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Opinel Sharpening Steel 75mm

In Stock

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Opinel Sharpening Steel 75mm

test 1Opinel Sharpening Steel 75mmtest 2Opinel Sharpening Steel 75mmtest 3Opinel Sharpening Steel 75mmtest 4 Opinel Sharpening Steel 75mm

Opinel Sharpening Steel 75mm

In Stock

Available for Delivery



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Opinel Sharpening Steel 75mm

Opinel Sharpening Steel 75mm



The New Sharpening steel from Opinel.

Fits inside the Opinel Outdoor sheaths to ensure that wherever you are you have one to hand.

  • Total length: 100mm(3.94in)
  • Steel length: 75mm(2.95in)
  • Steel diameter: 4mm(0.16in)
  • Specification

    Code WIT-001128
    Limited Edition: No
    Brand: Opinel
    Stone: Steel
    Grit: Medium
    Dimensions (cm): 10.0 x 0.4


    1. Have fun, will travel...Review by
      This little steel is excellent for use while traveling. It’s convenient and just big enough to be useful yet adds almost nothing to luggage weight and its bulk is hardly worth considering. So you can keep your SAK or other cutlery in tip top shape on the road or in your hotel room.

      Just use it with a light touch and with sensible precautions for personal safety, and it performs beautifully! It seems to work best with many llghter strokes rather than a few forced efforts. It’s only a little steel after all.

      Tiny but tidy, and highly recommended! HH, merci beaucoup!
      (Posted on )
    2. its goodReview by
      smaall but works ok (Posted on )
    3. it works well Review by
      nice and small and works (Posted on )
    4. Small but perfectly formedReview by
      Small but works perfectly add this to a No8 and a sheath and you have a lovely present that just all works together. That is how I received mine earlier this year, every country walk now its my go to package. (Posted on )
    5. USELESSReview by
      After a few strokes on my Opinel there were gouges in the ribs of the sharpener, so I returned it to HH. It may well be that this was a one-off, or a 'late Friday afternoon batch'. But that's my experience of this item (Posted on )
    6. Works well for it's sizeReview by
      Whoops! I didn't clock the size and I expected this to be around 12in so when it arrived i was a little perplexed at the tiny packaging. It's a bit tricky to use but I can get a decent edge with it. It is super portable and lightweight so I threw it in the toolbox for my work knives. (Posted on )
    7. Very handyReview by
      I have had my Opinel steel for a few weeks and used it to improve a few slightly dodgy edges. It's small and light enough not to be a burden but its size does limit its usefulness, as has been mentioned by other reviewers. However, I have managed to get good results using it and the bonus is that it fits into any size of pack. Not the final sharpening solution, but very good for the size and cost. (Posted on )
    8. Mixxed FeelingsReview by
      Although there are great reviews about this sharpening steel, the one I received wasn't very good; along the surface of the steel there were raised edges, much coarser than the rest of the surface, which ground at the blade in a coarser fashion, resulting in an uneven sharpen. I'm doing research to find out how to remove these, but having owned the Lansky Tactical Sharpener, although its larger size, the quality is higher. (Posted on )
    9. Great Little SharpenerReview by
      What a super sharpening tool, I could never manage to get that paper cutting edge on my knives with other sharpeners, especially flat stones & ceramics, now just a few swipes with this steel and they pass the paper test with ease. Highly recommended and at a great price. (Posted on )
    10. Very good for short bladesReview by
      This tool works pretty well (a bit to aggressive for my taste but it is new, probably will be perfect once used a bit). Have no weight, take no space, is easy to use; very nice little thing...

      Work very well on both carbon steel and "inox like" tested on: S30V, 154 CM, O1, Hitachi White, VG10, and 3G.

      I recommend it for pocket knives and short blades in general.

      (Posted on )

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