Provence in summer. Just looking at this knife make me feel the mixed flavours of lavender, Pastis 51, pine trees and lemmons.
    I guess my hands were smaller when I was 13 y/o and adventuring in the woods with my old beaten up Opinel N°8 in my back pocket.
    So here it is (top notch delivery service from Heinnie again)) in my hand and I find it a bit... SMALL. I didn't realise that 30 years later my hands would be the ones of a grown up man. I do a lot of gardening as a living and spend a lot of time in the forests of North Yorkshire... under the rain..!! :-(
    I think I will order a N°9 or 10 sometimes that would be more adapted to my physiology.
    However, the Opinel is still the same knife. Solid, sturdy, handy ECT...
    It came razor sharp straight out of the envelope. I love it and feel like I'm a young teenager again and couldn't resist to mess around a bit with it trying to carve a piece of wood. The handling is as good as it always have been and the knife has a lot of character and personality. Just like a French Douk-Douk knife you either love it or hate it.
    I love it and recommend it to anyone who wants a simple, solid and reliable knife in their pocket.
    No wonder 1 Opinel is sold every 10 second in the world.
    Thanks Heinnie Haynes.
    (Posted on )
  10. Number 8Review by
    Most Impressed. Had it for years and it shows no signs of giving up yet. I know nothing about knives and got this one from a 'corner shop' when I just wanted something to cut cheese at my picnic! I sharpen and clean it after every use, which these days is mainly gutting fish at the waterside and whacking small branches. Technically not a 'UK Legal Carry' I suggest they lock me up and throw away the key if they've nothing else worth doing. As far as I'm concerned, 'reasonable excuse' includes not wanting a blade which unwittingly folds back and slices my finger. (Posted on )
  11. Best peasant knife by farReview by
    Had Opinels since I was a kid and have been buying "peasant knives" from other makers over time, none are in Opinels league. Bought a carbon no#9 this time and as usual an outstanding knife, razor sharp, well fitted locking collar, nicely shaped handle, 90 degree spine, great price! Always one of my most used folders in fact one of my most used knives. (Posted on )
  12. No8 is great!Review by
    Cheap, n cheerful, but also a great little knife! (Posted on )
  13. Simple and ElegantReview by
    I have a few Opinels, 12 -9-6. I have removed the stock varnish on them all and replaced with Danish Oil which is simple and feels good.Just recently, the enginineer found my lost no 9 Opinel wedged inside my Mother's washing machine which had been stuck inside for over ten years.The blade had rusted away about half the width, and the wood was white with frequent washings but it was still usable. I discovered Opinel knives in France in the 70's , while grape picking.Many of the French Farm hands had them for cutting and pruning the vines.Simple and elegant.Nothing compares. (Posted on )
  14. Opinel no9Review by
    I bought another carbon Opinel, this time a no9. I use them for carving/cooking/skinning/starting fires with my Ferro rod. They really are versatile and fabulous inexpensive knives. The postage from Heinnie was exceptional again. (Posted on )
  15. Fantastic Value Classic Review by
    I needed a good folding job knife & the 9cm version was just what i was looking for , iconic classic design and keeps a good edge , safety collar lock nice addition , you cannot go wrong with this knife (Posted on )
  16. No. 6 and No. 7, some thoughts. Review by
    Opinel's No. 6 is maybe the one knife that I carry, more than any other. The carbon steel blade has many miles on it, and has acquired a purple-blue-grey patina which, I think, contributes to the very smooth action. The first thing I did was to strip the stock finish and carefully apply several coats of tung oil over about a week, inside and out, removing any excess, especially from the slot. Now, even if dropped in water, it never completely seizes up. Any stiffness in the action quickly settles down.

    The locking ring has been removed, to make it EDC legal (go to, type 'knife' in the search window, and the 3 requirements are clearly explained in layman's terms, if you didn't know already or if you want to / need to prove legality to someone). The blade length is well under the legal limit of 3 inches, so no modification needed there. Dead easy to take the ring off. Lock it closed, point it away from you, use pliers to grab the blade near the nail nick, and force it open, using your pliers like cyborg fingers. Oh yes, it helps to have a crumpled towel to catch the ring. Otherwise the result is a series of amusing (or not) ricochets, since the ring is essentially a stiff semi-circular spring. Circlip pliers are the preferred option, if you have them. My ring stays in a dresser drawer unless needed for gardening or DIY tasks around the house. In which case the locking ring gets popped back on. With the knife closed, and the notch in the ring for the closed position nearest to the knife (make sure you don't put the ring on backwards!), just stick the ring halfway on, then push firmly onto a hard surface. The locking ring will snap into place. A multi-folded tissue helps prevent unwanted divots in heirloom tabletops, etc.

    Why carry a No. 6 without the lock? It's UK legal, it's light (21 grams, mine), tends to sit upright next to my wallet (tip down), with no uncomfortable bulge, and makes a very good backup to a small SAK. Very similar in size and capability to a Case Sodbuster Jr, but at almost a third of the weight.

    And if it becomes lost? Or in a situation where abuse or damage is inevitable? Cheap as chips. Speaking of chips, it is easy to sharpen nicks and dings out of the blade, and if you are not confident at sharpening by hand, an Opinel is the perfect trainer. Even a bit better for this purpose than a Rough Rider, if you want to hone your skills on an inexpensive knife.

    Performance? Opinels slice like billy-o, and strop very easily to a really keen edge. And the back of the blade makes a good scraper, too. Obviously, pinch-grip the blade for scraping jobs, if you decide to go lockless. It's easy to adapt to your No. 6 as a friction folder. A bit of common sense and technique, and you're sorted. After all, it's how they were made for many decades before 1955.

    The No. 7? Maybe a bit better fit in my hand, and a jolly good allrounder. Less bulky in your pocket than the very popular No. 8. But - if you want to legally EDC your No. 7, you will need to shorten the blade to no more than 3" (always best to go a little bit less, just to be sure). Personally, I would do this by hand on a stone, not a grinding wheel. Lastly, pop the lock off. But mine stays at home, as is, and the modified No. 6 goes out and about. When and where proper, of course.

    The other reviewers have said many good things, so all I can add is that Opinel pocket knives are globally popular with good reason. If you have never tried one, you really should do. Well recommended. Choice, delivery, and service from Heinnie's is superb. Great stuff!
    (Posted on )
  17. Excellent serviceReview by
    I ordered an Opinel 12, and an 8, I find the 8 perfect for everyday use, but I wanted to try the 12 for outdoor work, it's quite a beast, at first if feels huge but time will tell how it stands up to field use, as usual Heinnie's delivery service was FIRST CLASS..Good work Heinnie (Posted on )
  18. No excuse for not buying one!Review by
    Had mine (no.8) for a good 6 months now. Can't really add to what everyone else says. Great blade shape, sturdy lock. Easiest knife I own to sharpen due to the blade shape, and it gets fiendishly sharp! Thin blade but if you break it buy another. Left mine wet due to user error and it's got a charming patina now. Truly, it ain't broke. Can't fault it. (Posted on )
  19. About the best carbon steel folder out thereReview by
    What can I say about this classic knife that hasn't been said before? Not a lot, really - it's such a great design.

    I bought my first Opinel when I was about ten, and have always had one ever since. When I buy one, I always sharpen it to suit my own preferences (which, let's face it, most of us do with a new pocket knife) and find that it will hold a razor sharp edge with little difficulty when used carefully. The only thing that seems to hammer the edge is when I use it to cut the net-wrap off silage or straw bales, as the pressure needed, coupled with the fibrous nature of the silage or straw seems to overcome the acute angle of the blade's primary (and only) bevel. However, a few seconds of sharpening will see the blade return to its' former state without difficulty.

    The shape of the handle renders the knife very comfortable in the hand, and the simple yet effective locking collar does an excellent job of keeping the fingers safe, and, in the cases of the smaller blades, can be removed to render them EDC-friendly. The blade is well-shaped for the majority of light tasks, from whittling to making feather sticks and the like. I wouldn't want to use one for heavy tasks such as splitting (leave that to your bushcraft knife) or any form of jemmying due to the narrow width of the spine of the blade. That said, this is a pocket knife, not a Bowie, so it's not something I have an issue with.

    Yes, these knives don't like being left in a damp state, which will cause that handle to swell and the blade to rust, but to be blunt, if you leave the knife like this you deserve to learn the hard way to look after your tools!

    I am amazed at how low the prices are for these fantastic knives; I know they are made by the barrow-load, but even so, the value for money is staggering. I will ALWAYS have an Opinel in my possession, and they're one of the first blades I recommend to anyone who needs a good quality pocket knife for a very modest outlay.
    (Posted on )
  20. A very good knife for the money.Review by
    The design hasn't changed for 100 years, because it hasn't needed to. Sharp, stays sharp and easy to sharpen, with a secure lock. This will rust if put away wet- but basic care is all that is required. (Posted on )
  21. bang onReview by
    If your after a knife you can beat up and abuse , look no further. Ive been using opinels for many years , never let me done . From scouts as a kid to 28 years later I'm still using opinels . Cheap no thrills lock knife, easy to keep sharp and come with a good edge. highly recommend to any one (Posted on )
  22. wow what's a knifeReview by
    For under 8 £ u can't go wrong with this knife
    Razor sharp out the bag
    Easy to keep sharp . And service is the best on the market heinnie s all the way
    (Posted on )
  23. Posibily the best knife in the world, for 7 quidReview by
    Come on, whear can you get this good for so little, execlent blade, totaly useable. practical and cheap. (Posted on )
  24. It ain't broke...Review by
    Really nice knife, I bought it in 8.5 cm which is the opinel no.8. you can see why the design is largely unchanged for 120 years. Great blade shape and sharp. The lock mechanism is sturdy enough to take some abuse. The knife just looks great and feels great to use. As always exceptional HH service, ordered thurs, received on Friday. (Posted on )
  25. An elegant knife Review by
    Not my first Opinel, decided to buy another opinel, the no. 8 and I've got to say again very elegant blades. Mine was perfect otb, noticed a very small microbevel so ground it out, now like my older opinels it can whittle a hair. But these blades are not to be abused they are best suited to light tasks if you stick to that they will not fail. HH service and delivery, the best. (Posted on )
  26. SharpReview by
    I've just bought my first Opinel, a number 10, although I've been aware of them for years as a boat building friend of mine swears by them. My example was very dull on delivery, it couldn't cut paper but 20 minutes on the Sharpmaker brought it to s shaving sharpness - it was so easy, The collar ring and blade opening needed some lubrication and while improved will still take time to wear in. The handles is superb, the blade is now sharp and I'm enjoying using it. It is slightly too large to use in the office so I'll be buying a number 8 for daily use. I'd recommend these as being great value for money. (Posted on )
  27. Ridiculously good valueReview by
    Bought this as a basis for a OHO mod project. In 7cm blade length.

    PROS: Functions amazingly for price. Brilliant slicer. Nice traditional look.
    CONS: Thin blade stock. Could snap it with pliers if you wanted. Definitely not prying material.

    I've removed the lock-ring, ground the beech handle down and attached a 'KWIK' brand thumb stud to make a one hand opener. Result; a European UK friendly knife that's almost a tenth of the price of a UKPK.
    (Posted on )
  28. A lot bigger than I thought.Review by
    I've always loved Opinel knives since I found one when I was about 12. It had the very tip broken off, but I sorted it out with a file. Sadly I lost it in the woods one day. Since then I've always had at least one kicking about the house. They're cheap, well made and take a fantastic edge. I bought the No.12 on a whim and its a monster of a knife. Not shaving sharp out the box, it took 10 minutes on the Gatco Edge Mate to get it as sharp as a straight razor. Tremendous amount of knife for the money. (Posted on )
  29. Please read Review by
    I have numerous models, my preference is no8

    And I've been handling and using opinels for years, and I'm noticing some misinformation on here. These are not flat ground blades, they are light convex. Which means I would not suggest sharpening on a Stone or using a regular drag through sharpener, instead I suggest using fine grain wet/dry paper on a mouse pad to allow the abrasive to follow the blades natural geometry, followed by a strop saturated in autosol. And for the love of God don't put a secondary bevel on one, these knives take a shaving sharp zero ground convex, so there is no need to change their geometry. Stick to the way they were originally designed, although everyone is a sharpening expert on these websites right? ;)
    (Posted on )
  30. Excellent value!Review by
    Purchased the No9 and a No12 and have to say been toying with the idea of getting one after a friend raved how good they were but I was sceptical due to the low price...very wrong! Ok not razor sharp out the packet but didnt take much to put a shaving sharp edge on them.Very easy to sharpen.Glad I went for the no9 its a very nice size.The no12 is massive but will get used around home etc.For the price you cant go wrong and not the end of the world if you lost or damaged it considering price to replace it.Get one!
    As usual amazing postage speeds fromm the guys at HH,never let me down yet.
    (Posted on )
  31. Opinel #9Review by
    The size of the #9 is just right for me. The usual slightly stiff opening until it wears in. Super slicey blade. Not my first, not my last. (Posted on )
  32. Excellent knifeReview by
    Brilliant knife, can be be honed to shaving sharp edge like any other opinel, very solid lock, comfortable handle and an overall brilliant knfie, for the price what more could you possibly ask for? If you haven't bought an opinel then i suggest you pick one up immediately, you won't be disappointed, and for the price you can abuse the hell out of it and just get a new one, either way it will last you for years. (Posted on )
  33. Excellent!Review by
    Excellent quality as expected from Opinel. Good for all round use, sharp out of the box and easy to maintain. If you don't own one, buy one.... or two. (Posted on )
  34. Great Value for moneyReview by
    I purchased the monster #12. For under £13, it is a true beast of a knife. The flat-ground blade would be great for kitchen use (though remember the handles will swell if you get them wet!).
    The locking mechanism locks up tight with no blade play in any direction.
    However, the edge on this blade from factory left something to be desired.
    It was like opening a well-used, second-hand knife. It was very crudely sharpened with what must have been a paving slab. Not sharp at all and it had plenty of chips in the blade. After spending a long while working on the edge, this knife represents fantastic value for money.
    I do wonder whether the edge was so poorly finished because it is the freakishly large model, as I have been told that the smaller models come with a very keen edge.
    All in all, I would recommend this knife, providing that you are prepared to sharpen the edge yourself when you get it. I will definitely be buying some of the smaller models in future and I'm interested in seeing how the finish of the edge compares from the box. Of course, for the price I paid, having to sharpen the knife yourself is not a huge demand to be made of the customer.
    Heinnie postage was fast as lighting - as usual! Faultless service. However, there have been some issues with the Mora which I included in the same order which I've not received. Though I am confident that this is an issue with Royal Mail and that Heinnie will resolve the issue swiftly.
    (Posted on )
  35. LovelyReview by
    Lovely little blade, tactile handle. Great (Posted on )
  36. ExcellentReview by
    Brilliant for the value, came quick, holds a reasonable edge, smooth opening, nice handle and is easy maintenance if you want to polish it up. (Posted on )
  37. SimplifyReview by
    I really dig the simplicity of the design, I think it's the best folding knife around for the price. It's a knife for the common man or woman, couple of strokes on my sharpening rod and it was dangerously sharp.

    Heinnie had it delivered the next morning which was sweet.
    (Posted on )
  38. classic for a reasonReview by
    My first memory of a pocket knife is one of these, and it did not disappoint. The ring pops off easily locking the blade in place. Handy for all sorts of things. Service was fantastic (Posted on )
  39. One to cherishReview by
    It's cheap. It's hardly the best engineered piece of kit. The steel goes blunt quick, the handle swells up if damp and then it's hard to open. The ergonomics aren't brilliant. The lock's hardly easy or secure. v light and just fits in the pocket. I like it to blunt so I can sharpen it as the steel is so responsive that even a sharpening idiot like me can make it like a razor. Being non-stainless it forms a lovely patina creating a knife with character and has never rusted on me, even when used in the kitchen. The wood wears to a lovely smooth finish and feels warm in the hand. If you have fairly small hands like me it's a really nice size, it's none threatening and it's easily forgotten that in-fact it isn't a legal EDC although you can pop the lock ring off. I have some lovely knifes costing much more than this (Spyderco's, Boker's etc) but for some reason this is the one I carry the most: a crappy little twig with a blade stuck in it. Trust the French!
    (Posted on )
  40. Great value for money!Review by
    I ordered the knife around 2pm yesterday and it was here by 11am, I paid for basic 2-3 day delivery so I definitely wasn't expecting that. The knife wasn't razor sharp but 5 minutes with a strop and it was up so a shaving edge, nice little cutter and well worth the tiny price tag! (Posted on )
  41. Perfect...Review by
    ...if you appreciate good, solid, utility tools. I have owned a few over the last 30 years, as well as a good few more expensive knives. As an artisan tool, designed to be used, I doubt there is better. I currently use a no.10 just about every day. (Posted on )
  42. BargainReview by
    I am just replacing a knife I picked up in the sea off Sark more than 40 years ago it is still in use in the garden always sharp but getting a bit wobbly now(aren't we all). As I am rather attached to it it has been retired. New model is as good (almost); engraving on blade not as delicate and the trade mark on the handle not as old world. Handle will soon gain patina with use and is not as well varnished as the old model. These knives are definitely a bargain. Faultless service from HH yet again. (Posted on )
  43. Brilliant Classic French KnifeReview by
    I have been buying these knives for years and they never let you down. Have given many as gifts on my travels and they are always loved for the sharp carbon steel blades. Many thanks Heinnie. (Posted on )
  44. ExcellentReview by
    The only problem with these knives is that when you visit countries where knives are carried every day by the locals these Opinels attract attention as a real quality piece of kit. As they are cheap I have ended up giving one away to a Nepalese man and today I ended up giving one away as a gift to a Kurd. You don't own an Opinel, you rent it until someone needs to take it over. (Posted on )
  45. Huge!Review by
    I have had a couple of smaller Opinels and still have a No.9 in my toolbox but, on a whim, I just bought a no.12. It is a huge knife for very little money. Imagine a truncheon which has a blade folded into it and you won't be far wrong.

    Like all Opinels it is straightforward without being crude and will serve you well for many years, picking up character as it goes along. It will need a bit of maintenance to keep it rust-free and sharp but it will cut like a very cutty thing.
    (Posted on )
  46. Fantastic ValueReview by
    What can I say, it's an unbelievable piece of kit for the money. It is very sharp out of the box, but it can be honed to a razor edge very easily. It's way better then the Gerber it replaced at five times the price. (Posted on )
  47. Useful and Long lastingReview by
    I have had the same Opinel No6 since primary school (long gone are the days when children are allowed anywhere near a knife). In my teenage years a friend accidentally broke off the lock ring and lost it, which made it UK carry legal (as far as I can tell).

    I have used this knife for all sorts of things, from household tasks to working wood.
    (Posted on )
  48. its a folding mora!Review by
    I have had one of these knives ever since I can remember, they are sharp, comfortable and cheap to replace if you lose or break one(although if your using it as a knife you wont break one). Great value all round, if you like Moras you'll like these. (Posted on )

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